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Annia Ch. 03

Annia stood there, between the intense feeling of pleasure and the nagging thought that she should probably hurry up before she misses the train.

With Gisele's arms still wrapped around her waist and her warmth seeping into the smaller woman's clothes, the youth found herself in one of the rarest circumstances, stuck between what she wanted and what she needed to do.

She stood there for a minute, taking in the warm scent of oak and fresh waters.

Her body seemed to become alert, taking to account every breath the taller woman took.

The way long fingers gently caressed her abdomen and pulled her in, and the sensation of Gisele's breast pressing against her back.

It all made goose bumps raise on her skin and her heart beat quicken.

Gisele moved in closer, her steps slow and elegant like the movement of swans gliding over water surface.

The noir haired beauty rested her chin on the brunettes shoulder, not worried but comforted by the soft curls that twirled around her ear and the side of her neck.

She was falling for every inch of this young woman, from the curve of her small nose to the twirls of her locks, every bit of Annia was so beautiful that she knew passing her up would be one of her biggest mistakes.

And Gisele doesn't like making mistakes.

Taking in the natural scent that emitted from Annia skin, her aroma the mixture of wild lavender just plucked from a meadow and old books with endless pages.

It was a different smell, not too over powering nor generic. The delicacy of her natural scent was intoxicating to the ebony skinned woman, and as she breathed in she found herself desiring more of the woman she held in her arms.

"My office is right over there." She said, feeling the shift of the brunettes head as she looked straight ahead.

The office was not large, in comparison to the one the CEO has back home it was actually three times smaller.

Instead it was medium size, it was built for Mike but after deciding he was above everyone else he decided to build a bigger one on the lower floor.

The only thing that bothered Annia about the whole new office thing was that he took a huge chunk of money from the company and everyone's paycheck, and the cut made life even more difficult for her and Alison.

"Would you mind showing me your desk?" Gisele spoke, breaking the silence and Annia focus on the office.

Silence seemed to extend between them, effortless and without a care.

Gisele didn't mind it in-fact she found it strangely soothing, and a real contrast to her perpetually busy life.

But the CEO knew the brunette was thinking about something, most likely over-thinking something, and she just wanted to know what it was that traveled through her mind.

"I would but..."

The brunette wanted to show the stunning woman everything but she had to hurry up and make it back home before it got too late.


Gisele spoke questioningly as she waited for the youths response.

"But I have to hurry up before I miss the train."

The black haired woman stopped for a minute, watching the way Annia's pale fingers twirled around each other anxiously, as if her reply would be the determining factor in the brunettes decision.


She lifted her chin from the woman's shoulder, already missing the contact with the irresistible youth.

"I could always drive you there. I'm sure it would be less of a hassle."

Annia turned her body around so that she was no longer looking at the CEO's office ahead of her but the tall woman herself.

As her slim figure moved, the brunette realized that Gisele's arms were still wrapped around her waist, holding her close.

In that second their bodies were even closer, the youths curly locks bounced as she spun softly, and the wind that carried her fast movement pushed back Gisele's light strands of midnight as well.

She stopped, tilting her head up so that she could look at the beautiful woman that still made her heart beat.

In that close moment her big hazel-brown eyes searched.

The youth has experienced so many circumstances where someone would offer her something because they felt obligated or wanted more in return, and she would be in a position where life was even more strained. She didn't want that.

Annia wanted to make sure the woman was truly asking her out of want and not responsibility.

In those gray eyes she saw a look a sincerity, as if Gisele wasn't just asking cause she wanted to be 'nice' but because she actually wanted to take Annia home.

Just seeing that little glow in her eyes brought joy to the small woman's heart.

Snapping from the daze she fell in when looking into Gisele's eyes, Annia's, as if by instinct, refused the offer politely.

She has always been like her father, head strong and independent. Even when her family was struggling with their bills, her father never asked for help and worked until his very last breath. It was honorable and the brunette always looked up to him and his work ethic.

But in this circumstance she wanted to go with Gisele, to be around her longer and continue feeling the warmth of her long arms around her waist.

The sensation of her cool fingers touching her stomach and arms.

The taste of her supple lips, every inch of Gisele Annia wanted to remember and experience more of.

"Oh that's fine. The train is no....hassle."

Hearing the words come from her mouth Annia already how much of a lie she was speaking, but she couldn't stop herself.

It had become mechanically as time progressed, from the moment her parents died people have been manipulating her and when she was younger she made the mistake of trusting them.

That entire time of her life changed her, and now she just refuses even the smallest offers.

Gisele rose a brow, those sharp eyes peering into Annia, her body leaning in closer and the youth slightly tilting back with uncertainty.


Brown-hazels looked everywhere but into ice grays, from the walls to the wooden floors Annia found anything to distract her.

Gisele found the entire circumstance entertaining however.

She enjoyed the way the curly haired youth tried to avoid her eyes, those small lips in a slight smirk, but when her long fingers gently pressed into Annia's back she heard the brunette gasp.

"Look at me Annia." She whispered, her words close to the curly haired woman's ear and breath warm with the scent of coffee.

"I want to drive you home." The tall woman inched closer, her body pressing nearer to the youth. "But I can't if you won't let me."

"I just think that would be, you know, less of a hassle if...I just took...the train. You know."

Those large eyes peeked up in a way that made the older woman want to squeeze Annia in a hug and kiss her over and over again.

But she didn't. Instead her head lightly tilted to the side in an attempt to understand why the youth did not want a ride.

"Is that what you want?"


A brow rose, the color darker than her mousse tousled hair and thick in a way that wasn't too overpowering, but striking enough to contrast with the soft curves of her face.

"Annia..." She whispered in a way that depicted her wavering patience with the petite woman's antics.

"Okay okay...Honestly,"

her eyes moved from her fingers, which they had shifted to, and back to those slim eyes that patiently waited for her to continue speaking.

"I want to spend so much time with you. If you asked me to go with you to the bathroom I totally would."

Her voice rose with a certainty and humor that made Gisele softly giggle.


"But," the dark woman carried on her incomplete sentence.

"My apartment is in one of the most...dangerous neighborhoods," she bit her bottom lips, her hands holding onto the side of the tall woman's jacket to emphasize her point.

"And I don't want to put you in danger. I wouldn't be able to stand myself if something happened to a normal person you know. Not like a lovesick girl."

Shit, Annia cursed in her mind, fully aware that she just outed her crush on her CEO that developed only from this morning.

Gisele took in the youths comment, viewing Annia's warm milk skin shade to a soft pink on her kissable cheeks.

Noticing the small hands that lightly held onto her jacket move back to the youths frame, those fingers and clear nails covering her mouth and sliding through her thick curls effortlessly, the locks bouncing back in place.

Not being able to resist any longer, the CEO brought her lips Annia's forehead, kissing it gently and feeling the clean hair tickle her nose gently.

Annia stood there stoic, not sure what to do as a spark traveled through her body, warming the area Gisele's full lips were just seconds prior.

She took down a gulp, her mouth longing to be the place that the beautiful woman kissed, her hands wanting to travel through those silky midnight locks that settled down her back nearly reaching her prefect behind.

"Very well then."

Annia looked up, her doe-eyes being greeted with a smile on Gisele's plum lips, her smile that seemed facile bringing a strange comfort to her.

"When is the train coming?"

Annia eyes finally begin to focus on everything else and not just the goddess pressed against her.

"Uh..." She took Gisele's hand, not ignoring the little tingle that moved over her skin at the contact.

"God, even her wrist are beautiful."

Annia whispered to herself, not realizing that the words escaped her mind in a soft sound.

The older woman didn't want to ruin the moment of those intense hazel-browns looking at the cold watch that decorated her wrist.

So she didn't speak on the comment.

Instead she kept it in because for the first time in a long time she actually treasured someones appreciation.

The brunettes words just moved from her lips in a way that held no ulterior motive, but so much innocence that her heart actually felt something.

"Oh shoot. Uhh," she looked at Gisele for a moment and then rushed further onto the floor, her thin legs walking as if they were trained to move with speed.

Gisele watched her and wondered how those legs actually looked when not hidden beneath over sized pants.

She stood there for a moment, she herself admiring the youth and her unlimited energy.

The noir haired beauty wondered if she really spent her energy wisely, because the way Annia's hands searched over her desk grabbing a few things, signing out of her programming and fixing everything along with her thick mane, astonished the business woman.

Noticing the youth putting an old looking tote over her shoulder and checking the clock, Gisele knew she out to get going if she wanted to catch the youth on the train.

"Bye Gisele."

Annia spoke as she saw the woman move toward the office at the very back of the room.

Stopping at Annia's desk those piercing grays read the name tag, 'Miss.Anzhelina'.

Russian. Interesting.

Gisele took note of it since it seemed to ring familiar to her.

Moving on her feet the youth moved past the older woman, not sure if she would be able to get another kiss. Not pushing her luck, she made her way to the elevator.

Cool hands moved around her elbow, holding onto the thick fabric of her top.

"Can I get a kiss goodbye?" Her clear eyes spoke volumes as the glazed over with a crystal like appearance.

Annia nearly jumped as her heart rate speed with glee.

Biting her bottom lip in effort to prevent a big smile that threatened to form on her lips, the petite brunette turned her body, once again facing Gisele.

The older woman waited teasingly.

She would have had her lips on Annia by now, but like in the elevator she wanted the daringly charming youth to make the first move.

"Yeah, you can have a goodbye kiss."

Smiling with since of achievement as the curly haired woman stood on the tips of her toes, Gisele could feel the excitement travel over her form.

It was a strange but warm feeling that she didn't dislike but had no familiarity with.

Waiting patiently, her pink tongue sliding over her dark plum lips, already preparing to make its way into Annia mouth.

However, when those small pink lips met her cheeks, the older woman couldn't help but be a bit disappointed.

Viewing the pout that formed on Gisele's mouth, the youth couldn't help but giggle.

"Not only are you sexy but you're cute as well."

She wrapped her arms around the taller woman's neck, taking in her subtle and uniquely intoxicating scent.

Sweet and rich all together.

"Have a good afternoon."

The petite woman pulled back with a smile, she didn't know why but being with Gisele is so fluid.

She never felt like she had to say something or do another, with the attractive business woman she felt at ease.

Like falling for Gisele was far too easy.

It was a new feeling that she found herself adoring.

Watching Annia's hips gently sway as she walked to the elevators, the tall woman couldn't help but bite her bottom lip with lust.

She really wanted to kiss Annia, and to kiss her hard.

But she wasn't going to push herself on the only woman that made her feel something other than an uncontrollable desire quench her lust.

No. She is going to be patient.

"Annia isn't another Kathryn and I'm not going to treat her as such."

She whispered to herself once the elevator closed and the youths flushed cheeks were from her view.

Making her way to the office, with the mental image of the brunettes small arms wrapped around her neck made a big smile spread across Gisele's face.

She never liked to be too touchy with the women she was dating but with a certain hazel-brown eyed brunette, the CEO found herself desiring more contact.

Pushing the wooden door open, Gisele couldn't seem to rid herself of that smile that exuded from her core to the exterior of her body.

Being a woman void of most emotion after all that has happened in her life, Gisele was surprised to find herself happy, if that was the proper word.

* * *

With the food packed and stored in her bag along with her extremely hot attire, not metaphorically but realistically.

Her clothing was absolutely suffocating but she wasn't going to change, or take anything off.

1. Her closet is very limited and suited more for covering her body than exposing it.

2. Her closet isn't really filled with the latest styles, it's mostly her mother and fathers old things, and despite being young and reasonably fit the youth did not have the money nor time to go shopping.

3. Plus in her neighborhood, even showing a little bit of leg is an invitation for some perverted man to come at you. She rather look like a hobo than be prayed on by disgusting men.

Taking in some of the summers warm air, Annia ran across the street and skipped into the train station.

Standing there, her fathers old bag around her shoulder and her wild hazelnut curls moving across her neck and forehead in an easy way, most of the thick hair moved to the side while her ears tucked the others behind a bare ear, Annia waited.

It was going to be a half hour wait before her train would show but she still waited on the platform, her mind taking her back to what just happened.

For an instant the youth felt as if nothing actually happen, feeling like she was hallucinating.

But the feelings,

the warmth that still remained in her cheeks and chest, the beating of her heart that had yet to return to its normal speed, the slight dampness in her palms and even the way her face refused to stop smiling.

It all told Annia that she wasn't dreaming or even in another dimension.

It told her that she really just kissed someone that she honestly liked, if not already fell for.

And more specifically it was a woman aka her CEO!

The title kept on floating through her mind and the more it did, the more she got used to it.

In-fact she was beginning to like it.

Gisele the CEO.

Gisele, mine.

The youth giggled without planning too.

Her internal dialogue escaped her lips and once again expressed itself through sound.

But Annia didn't care so much however. She was so giddy that the idea made her even more excited.

Shifting her body weight from her heal to the front of her feet, the youth's body swayed softly in a childlike manner that was emphasized even more by her petite frame and fluffy curls.

Humming to herself, time seemed to escape her quicker than usual and as her mind replayed the entire day.

The brunette had no idea that a certain dark skinned beauty was looking in her direction.

"I'm not taking her home but this will do."

Gisele spoke to herself, checking her watch as she moved down the stairs of the train station, her black blazer resting on her arm and the crisp white shirt complementing her slim curvacious frame and smooth chocolate skin.

Slipping her fingers through her silky black hair as she realized that she still had a while before the train would arrive, Gisele found an area near the platform where she sat down, the bench chilled from the built in air-conditioner.

"At least that's working."

She mummered to herself, pulling out her Android Galaxy 6.0 and typing in some more information she couldn't get done.

As she attended to the papers she needed to complete, her sharp ears caught onto something sweet, soft but gentle with a tone that expressed joy.

Lifting her crystal gray eyes in the direction of the humming, Gisele was greeted with the cutest sight ever.

There was a certain brunette, moving softly, humming with a gentle smile on her lips.

"God she's adorable."

She spoke to herself, finding her eyes glued on the small woman.

* * *

The train pulled up and Annia hoped in, trying to find a seat as soon as possible.

Her doe-eyes scattered across the room as her feet carried her along.

Finally spotting an empty one, she sat, placing her bag onto her lap and resting her chin against it.

Her eyes moved to the window across from her, and as she waited to leave her mind once again traveled to Gisele.

While Annia continued reminiscing, the older woman watched her, admiring her unforced beauty.

Gisele kept her distance however, she knew that Annia would most likely be surprised and bothered if she saw her on the train, especially after she declined a ride from her.

The entire ride she kept to herself, only glancing at the youth every now and then.

Once the train finally stopped, Annia stood up from her seat, placing the bag over her shoulder.

Expecting the brunette to make her way out of the train, Gisele decided to finish up the email she was working on before making her way out.

What she didn't expect was for a certain clean lavender scent to make it's way to her nose, and for curly locks to tickle to side of her neck as four words reached into her ear.

"Have a good afternoon."

Looking up those crystal gray eyes were met by warm hazel-browns, the youths smile changing her expression from surprised to delight.

"You too Annia."

Not being brave enough to kiss the tall beauty in public, Annia only smiled before turning around and making her way out of the vehicle.

"I wonder how she knew I was on here."

Gisele wondered to herself.

From her recollections she couldn't pull out a moment when she saw the brunettes beautiful eyes on her own.

Mused by the entire circumstance, the CEO quietly laughed to herself, picking up her blazer that rested over her lap and made her exit.

* * *

Pushing her key into the door and turning it quickly, the young woman made her way into her small apartment, her eyes taking in the warm glow of yellow that decorated the home in warmth and bounced off of her sisters rich hair, that fell in gentle waves unlike her sisters loose curls.
"Annia?" Allison asked, peeking her rich eyes that resembled her older sisters from behind the stained pages of her book.

"What are you doing here?"

She continued, her eyes now completely focused on her older sister that usually came home at midnight.

"We were let out early today. Oh and they had a party so I have a lot of food."

Allison smiled, there fridge is usually empty or close to it, so having something to eat that wasn't from the corner store causes a moment of immense joy.

Moving from the area where she sat on the floor, surrounded by a few other books and her fathers old notebooks, the adolescent moved over to her sister.



Annia beamed, her hands meeting Allison's dark hair and patting it gently.

She pulled the bag of food from her bag and handed it to her up-beat sister.

Placing her bag in the corner and taking of her sneakers, Annia locked the door (all three of them) and made her way into the home, striping as she moved toward the kitchen.

Tossing her heavy cardigan onto the coach and stepping out of her heavy pants, only her bikini pantie and loose top covering her form.

"Okay it's hot but that doesn't mean you can walk around naked Annia." Allison stated, her mouth already full with a hardy beef sandwich.

"I know, but it's so hot and I've been in that..." her hands pointed back to where her heavy cardigan and pants lied.

"Yeah yeah."

Moving over to the small dining room table Annia sat across from her babysitter, taking a piece from her sandwich and enjoying it.

She didn't want to binge on the meal because it would probably have to last them for the rest of the month.

She wouldn't get payed until next week and that is most likely going to have to pay the bills and not fill the fridge.

"So..." Allison interrupted her sisters thoughts that seemed to get darker the more she continued to go over things.

"Why did you guys have a short work day."

The young girl hoped off the chair and made her way to the pristine sink, they didn't have much to eat to make it dirty, but what they did consume was cleaned up right away.

Other than reading, which the young girl did everyday, Allison would clean around the house. From the walls, to the floors and everything in between.

It was a boring way to take up time but it did distract her from the loneliness she would feel creeping in the back of her heart.


Those big hazel-browns looked up, her head turning to view the back side of her small sister that climbed onto the plastic kitchen stool and washed her hands.

"Work! Why are you here?"

"Oh turns out our...CEO showed up today and would be working with us for a while. She didn't want us to work right away, cause she's absolutely incredible, so we had a party and I raced home."

"Wait, did you just say she?"

Annia nodded, a big smile forming on her small lips.

"WOW!" The youth turned, splashing some water with her quick movements.

"That's amazing."

"I know. She's amazing." The brunette spoke, her voice clothed in a whimsical garment that made it sound as if she was lost in a dream.

"I'm...guessing she is." Allison spoke, suspicion growing as her sister continued to elaborate.

The young child didn't have to ask anymore questions because her older sister went on and on about how incredible the woman was, and as their conversation continued Allison was beginning to realize she seemed love-struck.

She didn't say anything though, it was the most Annia has spoken in months and Allison was happy for it.

She almost never has time to talk anymore and this moment was so important.

* * *

Annia was exhausted the next morning.

She was so used to going right home and then sleeping and waking up, then repeating the same thing over and over again.

But last night she and Allison were up, catching up on old times.

After unconsciously gushing over Gisele and being teased to no end by her young sister, the older woman spent the rest of her time catching up.

She learned so much about the young smart-ass she worked so hard to take care of, and despite the youths witty comments she was happy to be there.

They talked for hours.

From her favorite books, to moments that happened while she was cleaning up and even her dreams, Annia found that her sister hadn't changed one bit.

She was still lovable, excited and full of so much hope that even the college student envied her.

Feeling dizzy from her lack of sleep, the petite woman didn't realize that she was dozing until cool hands went around her waist, gently holding her up. She turned slowly, feeling a familiar zing move through her frame.

"Good morning Gisele."

She whispered not yet looking at the woman's face but rather letting her eyes roam over her clean green jacket that was belted around her small waist, and a white blouse beneath with a small gold necklace resting against her rich coffee skin.

When her hazel-brown doe-eyes met with icy grays, thick black lashes emphasizing her beauty even more, she couldn't help but smile.

Her lips were not a deep plum but rather coated in a light sheen that appeared to be chap-stick and of-course was very suitable for an already stunning woman.

"Good morning Annia." Gisele spoke, her voice smooth like lush chocolate and reaching pale ears.

The CEO looked Annia over, she couldn't seem to find a flaw in the woman.

She did appear tired but other than that her beauty was still apparent.

Those sharp eyes traveled over a small but charming physic that was hidden beneath layers, making the woman disappointed a bit.

With one hand holding onto the railing above her, and the other cozy around Annia's waist, Gisele couldn't help but feel...happy.

"I hope you don't mind me holding onto you."

She whispered, her eyes looking directly into warm forest of green and brown, mixed together in a perfect melody.


Those expressive eyes moved down to long fingers around her waist and then back to face the gorgeous business woman.

"It's fine...I'm fine with it."

Annia bit her bottom lips suggestively but did it unintentionally, and as Gisele's plump lips formed into a gentle but sexy smile the youth couldn't help but blush and hide her face in the older woman's chest.

And then she realized her head was against the older woman's chest.

Pulling her body back quickly, Annia nearly toppled over but those firm arms held her close, pulling her back in.

Looking down with her chilling eyes, Gisele couldn't help but admire the way the curl haired brunette made her morning seem brighter.

How when those cheeks warmed to a bright pink she couldn't help but want to kiss the small woman, it was not a regular morning but then again Gisele had a feeling her mornings would no longer be routine.

She had spent the entire night dreaming about this girl, from the tips of her loosely curled hair to the pink tint that kissed her pale button nose, every aspect of Annia was on repeat in the CEO's mind.

The older found her body refusing to forget the warm heat that roamed over her body whenever this petite woman would caress her skin, how this woman could touch her so deeply and in such a short time.

Her body and mind but fought against her restraint but she remained calm.

Annia wasn't another Kathryn and she promised herself not to treat her as such.

Too quickly the train stopped, the doors opening and Gisele having to let go of the warm woman against her.

"Can I walk you to your office Annia?" Gisele asked, her body still close to Annia despite her hands that no longer held onto her small figure.

Looking up as if surprised by the offer, the brunette bit the inside of her mouth gently, her thoughts speeding and tumbling over one another as she scanned every possible outcome of her entering her office with the CEO right by her side.


Her mouth released the words before she could hold herself back.

Biting onto her tongue with a little regret and great glee, she made her way out of the train, leaving the woman to follow her out.

"How was your afternoon?"

Gisele's voice broke through the loud, buzzing crowd. Her tone crisp and richer than anything she's ever gotten the opportunity to taste.

"Good." Her wild curls swayed in the warm mornings winds, covering a side of her face from Gisele's view.

Allowing her long fingers to slip the youths curls behind her ear, Gisele smiled as she was greeted with the surprised and beautiful hazel-brown eyes that looked back at her.

"Why did you..."

"I couldn't see you beautiful face and it was bothering me."

Annia cheeks flushed to a warm pink, the tint rosy and fresh like the leaves of unpicked roses after the rain.

"We should...get going."

She didn't wait for the goddesses reply, yes she did call her CEO a goddess because she was.Everything about her is so effortless and elegant, her strength coming naturally and subdued.

Before she lost herself in those gray eyes, the petite woman crossed the street, making her way to the front door.

Not far behind her steps she heard the familiar clacking of heels, the sound of Gisele moving behind her.

Saying good morning to her elderly friend at the front desk and other workers around the area, Annia made her way to the elavator, Gisele's euphoric scent inching her little by little off of the cliff she was already danging from.

"God I might lose my mind just being around her...wait what am I saying, I've only known her for a day."

The youth mentally chastised herself as she stepped into the elevator, waiting as the tall woman stood next to her, closer than was necessary.

Beautiful fingers pressed the button marked with six and Annia stood silently, watching the metal doors and encasing her with Gisele.


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