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A child will forgive his parents almost anything, and given enough time most will forgive all. Not this child. Edited by LadyCibelle and made better by her suggestions. A Child's Punishment I watched

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First of all, this is way different than any story I have previously written so please be warned. Please enjoy my submission for the Halloween Contest. It was inspired by many sources, from Edgar Alle

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Strange Encounters Charly closed the heavy wooden door behind her and stood in total darkness. She stood at the top of steps that had been cut into the hard rock, and what led to a secret place beneat


This was previously posted in a different version. I took it down to publish as an ebook, but received requests to repost. ***** Anne didn't typically come to Jack's apartment. Not without Jack's fath

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Lori made her way along Main Street, enjoying the Christmas music and festive air. Dark green wreaths with colored lights hung from streetlamps and store windows held displays of red, green and silver

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Jan smiled slyly and sauntered toward the French doors. Confidently she made her way through the dark rooms to the steps and then slowly climbed the stairs to the second floor, knowing Jacob wouldn't

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After spending our whole lives living in the same city, my husband's job gave us a chance to move about as far away as imaginable. We were thrilled to have our first big adventure and in 3 short weeks

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Chapter 30: Recovery Creedon was not a bad being. He was not ignorant of the differences between good and evil. On the contrary. He was only too aware of that delicate balance. How the balance had tip

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Editor's Note: this story contains foot fetish and golden showers content. If this does not interest you, please read no further. 1. Zoe Fields. An eighteen-year-old flurry of thin, long blonde hair r

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Party - Dec 19, 2015 Vans thought she would really enjoy going to Travis' holiday party at the Adler Enterprises swanky house in Tiburon. She had a dress that cost more than her first car and that did

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Author's Note: Okay, so this isn't a week. I'm working on editing this as I submit it so 4 a.m. seems to be a good time to submit it. I hope you enjoy and I'm not proving that I should stop writing. T

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Author's note: This is a VERY long story. Over 31,000 words long. It's not some silly piece of stroke material (although, yes, there IS sex in it). It's a love story, of sorts. If themes of incest and

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The sound of knocking rouses me from a deep sleep. I don't even have to look to know what time it is. Still groggy, I lie on my back and sigh. For a minute I debate whether I should get up and open th

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Dinner was an experience in itself. Neither Hank or Lana had tasted Mediterranean food before. We had Humus and Pita bread for an appetizer. Tabbouleh salad, Beef and veggie kabobs and Baklava for des

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*Bigots Cassie and Jessica sat together in freshly ironed paisley colored dresses. The surface of the desk was a glossy particle board fixed atop a functional metal frame. They easily met the gaze of

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This is based on a true event. It all started 12 years ago when they build a new medical centre near my place. That was the first time I met my doctor. He was very kind and friendly with me and we had

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Do you know what it's like to be large? More and more of us each year, the government tells us, are too large for good health. They tell us that fruits and veggies are better for us and that tobacco i

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Note to readers: I might have named my female lead 'Jillian', but I like the look of the alternative 'Gillian' and its separation from its male form Julian. The pronunciation is the same, just as with


Part 2 - His Date (A few years ago) "Happy Birthday, Tyler!" Daisy stood in front of me holding a cupcake in the little clubhouse our dads had built for us in my backyard before I was born. She had a

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"You're still a virgin aren't you Sean?" whispered Regina to me as she saw I was ignoring the professor's lecture. "No," I said trying to sound insulted even though it was true. "Thought so," she said

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This storyline has become a favourite of mine. If your comments are any indication, you, the readers, have enjoyed it as well. So, Samantha and Alex are back for round three. I hope you like this one,

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Hey there guys! Here is the long awaited fifth chapter of "Cuffed"! Let me just say: this thing was a BOOGER to write and edit! Between this chapter, moving into a new house, my other stories, and the


This is the last chapter for my Travis and Adam series. This was my first series on this site and I have enjoyed writing every second of it. I have more than 5 other chapter stories I am working on- a

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Chapter 28 The next morning they leave, having packed for a week's journey. Grown wise from past experience, they have packed plenty of weaponry, their guns and several cartridges of bullets, a hidden

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Chapter 23 When April woke again, the sun was rising. That meant she slept for over eighteen hours. Every muscle in her body was sore, but especially between her legs and nipples. Her soreness felt ex

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Chapter Twenty Two Cassie was interviewed by the police concerning Zak's activities in Ged's flat. At first they seemed to be implying that it was she who had moved the money, since it went into an ac

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Blake crouched down and swooped his arm under my legs, picking me up and carrying me to our bedroom; he kissed me the entire way. Blake put me down on the bed and climbed on top of me, kissing me in e


Summary: A nude model and art professor fuck after class. Note 1: This is a VALENTINES DAY 2016 Contest story. Note 2: Thanks to goamz86, Robert, Wayne and cuckdynasty for editing this story. FIRST CU

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Mia felt her skin flush and wanted to curse out loud at the interruption of her shower as well as her fantasy. Having Aidan standing there, holding the shower curtain open, had her furious. She covere

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Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Those are the words of the song, right? Not when you're alone, it isn't. I can speak from bitter experience of thirteen Christmas Eves past. It's t

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