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Okay, so I had this idea that poor Marcie needed a bit more back story and this whole thing really blew up on me. There's a lot of 'talky' stuff in the middle and there's so much more to tell, but I t

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"Micah." I groaned slightly at the sound. "Micah, wake up," a voice sang to me. I groaned again, louder this time. "Micah, babe, you can't stay asleep all day," the sing-song voice chided me, "you hav

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AN: This is a more romantic SM/WW fic to kind of make up for what an asshole I made Kal in my other fic. There is still a bit of a Dom/Sub relationship in this fic but hey its what I like. So for the

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I would never have thought it would happen to me. I've always been a straight man but with certain peccadilloes...from time to time I dress in women's clothing and I enjoy the fantasy of making love w

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Michelle tossed the wrapper to her hamburger in the trash with a flick of her wrist. Then she scattered the rest of her fries on the ground for the birds and the squirrels and sipped on her chocolate

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Friday, April 13, 1990, 4:30 PM I arrive at my apartment building on the northern outskirts of Seattle after walking home from school with my best friend Mike Bailey. We are just in time to see a smal

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I woke to a pleasant, wet feeling between my legs and a sound I can only describe as purring. I smiled and reached down, caressing Lynn's hair as she lay between my legs, sucking on my cock slowly and

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I'm known by all my friends as a giver. Yeah, I'd give the shirt off my back for a friend, maybe even a stranger. I'm a soft touch. Rescue animals, damsels in distress, you know the type. So when my b

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Chapter Forty Four Cassie was not needed during Ged's first night home, and on Friday morning they both slept late and awoke groggy, with a dawning sense of giddiness that they were truly back togethe

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Chapter Forty Ged had felt much better since he involved himself with Viv's group, though his aimlessness and apathy would often return once he was home and alone. Now he was out in public once more,

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*Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age. Dennis Dumas fought hard to keep the annoyance out of his voice as he wished Babette Babineaux a

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Notes [Last revised December 10, 2015]: - All characters are the product of the authors' imaginations and are over eighteen. - This is a relatively short story/vignette, and we recommend reading the p


DAY ONE HUNDRED AND SIX "Did you enjoy your birthday?" Jeff leaned down and gave Dana a quick peck. "Yes I did." She looked down at her new smart phone. "I can't wait to charge this puppy up!" Jeff un

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Grace was quiet when Don picked her up from school Tuesday, she sat placidly while he drove home, almost falling asleep on the way. As soon as they came in the house, Don made his daily check of her s

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About ten minutes ago, Emily did something very out of character for someone so introverted. She'd never figure out what gave her the courage, but she'd sent Ted a text. He replied almost immediately,

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Thank you so so so very much for the kind comments. I honestly wanted to delete the first installment but after I read all your magnificent comments, my heart swelled and I had to continue. I hope I d


The Apollo makes a discovery, Tammy has an encounter with ancients, and when things are revealed to the Travelers, they have a decision to make... (-) Confirming Carter Book Four, Expansion Chapter On

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Part 2 of the series: Her Dirty Little secret. All comment and critiques are welcome. Enjoy! All characters are over 18 ***** I opened my eyes and groaned. It was barely sunup, and as such my room was

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I've decided to split this last chapter down into two sections for two reasons, one, the holiday season is still passing, as I'm on vacation, and I haven't really touched it since I left off at the ha

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I arose the next day to the most appetizing scent in the world: my sister's body odor. Oh, there was also a great breakfast waiting on my desk. I glanced to my right, and Brooke was sitting Indian sty

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Dearest readers, I apologize for my absence, I realize I say that to you far too much but this story will be finished one way or another. I know it has been some time and this is little for that amoun

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Once upon a sexy simple Christmas, two men were sharing a hot cup of tea and a plate of fresh pancakes at a local diner. "So, my place or yours?" Griffin asked with a wide smirk on his face. "Is your

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The rest of that day I had a very warm glowing memories of Andrew and Jill, and, of course, Blake. My teenage lover was really something else the day after our menage a quad. He seemed even more gentl

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All characters involved in any and all sexual encounters in the story are over 21. Any similarity to actual person alive or dead is purely coincidental. ***** December - Alan finally had everything re

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Jenny, my Mother In Law and I had always gotten on well, never a hint of anything remotely sexual nor anything like, just good, warm friends. I married her daughter, Debbie, when we were both 20 and w

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Rosangela woke to discover the sun peeking through the drawn blinds just behind the large bed. Her eyes were aimed upward, focused on the cracks of morning sunlight. Her eyes shifted down, caught glim


Chris "You're late," I informed my tardy sister as she slid into the booth across me. "I know, sorry. Is that iced tea?" She began to gulp down the drink I'd ordered for her without waiting for my ans

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Mike was still awake when he heard Anya walk in through the bedroom door. He didn't say anything though as he was trying to catch those elusive alpha waves and ride them into slumber. He still had his


Magda Peter was nervous and embarrassed. Nervous about showing me his house, embarrassed about not paying for the taxi which had just thrown us up right next to three certain mailboxes of internet fam


I will call the girl of this story Colette. I met her on an online game, we started as just friends, and then it quickly escalated as we would chat about everything into the early hours of the morning

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