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Author's Note: Sorry about the extended wait on this one! Life keeps me busy. Edited by Expoh, AnnabelleFalls13, Michael Scott, Zald, and I.C. **** Vuntha stood at the top of the hill. Behind him, dow

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*** A note to begin with: Here we are again going with my Gershwin Playlist. Alright the titles are cheesy so are parts of this story. But a kinky woman has to have some fun once in a while. This is a

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Life without a car was rough. My Toyota had decided recently that it would rather finish its days in a junk yard than with me on the road. Not having those basic luxuries in life had put me in a rathe

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Thank you for taking time for reading my story! This story has the same characters as An Angel and an Owl The story Snow Angel also has the same characters and overlaps the events of this story by tel

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Anya made her way through the house, past the two busy maidbots, and down the basement stairs to be scanned. Once inside the lab, she went right over to where Tammy and Mike were. Tammy was just finis


I gripped the handle of my valise tightly as the train began to pull away from the platform. Glancing down the corridor, I could see men, women, and children reaching out the windows toward loved ones

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I woke up late Sunday morning after a long night of wonderful lovemaking. I felt warm, safe and utterly comfortable in his arms. With a smile I thought back to the past night, reliving every moment, s


Chapter 19 Dangling over the cliff was the most terrifying moment April could ever think of. She looked down between her naked breasts and saw her hips swinging wildly, with her toes wiggling in the a

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Thank you all for the nice compliments I received on the first part of this story. Like its predecessor, this story, is totally fictional, like all the rest of the tales I've written. Some of the peop

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I sit nervously in the waiting room of the office, staring at the floor and pulling my bottom lip, most likely ruining my lipstick. The receptionist with too much make-up chews her gum loudly, probabl

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Before I continue I should give you the reader, a fact that I did not include in the first part. This lovely dream's name, is Julia. Over that weekend shared in my dorm room we had numerous moments of

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Kirsty leaned her head into her palms. She was so tired that she was tempted to actually lay it on her desk for a brief nap. If she did though, she feared she might be late for her final appointment o

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Welcome dear readers to this, my erotic lesbian romantic ghost story and entry for the "HALLOWEEN STORY CONTEST 2015". I hope you will enjoy reading it but I feel I should warn t you that it is a leng

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Chapter 2 - Champagne Dreams When I stirred and began to wake, I felt the warmth of Janie pressed into me. We had fallen asleep holding one another and it was a wonderful sensation. She hummed and sti

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The day started off normal enough. Well, normal enough for Melissa Holbrook, if for no one else, including Michael Edward Deford, her riding buddy. Suddenly she stopped peddling, jumped off her bike a

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He saw her from a distance, her purple umbrella shielding her face from the rain. She stood with impeccable posture, a trench coat covering most of her body, long brown wavy hair blowing lightly in th

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Chapter Nine Isabella just sat there, on her butt, on the ground, and stared up at Jacob Barrington's unreadable face. She couldn't stop the hot color from infusing her cheeks, nor the guilt from grip

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May 18th, 2000 The two men stood, eyes turned up towards the well-kept façade of the large foursquare house. No lights were visible behind the closed curtains and, despite the neatly kept exterior and

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Chapter 1: Lizzie was well and truly over Tom Keen. She had the proof now of his infidelity spread across the twin bed in her motel room. The confirmation of his lies had stung, but it was his wastefu

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Don't take this one too seriously. It's just a fun Halloween story. It's a long one so you might want to wait for just the right dark and stormy evening in front of the fireplace with a good beer to r

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This is my first story. Comments are welcomed. ***** "You're intolerable!" I shout at him from the top of the stairs. Fuck, I cannot stand that man sometimes. I'm the kitchen later that night, making


Hi folks, those of you who don't like longer stories should probably skip this one. Mikothebaby and I have done two or three shorter little gimmick pieces for the last few and we wanted a chance to st


"I... I choose Tina," Kaylee finally whispered, her voice barely hearable. "Are you sure, Kaylee? Tina has been nothing but trouble since I picked her up." He stepped behind her, forcing her to her fe

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Entering the restaurant, he looks around for her... and in a corner away from the door he sees her profile. He works his way around so as to come up behind her, and bends down and blow softly on her n


Iona was not sure how long she laid there. A pain in her chest made breathing exhausting. This pain moved through her body till everything ached. Tears were never a general thing with her; she cried t


The sunlight pouring in through the slanted window of the bedroom wakes me gently, but it's the smell of coffee that gets me out of bed. I feel fresh, like I've had the best sleep of my life. I look o

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For the first time in almost four years, Luke woke up next to a woman, feeling more sated than ever. He didn't know how long they slept, but it wouldn't have been long. When he drifted out of sleep, h

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The Marquess of Ravenswood hated dramatics. He also loathed crowds, prying eyes, and London. Yet, there he sat, in the very back row of what was surely the most infamous, crowded event in the city's h

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Book Three: The Diary of a Hero -- Scars Remain She blew it, and she knew it. It was the worst mistake in the world, and she couldn't take it back. Her on-again/off-again boyfriend Luke, who was reall

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Author's note: This is a slow and (I hope) romantic story that builds up to sex in later chapters. It's written from both perspectives. If you've read any of my other gay stories, this is the tale of

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