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Chapter 1 "Come on, El. We're going to be late." This again. Classes have only just started up today, and she's going to make me late. "El!" I knock on her door for the third time, then roll my eyes a

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Part 2 – Blue (continued) Chapter 19 They say insomnia can make you see things. It can kill you. They say breathing camphor, likewise, can make you hallucinate, and seize. And they say that van Gogh u

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For years now Dec had bemoaned two trends, now nationwide, that have deprived guys like him of the natural beauty of the female form we love so much. The first is the stick model thing. Nothing wrong

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It was the first time any of them had been to a keyhole party. Five couples, complete strangers until a few minutes ago who had all been tested for diseases before hand. The rules were simple, each wo


Chapter 14. 'Miss Cherry-Pie.' Master Thor's cunning. Bar Girl Murdered. Miss Cherry-Pie and Mr Chew. Typhoon Queenie. A Wu-pu, an illusionist and a unicorn. After returning with Mama to Talent Spot,

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Chapter 41 – Jessica and Matt make love. Tammy's breakthrough Jessica sat on her bed in a light blue pajama set, her top held together across her modest breasts with only one button, and the bottoms m

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Chapter Thirteen Kaylee sat across from Gabe at a table in one of the nicer restaurants in town. She couldn't help but look around her nervously, her eyes scanning the faces of the men around her, won

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All four of us stood in silence for a moment or two, then Nathan broke out into a wide grin, "Looks like we'll need a few more diggers." Arnold glanced at his screen briefly, "When I say huge, I am re


This is another installment of the Ron Webber series. It picks up after "Double Elimination" and continues with the characters and circumstances of DE. I wrote this as a much requested continuation. C

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"HELP!" she heard the scream at almost the instant that Don scooped up Grace. Somehow she had gotten tangled in the climbing rope. Anne jumped up and ran towards them. It seemed like it took her forev

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Author's Note So this is not my first story but it is the first I'm publishing here. I have chapter 2 written already but I wanted to get some feedback before I post it. ALL criticism is welcome. ****

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Moderate BDSM. Female sub, male dom. Also, the people involved are just playing - they don't "live the life." And they sometimes stop playing for a little. They're playing quite aggressively though. T

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Author's Note: This is the final installment of Eviction. I hope you all have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Special thanks to the reader who requested this piece and worked


In this offering, Vala tries her hand at diplomacy, Sam and Tammy dispense justice for an indiscretion, and Boris gets introduced to the court... (-) Confirming Carter Book Three, Changes Chapter Four

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Disclaimer: This story deals with Cuckolding, Incest, and impregnation. Please do not continue if any of these subjects offend you. This is a work of fiction, meant to be enjoyed. Please click back if

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Summer '83 saw me a very different person than I was just a year earlier. As far as I was concerned, I wasn't a boy anymore: I was a man. A year in the Academy had changed me for good, and by far for

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(To my other Lisa) After being gone for 5 days on a business trip I was ready to get home and relax. Unfortunately my flight was delayed and I wouldn't be home until well after bedtime. I'd phoned you

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Suits you, Sir Monday came and Kate had to go to work. She practically ordered me to go get a new suit, for which I was sent to a shop near Holborn, where a very nice elderly gentleman who had clearly

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Athens. Spring in the air. A spring in my steps. A feeling of promise. I didn't yet know that Tina was there, of course, but maybe some part of my subconscious astral niceguy rhinoceros aura felt that

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"Oh yes, shopping." I repeat with a smile. Together we leave the alley, and pause at a street vendor's stand. After purchasing some lemonade, we share the sweet and tart beverage, while strolling down


Thank you for taking time for reading my story! This story has the same characters as An Angel and an Owl The story Dragon Wings and Faery Dust also has the same characters and overlaps the events of

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Author's note: Though this part of 24 Hours starts at 2:00, when the gentleman had left to get blackberries, in the prior segment, this story will actually begin at 3:00, as we find the lady waking up


1993-94: Homeback Confidential Not much sex in the first part of this story. Much more feelings than fuckings, as this is an account of my return home after Operation "Restore Hope" in Somalia. It was


We found a hotel, aptly named the Dionysos. Everything was white and it smelt of some probably-forbidden-in-Sweden detergent. I don't know if Dionysos would have been altogether enthusiastic about tha

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Back on the boards Riding the Underground felt much more comfortable with the coat I had used to ride my bike and a baseball cap, even though I was wearing one of my suits. An old one, because it didn

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I was reluctant to post more of this story, since I have been made aware that not a lot of people seem to like it. I have decided to continue posting though for those who do, Thank you for reading me

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Thank You for the comments, feedback, scores, and especially the encouragement to continue with the Babydoll series. Thank You for the private e-mails and comments sent my way. We continue the journey


Epilogue Marcus' heart was beating so fast, he thought it would pop right out of his chest. But then Andy squeezed his hand tightly and Marcus immediately felt his nerves settle to a manageable level.

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Author's Note: I can't thank you enough for your patience! I want to apologize for the major delay in updating this story - we all know how unexpected life can be. Thanks again to SexyGeek and abMarie

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Dear Readers, Thank you for your continued patience with me! I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to post - my writing computer went kablooey. Since it's been a while, you may want to go back and read

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