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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18, and all are fictional. Not based on anyone living or dead. ***** A Mother's Seduction It was an amazing sensation. A shiver rolled dow

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The wedding was beautiful. I mean, most weddings are. The ceremony, the flowers, the vows. You look at the bride and groom and realize how young they are. All their friends, also young, full of celebr

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Ever since I saw you in your bridesmaid dress I've been looking forward to the end of the night, you look absolutely beautiful I didn't think it was possible for you to make me want you more than I al


Author's note: This probably-final episode of an extended romantic memoir is probably fictional. All sexual acts involve humans of age 18+. Views expressed are not necessarily the author's. For reader

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I'm sitting at home on Saturday night, a fairly regular routine for me for the past 2 years. I'm an avid reader and sports enthusiast so there's seldom a time when I'm alone that I can't sufficiently


The soft morning light streaming in through the window is what finally woke me up. Fluttering my eyes open, I was confronted by an unfamiliar sight - a shirtless chest beneath me, an arm flung over me

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I let out a frustrated grunt as I left the building and made my way across campus to my next class. I really wasn't lying about being nearly late for class as I headed inside of the classroom. Everyon

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5 years-10 weeks Again "Jim, I'm heading to the can." Bill paused, " I'm going to be there for a bit, to take a.. " He laughed. Classic Bill when Terry wasn't around. He was a poet and did know it. "W


Keisha Jackson rearranged the few brightly wrapped presents in the trunk of her old SUV to make way for her daughter's wheelchair. How could something so small be so bulky and heavy? "How was choir pr

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Author's Note: Hey, guys! This is my first submission on the website (or any, really). It's going to be a long, multi-chaptered story about two kids falling in love. I know. Original, right? Anyhoo, j

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Chapter 5 She was surprised that she'd even fallen asleep, let alone awakened refreshed after what felt like the best night's rest she had in long while. Or ever. The incredibly comfortable memory foa

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This is my entry for the Christmas holiday contest. Hope you all enjoy it. * She was beside me, using one of the rowers in the gym. Her name is Jully and we've been friends since high school. It was o

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Chapter 02: Uncle Bill and Kate Authors note: This story is a continuation of a previous story entitled ""Uncle" Bill the mentor". Although it can be read independently, I'd suggest reading the first

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Note: I've read all the feedback and taken into consideration some of the comments made. Thank you all so much for enjoying this piece, it's really fun for me to write. I've never been with a lady lik

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Chapter Eleven Although she'd been made to work long days and hard hours for her keep Mrs. Ingleman, the innkeeper's wife treated her kindly. Her bed was soft and she received more than enough food to

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Friday I was standing in the arrivals hall at Heathrow Terminal 3 waiting for Claire's plane to land, and so thrilled that we were about to meet face to face for the first time. We got to know each ot

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Working with Juan was something of a trial. "Alan, may I ask what you are thinking you are doing with that torch and those tanks of gas?" I closed the jeep door and frowned at Juan's shadowy figure, s


My first real love - that would be Molly. As the old song went, she was a dark haired beauty with sky blue eyes. Barely 5'3" tall she was slender with long legs and small round breasts. We met at orie

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I awake with a suddenly to the feeling of .my stomach tightening. Mandy has me in her mouth and her well-manicured nail strokes the area behind my balls back to my ass. Barely, conscious it is too lat

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Chapter 11 - By your command There were quite a few people there, but not many men. Women were doing the catering, collecting costumes, coordinating where people should go to get something to drink. T

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(This story was written in collaboration with hardcoregirl22, to whom it is dedicated.) Victoria leaned on the stone balustrade, the flat coping gritty under her bare forearms, and looked across the b

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The story of Jacob Hightower continues. Please read chapter 1 to follow the flow and story line. Constructive comments, critiques, and emails are appreciated. ******************** Chapter Two Jake was


I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your encouragement - it really did mean a lot to me. Even though this is not a typical shape shifter story and there is not enough sex in it for most

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Those lyrics played back in her head driving up to the trail head.. "Yeah I'm chilling on a dirt road, Laid back swervin' like I'm George Jones, Smoke rollin' out the window, An ice cold beer sittin'

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Ever hear that old rap song "It was a Good Day" by Ice Cube? The song refers to that one inevitable day that every one has where everything goes "right", you can't make a mistake and you have the luck

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Let me know what you think! (All characters are 18!!) ***** I was just sitting in class, mind my own business, when he walked in. Tall. Leather Jacket. Caramel Skin. Lip Ring. Beard. Pretty much sex o

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This is Part TWO of the Beach House story -- The first part was written back in 2010 but I had a request for more, so here's a little more. Thanks for the feedback! ***** I peeled off the ruin of my w

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Though this is written in the first person it is not autobiographical. All characters and events are fictional, and bear no relation to any person living or dead. It is a long slow story, be warned! I

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This is part six of our story. While it can be enjoyed individually, reading previous chapters may help you to get to know Margot and Jay better. We join our story in progress - Margot has fallen madl

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She was running late, and she hated being late for this sort of thing. It had taken too long to get the stockings on and she hated the feel of them. It had been years since she'd worn stockings with a