Short sex stories

Sex stories

Tuesday morning arrived more or less, as it always did, but unfortunately for the pack, there were a couple of minor exceptions. The first of them was seemingly minor; Florence's car was in the compou

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The Rus were scattering in every direction now. Their mail armour was little protection against our hail of arrows and for every man still on his horse, another lay wounded or dying. We were careful n

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It was the snuffling in my ear that stirred me. Several light sniffs, followed by one loud snort, and then the offending cold nose made its way to my neck and started the whole process over again. I m

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Chapter 8 - A day at the museum It was a good plan, but we changed it slightly; she showered after me and as she had an overnight bag with her and didn't need anything I took her Volvo and drove to th

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The last thing I remember before I woke up in the hospital was that a long distance truck's lights was coming towards us. My husband, twin sons and I were headed home from the state fair. Justin and J

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Uncomfortable Revelations Pete's Postal & Frames Shoppe On a deep red piece of soft velvet cloth spread out on the glass counter, a smooth blue with black vein stone that Gems swore was "the Siren's S


**************** If you are younger than 18 or you are not of legal age in your jurisdiction, please exit this story immediately. This story contains graphic situations that are sexual in nature perfo


I think I can speak for both of us when I say that getting abducted by aliens that day came as a bit of a surprise. We didn't even realise when it was actually happening, although to be fair we had a

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--- As always, I thank my volunteer editors profusely. This is a story that took me by surprise emotionally, and it took some work to get it into shape. Imagine a cool evening in the summer when the s


He is the man that your father always told you about, the one that you would one day meet. Father referred to him as your prince. Although you thought that those kind of things only ever happened in f

Erotic fiction and short sex stories

Short sex stories

Sex stories

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