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Book Two opens with the introduction of a new character. Sara Dawson enters the family's life like an east Texas whirlwind, and has Gage and the girls scrambling to keep up with her. Julie and Sylvia

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We sat in our ravens nest surveying our domains with the pond and the sunlight glittering upon it, singing a soft harmony to the birds chattering and declaring our domains to be theirs and that was fi

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****************************** *** If you are under the age of 18 or are not of legal age in your jurisdiction, please exit this story immediately *** This story is for adults only and contains conten


'Thousands of costumes to choose from!' That's what the sign over the shop promised. "I don't want to go to a Halloween party." Frankie repeated as Christopher parked the Range Rover. This conversatio

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How does that saying go? When I was a child, I played with childhood toys . . . Well, I have matured to a full grown man and had put away all my childhood dreams and toys but . . . I still have a swee

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Before I proceed with Chapter 2, I need to introduce you to Emily, or Em. It will be two more instalments before she returns to the story properly, but it will help you to understand the scope of my h

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Billy was awake when I arose from the depths of blissful sleep. My head was on the right side of his chest, my long hair covering his shoulder. His arm was around me, and he was gently stroking my arm

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It was the first set of pole dancing Saturday night and both Danny and Diego were on the poles. This was Danny's only set. Sam had said he'd do the Saturday night specials only once a month. He wasn't

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Authors note: Hey guys sorry if this chapter took too long to come out I've been busy lately. So I tried my hardest to upload this for you, I hope you enjoy. Don't forget to comment feedback and be cr

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This is a long one, folks. My previous offering, "Finding Our Way," was an effort to rush through the build-up that is typical in the mom-son genre and focus on the budding relationship that resulted.


Chapter 1 My name is Cora. 24 years old, slim, but got good curves, and big boobs, I got a double D cup. I got hair like Ariel, and it reaches down to midwaist. I'm 1.57m tall. Or short, however you w

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***I've had elements of lesbian romance in my works here & there before (see on my page), but I've never done a piece just in that genre

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Nicole and I had met for dinner that week. I guess you could call it our first date. It certainly was the first time we met just to spend time together, with no sex and no partying planned. We met at

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INTRO I have to start by apologizing for the lengthy intro, but this story is so outside of what I would write that I feel the need to explain it. I have recently reached out to people who are into th

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Dear readers, apologies for the long delay in posting this chapter, however I hope you enjoy this. If you are new to this story I would suggest you read the earlier chapters as well as "The Reluctant

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Dear Readers, I definitely suggest reading the other installments before this or I'll look like a crazy person ;) Hope you all enjoy, and please send feedback/comments/constructive criticism, adds mor

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This is my first submission and I did not have the benefit of an editor. I write for my pleasure and hope that others will enjoy this story also. I know that there are some people that like to anonymo


Following is the next hour of a wish that comes true for two lovers, destined to be apart, are given 24 hours to learn, live, laugh and love with leaving no ill effects when their time is up. "What's


The door bell rang and Marie yelled out from the kitchen, "Jim, should be my folks, I'm draining the pasta. Where do you hide the colander, quick before I over cook it." Walking to the front door I ye


Have you ever had an idea take form in your head? Something that shouted for your attention while you are working on other things? I did, and this story is it. It invaded my work, sleep and even some

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(Author Note) The acts of the fetish known as Breath Play performed in this and other stories by ME are not recommended to be attempted by those without experience, not educated concerning this fetish


Charlie lingered in the door to the AV closet, watching Ronni as she placed a projector onto one of the shelves. Ronni was a junior who had started working with the AV department earlier that year. Sh

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*Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age. Chapter 1 Anthony Carrecci again mopped his sweating face as he dropped his duffel bag into the

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Authors Note: Hey guys here's the next chapter of my story, I would like to thank my editor TallMan56 for his time. I would like for you guys to leave feedback to help me progress with my story. -SL *

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"Wake up, bitch!" The words were followed immediately by a splash of cold water from a bucket that sat close by. Mia screeched and sputtered, lifting her head to glare at the man standing before her w

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NOVEMBER, 1981 The sun had set early and the snowflakes were flying thick and wet in the headlight beams. It was the kind of snowstorm that completely buries anything not moving. The couple had left t

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Vivian's POV Twenty-one years old and where did I end up? Vivian Addams was a damned rookie journalist. I was still a damned rookie after one year of my service in that pit of a paper, if you want to

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"You really don't need to do this, you know," Will protests, sitting up. "Don't be ridiculous, Will," Hannibal chastises, guiding him back against the barber's chair with a firm hand on his shoulder.

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His gaze shifted to Kit still kneeling on the floor and waved his fingers at her, beckoning her onto the sofa beside him. Kit stood and sat on the edge of the couch. "On your knees here, beside me." H

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To a lovely reader whose only birthday wish was for me to post another chapter by his/her birthday...which was a month ago. I am so sorry, but I plan to make it up to you. To the lovely anonymous read

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