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Quicksilver Messenger Pt. 06

Chapter 11

When Peter Neri took off his Stetson and laid it on the seat next to him. Then he picked up the thermos unscrewed the lid and poured himself a small cup of coffee. Steve McKinny just arrived back from Marfa and was in the process of hauling all of his camera gear through the lobby of the Holland Hotel. Consuelo told Mister Neri that April was waiting for Steve in his room, so he was waiting for them to get to it.

He figured once they were started they would be in there fucking for at least a couple of hours. He needed to get some pictures of the action, but thought he would wait at least a half hour until they were past the preliminaries. Fortunately, Consuelo had given him the realm with a large window right next to the fire escape. He could easily get some decent photos from that vantage point.

The tame stuff would never send her father into one of his legendary rages, but seeing someone fuck his daughter would definitely do it. So for now he had to just chill and give their heat some time to develop. No one would ever pass up a go at April's scrumptious body, so he had no doubt there would be some fireworks tonight. He had to admit it was a strange, because April never had a boyfriend never even seemed interested in having one. However, here she was giving this McKinny character the full court press. The ways of men and women in love were strange to him. He just took whatever he wanted, but he had to admit he liked it when they struggled.

He picked up his camera the 70D and made sure all the settings were configured for low light. He took a couple of test shots with his long lens and he slowly nodded his head, satisfied with the results. Peter scanned the lobby looking through the windows hoping to find one of the twins on duty. No such luck there seemed to be a new girl behind the desk. Oh well, he looked for anything else that might test his low light camera settings.

Consuelo and her sister Catarina were a couple of the hottest items in this town. Both had beautifully styled black hair and brown almost golden eyes with figures that would stop traffic. Their skin almost looked like a polished maple with its beautiful umber hue, but it was their breasts that took his breath away. They were huge for such tiny girls and were the focus of every man's stare when they first met them. Of course the twins knew this and use their looks, their bodies and their breasts to their advantage. When faced with the twins most men would think with the little head between their legs.

Peter stretched, pushing his Ostrich Lucchese boots against the floorboard. He thought it was time to start getting ready and moved to his fiber-optic lens. However as he pulled the camera from his face he saw April wobbling down the stairs. She looked drunk or drugged, but she was definitely in some kind of daze. She was wearing an overcoat that only seemed to be buttoned at the top and every step revealed a toned and beautifully naked leg.

As he looked at his watch he was really confused. John had only been in the room for little more than 15 minutes and now April was leaving. The impassioned but dazed look on her face told him something must have happened, but what? As April neared the automatic doors they swung open sending a gust of air into the hotel. Her coat flew open like a cape revealing her spectacularly naked body underneath.

The tops of her breasts and nipples were covered by the coat's singular button, but everything underneath was exposed to his ravenous gaze. Her loincloth was probably about the sexiest thing had ever seen. In his entire life he hadn't ever recalled seeing anything quite as sexy or erotic as April was right now. Only when the coat closed again did he remember his camera and he quickly snapped to his face hoping for another gust of wind. His prayers were answered as she stepped outside and a huge gust of wind turned her coat into a cape fluttering behind her.

This time he was ready and he held the shutter button down running off a series of 20 shots. The wind was strong enough that the bottoms of her breasts were also revealed this time. As she slowly walked to her car, April seemed unaware of her exposure or what was happening. As she reached her car, her overcoat closed again enveloping and hiding the spectacular vision beneath.

She absent-mindedly closed her door, started the engine and drove off. The man watching her had his camera down and was now going through the series of incredible shots. He didn't see where this would serve any purpose in discrediting Steve, but they would definitely go into his private collection. They were easily the sexiest, most provocative shots he had ever seen.

He turned the camera off and pondered what he just seen. April had gone to his room and waited for him, obviously in that very seductive outfit. She had come down roughly 15 minutes after he had entered the room, so they didn't have any time for hanky-panky. The only conclusion he could come to was that he had turned her away. So that meant he either had some high moral code or he was gay. Either way, that put his discreditation plan in jeopardy.

He pulled out his file on Steve McKinny, saw where he had been married and afterwards dated several other women. There was no indication he was gay. He also noticed other credit card charges to several BDSM clubs when he lived in Corpus Christi. So that ruled out a moral code of some sort.

He absent-mindedly glanced at McKinny's window wondering what had happened in that room. He sat in his car for another 15 minutes trying to understand the dynamic between Steve and April. They were obviously very attracted to each other; in fact, he didn't ever remember seeing April so hot for anyone. So why the hell were they not up in that room fucking right now? He shook his head because he didn't have an answer right now.

He knew he needed to get some sleep and maybe it would come to him in the morning. He put the report down, poured out the coffee and stashed his thermos while getting ready to leave. Before he is put his camera up he took one more look at the pictures he had just taken of April. He shook his head muttering to himself, "My God that woman is smoking hot!" Almost none of the women in his porn collection looked nearly as good as she did.

He thought back to when he kidnapped her and how delicate she felt in his arms as he carried her away. She was exceptionally beautiful even then and right now he was regretting not having a little taste of her honey. She was after all only a means to an end, McKinny was the object of the exercise. That didn't mean he couldn't have a little fun along the way.

Then he remembered the whole reason for this exercise, was her father's legendary temper. That was the only reason he hadn't added her to his collection. He had no misgiving about taking April and repeatedly raping her. Only the fear of her father kept him from fulfilling his desires. However mentally, he made a note that if his father was out of the picture he wanted to make a full meal out of April.

He started his car and drove to the trailer he had rented outside Alpine, all while thinking of April. At the trailer he stripped out of his boots and work clothes, while sitting at the computer in his shorts he downloaded April's pictures from his camera. She looked even more spectacular on the big computer screen as he slowly went through each picture. In the end he found one photo that captured the extraordinary essence of April's raw, untamed beauty and he made this his computers background. Now she would always greet him every time he logged in.

April had sidetracked him and he would get back to McKinny in the morning. Meanwhile, he could dream about April what it would be like to have his meaty calloused hands roaming the over her soft satiny skin. He had erotic dreams of April, with her fabulous naked body fighting and squirming underneath him as he took what he wanted from her.

He knew she would never have anything to do with him, so if another opportunity arose he would just have to take what he wanted from her. He fell asleep dreaming his sick and twisted dreams, with April at the centerpiece. He had ever been caught because most of his victims had been drunks, bar flies, or prostitutes and he scattered them all across the US. Doing something to someone as prominent as April, would definitely put him on law enforcement's radar.

It was a little before 8 o'clock in the morning when his phone rang. He almost didn't answer it, thinking it was some kind of crank call, but he did. It was Consuelo from the Holland Hotel and she told him that April had just called. She had wanted to talk to Steve McKinny, but she had made up an excuse so she could take the message. April was going to meet McKinny out at her ranch house for dinner at 5:30.

His eyes popped wide open as hung up, slipped on some jeans and put his feet back into his ostrich Lucchese boots. He sat for a moment holding his head in his hands as he thought about what this might mean.

McKinny must have turned April away with the promise that they would have more time the next day. The early dinner hour meant that she wanted to get the food out of the way so they could spend the rest of the night romantically together. In other words, he may get his fucking pictures after all. He knew if he showed Mr. Hunt photos of his darling daughter being ravaged by Steve McKinny, Steve would be the proverbial dead man.

The one thing everybody knew about Mr. Hunt was that he would do anything for April, she was his life. If anyone took advantage of her or tried to work her to get to him, if they lived, they would never work in Texas again. His temper was legendary. A couple of times gigolos had tried to take advantage of April, but they were never seen or heard from again. He needed pictures to make sure McKinny was thought of the same way. He had to make Mr. Hunt believe that McKinny was only there to get money from him by using April.

Then when Mr. Hunt was shown on environmental impact report created by McKinny concerning his refinery in Corpus Christi, he would ignore it. Mr. Hunt would automatically assume this was just another financial scam by McKinny. He knew that no matter what Steve said about mercury in their plant in Corpus Christi; Mr. Hunt would never believe him.

When the engineering staff at the refinery had brought a problem to him about ruptured Mercury seals he thought it wasn't anything very important. It was after all a theoretical issue and his decision had been to let it work through all the wastewater systems winding up in the solid waste. Then it can be disposed of along with all the other solid waste and never hurt anyone.

As the refinery, manager he signed off on the project. At the same time the engineering staff had brought to him a study that had been done several years earlier in Dallas. The study showed the mercury was being carried out with the methane generated from solid waste sludge digestion. The Mercury would then contaminate the soil and water in the immediate area. This had not been proven and had been considered a wild theory by the engineers.

A year later, people started to get sick both in and outside the plant. The study of the sick and dying was long and exhaustive and ultimately settled on Mercury poisoning. Federal, state and even the city demanded answers, with most of the refineries on the ship channel being leading candidates. McKinny had been hired by his engineering manager to do a study on their refinery.

McKinny had seemed to be the perfect candidate. He was a professional engineer with degrees in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Environmental Engineering. McKinny had quit his previous job and was working as a short term contractor. He reviewed the status reports from McKinny with great anxiety, hoping he was sloppy enough not to find anything. Unfortunately, he found the very thing that he was afraid of.

Sure enough he had found the methane created during the bacterial digestion of sludge bonded with the Mercury and was carried it into the atmosphere. Sunlight seems to dissolve the bond and the Mercury would float back to earth in the surrounding area. He put all of this in his report and had given the report to the engineering managers. Several of the managers came to him and told him they were worried that McKinny would turn report into the EPA.

He knew all of this would wind up falling on his shoulders. He had approved the plan despite the risks, but he was the person in charge of the refinery. As a result all liability was his. People were getting sick and dying, and everyone was going to blame him. He had to discredit the report, discredit the author, kill the author or find any way he could to cover his ass. So far no one knew about the problem or his part in it, and he needed to keep that way.

If Mr. Hunt actually believed the report he would be out of a job. However, if the EPA got a hold of report, he would be fined into bankruptcy and go to jail for the rest of his life. So one way or another, Steve McKinny had to be stopped and the first course of action was Mr. Hunt.

Once McKinny had been branded a gold digger, gigolo after his daughter and after his money he knew Mr. Hunt do anything to destroy McKinny. Those pictures were the key to discrediting Steve McKinny in Mr. Hunt's eyes. He still needed to make sure EPA never found that report and that meant that if Mr. Hunt didn't kill Steve, he would.

Peter knew the layout in and around the ranch house. He thought the best approach would be to arrive right around sunset. There was a stand of trees about 100 yards from the main house and he could watch through all the open windows until the time is right. The ranch house was very open with many windows to allow access to the outstanding view. That also meant unobstructed windows would easily allow him photographs of whatever went on inside the house.

His plan was making a comeback and by late tonight he would have what he needed. He looked over at his computer screen and saw April's mouthwateringly bare body looking at him. Peter felt his crotch swelling inside his pants as he thought of watching McKinny fuck April. He made a mental note to get some more memory cards because he wasn't going to miss a single minute of their debauchery.

As his daydreams took shape he fantasized about punishing April as he had all of those other women. He still had his rape kit in the trunk and if the opportunity presented itself he was going to make April his 22nd victim. Steve McKinny was the prime patsy and if he wanted to do anything with April now was his chance. He could blame everything on McKinny and everyone would believe him. As he wandered out of the trailer to make sure all of his supplies were current he thought, '22 is my lucky number'.

Chapter 12

The drive up the dirt road leading to April's ranch house was long and dusty. April's little ranch house was not a little ranch house. It was a magnificent two-story wooden house built with large beams and a huge expanse of windows. It was nestled against the mountains with an incredible view. As Steve looked at the ranch house he thought it looked like a rather modern version of the Ponderosa ranch from the old Bonanza TV show.

It was magnificent and rustic at the same time and the closer he got the bigger it became. The main house had a beautiful wraparound porch and large balconies jutting from some of the upstairs rooms. It appeared to have three sections. What he guessed was the living area had huge two-story windows facing the mountains. There was a smaller section with a high steepled roof that he assumed was the kitchen and dining areas. The third area was a two-story block house that must have been filled with bedrooms.

Like any other working ranch it had a couple of barns, and what looked like a detached garage capable of holding at least half a dozen vehicles. There were also pens for livestock, but everything was strangely serene and devoid of any additional life.

As he pulled up to the house the dust swirled and began to settle back to the earth, as well as covering his car. April had been watching his approach through the big family room windows, and she waited for him to get out of his car. April's entire day was spent eager for this moment. She still couldn't figure out why she wanted him so. She had dated the rich and powerful, as well as the bold and beautiful, but none made her feel the way Steve did.

When she tried to logically analyze what it was about Steve, she could only come to several conclusions. He was ruggedly handsome and smart and he was a little bit heroic since he saved her. Mostly she thought it was because she picked him. Nearly all of her dates during the last couple of years, were either setups by her friends or business associates from her father. Steve was the first time in a long time that she chose somebody.

Maybe it was because of that reason that he kept invading her thoughts. Maybe it was because she wanted to be a naughty girl and play with him. It could be because she trusted Steve with her mind and body, wanting him to treat her like the slut she could never be anywhere else. Maybe she saw in him as someone who could forcefully pull every bit of desire from her heart mind forcing her to live in the moment.

She had always been the dominant one in a relationship, but that was far from what she wanted with Steve. From the very first tussle over whom controlled their kiss she wanted to give herself to him. However, she would only give herself after he showed her that he was worthy. Oh God, she wanted him to be worthy. She wanted a man who would drive her wild and make her feel like a real, sexual woman. Deep in her gut she knew he was the man she had always waited for and once he earned it, she was ready to give herself to him.

She didn't want to be a beautiful lady tonight; she wanted to be a sexual animal, frantic for someone to tame her. Steve's magic had already broken through her armor and she hoped he could be the the one that tamed her. So every few hours she would find herself drifting into an erotic fantasy, would bring out her vibrators and tease herself thinking Steve. She fantasized about his hands and lips on her skin. She dreamt of him pushing her beyond her safe boundaries and into unknown bliss.

She obeyed his rules however, and each time she came close to cumming she would force herself to pull vibrators away. Even before Steve arrived at the house she ached to feel his lips. She daydreamed of his hands gently stroking her skin and his lips leaving a trail of goose bumps as they nibbled at over her belly and breasts. By the time he finally arrived, April had been in an erotic Steve fever all day and a touch by him on the right place would have sent her into orbit.

As the car, door opened and Steve stood to his full height April's breath caught and her heart lurched in her chest. Just looking at him, her already aroused body throbbed instinctually. On the most basic level her body yearned to feel his touch and she wanted to be made to yield to him. Her logical mind fought a losing battle against these seemingly ingrained carnal feelings and she knew she was his for the taking. As she gazed hungrily out the window she breathlessly whispered, "What kind of magical power does he have over me? Whatever it is, I hope it never stops."

Steve gathered a gym bag from his car and slowly walked to the front door with his boots leaving a dusty trail behind him. His jeans fit snugly enough to show a tight muscled ass and a rather large lump in front of his pants. His light blue polo shirt was stretched tightly over his muscular chest and was warped out of shape trying to contain his meaty muscular arms. His face had a look of impassive interest and April could tell he was waiting to reserve judgment on whether she was worth his time. That look sent nervous tremors up her spine, because she wanted him ... She wanted him badly.
It was more than just want; it was a need and a hunger. She was used to getting everything she wanted, but he had already shaken her confidence. Last night she had thrown herself at him, standing virtually naked in front of him and begging him to take her. He turned her down and was the first person to ever deny her anything she asked for. He sent her home last night with her poise and self-assurance wrecked, but today he would be hers ... she hoped.

She ran to the door and flung it open before he could knock. She posed against the wide open door, desperately hoping that her look pleased him. She had tried on eight outfits before she settled on this one and his interested ogling said she did okay. As his eyes hotly caressed her, she felt her breath become labored. She was out of her depth. She had never had to work this hard for a man; as a matter-of-fact she rarely had to work at all. Every man she ever dated had been desperate to be with her and for the first time she knew what that desperation felt like.

Her white frock was a wide open V-neck, raw silk blouse. It hung loosely from the outside of her shoulders and dipped to an open V that came together well below her breasts. The top had a single button well below her breasts and flared to an inverted V on the bottom with everything below her navel also on display. April had elected to wear some white short shorts bottom to barely cover her camel toe. While she was artfully covered, she was also seductively exposed.

Steve did recognize April's titillating sense of style. The insides of her breasts were mostly exposed to the nipple advertising her tanned, buoyant breasts. Her belly, hips and legs were likewise bare and on display. Steve had to admit she had a killer body and she really knew how to dress to show it off. Yesterday's vest and loin cloth had been pure sex, while today's frock was seduction; however, it was elegant and teasing in its simplicity.

As she posed in the doorway, her face was afloat in expectant beauty. She still had her haughty teasing look, but this time she seemed to be hoping for Steve's validation. In her eyes he could see her arrogance was gone and its place was an insecure girl desperately wanting to be loved. There were a myriad of emotions in her eyes and they were all on the surface. He could tell she wanted to please him and she was definitely doing that, but the real April was hidden behind her mask and her walls.

Her beautiful eyes were open and she let him see what she wanted, but not what she was. This was his challenge tonight. He needed to strip away her mask and breakdown her walls so he could see the real April. She had given him glimpses of what lay beyond the hidden walls behind her eyes and that's what he wanted to see. Somehow tonight he needed to find the key to unlock her heart and shatter the walls that kept her away from the world.

It was then that he noticed her only piece of jewelry; a simple slave collar wrapped around her aristocratic neck. Steve slowly closed the distance between them and gently reached out caressing her cheek with the back of his fingers. He trailed his fingers down her cheek, her neck, over her shoulders then slowly down the edge of her frock. April's breathing became hard and labored as his fingers freely roamed over her exposed breast flesh. She felt her knees started to shake as his fingers freely took part in her offering.

His eyes also enjoyed her display, but there was hardness in them. His other hand set the gym bag inside the door and his hand snapped out grabbing the collar around her neck. He pulled her hard against his chest and April was stunned as she was pulled off her feet. His eyes were glaring at her as he growled, "Do you know what this is that you are wearing?"

His teasing fingers, powerful physique and now aggressive actions sent April into a confused turmoil. She was aroused and titillated while at the same time anxious and scared with breathless anticipation. Now his aggressive moves had electrified her body, while making her shiver with an unknown fear. She was petrified, stimulated, frightened and her whole body stirred with a mysterious thrill. As he challenged her she had never felt more alive than she did at this moment.

April took a deep breath to try to clear her mind, but the carnal excitement refused to budge. She opened and closed her mouth couple of times before she answered, "Yes Sir, it's a slave collar."

Steve picked her up as the she weighed nothing and carried her in the house. He kicked the door shut with his foot, when he set her on her feet, he pressed her against the wall. His eyes were still hard as he asked, "A slave collar is a mark of a master showing his ownership of his submissive. So if you are owned by a master, who do you belong too?"

April had bought this to show him that she was willing to be his for the evening. Only now was she beginning to realize that a slave collar was more than just a piece of jewelry. However, she still didn't understand his aggressive anger. After all having given herself would be most men's greatest fantasy. Suddenly she felt very uncomfortable with her decision and looked down at the floor sheepishly. In a husky whisper, in what she hoped would be the right answer she said, "I bought this to show that I belong to you. I'm yours for the night."

Steve realized that April was trying to show him that she wanted him. All the things that he had said yesterday, she desperately craved and urgently needed. She thought the collar would show him that and as he realized this as his anger abated with his hands loosening their tight grip around her collar.

In a soft, subservient whisper April ask, "Why are you angry that I wanted to show that you can have me for the night?"

Steve's hand on the collar let go and lifted her chin until her soft questioning eyes were boring into his. His other hand went back to caress her soft silky skin, dipping underneath the frock to tease her breasts and nipples. He gently leaned in and kissed her lips softly then began to explain, "April, a slave collar is not anything that you can give. A collar must be earned by submission to one master and it can only be placed around her neck by that master. The collar is something a submissive strives for all their lives and it is the ultimate gift of love and devotion. Most of all it is a symbol of ownership by a dominant Master."

"Understand that when I came here today and saw a collar around your neck, that meant you are owned by another master. Therefore, I could not touch you and everything for the last few days had been a tease, because you were not free to let me touch you. I understand now why you did it, but take it off and remember only the master that you have devoted yourself too can put that on you."

As Steve spoke to her, April's eyes began filling with tears. She had done almost everything wrong and screwed up her one chance to live her fantasies. This was her one chance to have a real man take her and love her; to show her passion that she only dreamed of. She reached up and twisted the lock that opened the collar and took it off, handing it to him.

As he took the collar from her hand, she looked up at him with soft hopeful adoration in her eyes. April laid her cheek on his powerful chest, feeling the heat from his body and his muscles ripple beneath her. She could hear and feel his heart pounding beneath her face as she softly said, "Steve I am so sorry. Every time we met I screwed up any chance we might have."

"I have been cocky, spoiled, arrogant and in general a bitch. All day I have been thinking about all the things you said last night and I want them. I don't know how to be the kind of person you want me to be, but I want to try. Since the first time I laid eyes on you I wanted your arms crushing me tight against your body. Can we sta ... Ooohhh?"

With April's head on his chest his hand held her there caressing her face and smoothing her hair. His other hand was still busy exploring her soft silky skin beneath her frock. Very quickly his hand was petting and fondling her breast. Her breast perfectly filled his large hand and he felt its firm weight snuggled against his palm. Now that her collar was off she was his for the taking and he didn't want to hear her apologies.

His thumb and forefinger crushed her nipple between them rolling it back and forth, interrupting her excuses. His torturous nipple teasing resulted in electrifying thunderbolts of passions pure fire ripping through her. Lightning went from her nipples straight to her womb, penetrating her body and clearing her mind of everything except his demanding fingers.

April didn't know what to make this. She had never felt anything strip all reason from her like this. It was a mixture of ripping pain, intense pleasure, gripping fear and blissful agony. Her mind was screaming for him to stop, but her heart and body would die if he did. At the same time she wanted to run away to hide or throw herself at his feet demanding more. She stayed pressed against his chest whimpering, her body quivering, afraid that if she moved he would stop.

She heard his deep bass voice rumbling in his chest, "I can tell that you have never have a real man in your life. Your spoiled petulant behavior detracts from your strength. Like a sunrise you are beautiful, powerful, yet unstoppable and that is what makes you the magnificent creature that you are. Only a strong man would be up to the challenge of trying to wrench open your heart and see your soul laid bare."

"Now the collar is off we are free to explore genuine trust and your body's true desire. I don't want your apology; I only want the gift of your submission, but we have a long journey before you're ready for that. By the end of the night you will understand trust and the brutal honesty comes with it. Then and only then will you recognize the power of your surrender and the grandeur that two people can achieve together."

Steve's words barely penetrated the erotic haze that enveloped April's mind. The heat of his body, his manly scents, his rippling muscles, but mostly his damned incessant caresses fogged her mind with unusual feelings. No man had ever done this to her and while she loved the feelings, she was confused and felt like a schoolgirl being taught for the first time.

Steve's other hand held her chin and turned her face so their eyes locked together. She had a look of wonder on her face, like a child that had just discovered Christmas, but there was also fear, confusion, hunger and desire. Her look told him that she wanted to give herself to him, but it was all new and she didn't know how. He thought he would help and said, "Tonight I will make you mine as we tear down those walls around your heart. I will teach you how to feel and understand what your heart and body truly wants."

"I will hold you in my lovingly arms and I will give you pleasure beyond your understanding. Whenever I want I will take you and then fuck you ferociously. However, none of this happens until you open your heart, trust me and choose to immerse yourself in the pleasure I provide. I have a deep desire to know just how much your body can take. I want to see you exposed, bare and scared because you know you cannot resist. I need to see if you can humble yourself and release your control to passions fury."

"If this isn't what you want I can kiss you goodbye and walk right back out the door. I need you to tell me what you want."

With a cyclone of confusion swimming behind her eyes, he saw a sign of understanding as she answered, "Yes, Please"

Steve looked at her and scowled as he said, "That is not an answer! You are to tell me what you want."

April blushed from her face down her chest. She looked in his eyes and quickly looked away. Looking down she whispered, "I want you." She glanced up to see the scowl still on his face and added, "I want you to do me."

Steve could see her good girl and bad girl personas wrestling as he added, "What does 'Do Me' mean?"

Her blush deepened to a fetching shade of crimson, before she tried to hide her face against his chest. Her fingernails dug into his arms as she pulled herself against his chest and hissed, "Fuuucckk Meeeee. Drive me wild and fuck me till I can't stand."

Steve wrapped his arms around her pulling her tight against his chest. He smiled as he kissed the top of her head then said, "Thank you for telling me what you want Baby. Just so you know you will be mine until the sun comes up tomorrow. You will be obedient and any spoiled bratty behavior will be punished. Remember, at anytime if you want this to stop all you say is RED, then I will walk away and never see you again. Do you understand? Please repeat it back to me."

April looked up into his eyes and Steve could tell she was scared. She didn't look scared of him, but she looks scared that he would go away and not do all the things that he said he would. Her eyes were verging on tears as she repeated, "I will be yours until tomorrow and bad behavior will be punished. To stop I say RED."

April felt flush both with embarrassment and desire. She had no idea what to do or how to act. She was quivering on the inside and on the outside. She wished he would just shove her against the wall and fuck her until her legs collapsed. Whatever he wanted her to do she would do, just as long as he didn't stop holding her.

Every time they had been together April seemed totally mesmerized by him, and her armor didn't seem to work against him. She had always been an intelligent and driven woman, but all of that seemed to fade away in Steve's presence. She felt ashamed that with a glance or touch he seemed to strip her armor from her, as well as all of her logic. With him she felt a desperate longing and she couldn't understand where it came from, she only knew she liked it. She wanted much more and arched her back pressing her breast into his maddening caress.

Steve's hand finally abandoned his infuriating caresses and he stepped away from April. She looked up at him confused and frightened that she had somehow pushed him away. Steve saw the look in her eye and caressed her cheek with his fingers as he gently said, "Do you think we should go ahead and eat that dinner you promised?"

It took a few moments for Steve's words to sink in. She shook her head and jumped back in embarrassment. She had totally forgotten about being a good hostess. She cleared her throat and said, "I'm sorry, I forgot. I have a pot of chili, some barbecue, with beans and slaw already laid out. Would you like something to drink?"

Steve again put his hands on April shoulders and looked deep into her eyes. She felt herself falling deeply into his eyes again, but was glad he said, "Dos Equis Amber if you have it."

She nodded her head, "Of course we do." She started to turn towards the kitchen, but Steve's arms held her fast.

Steve pulled her arms behind her and bound them at the wrists with his massive hand. It was romantic, sensual and controlling at the same time as they began to walk towards the kitchen. April thought it was actually very sensuous to be leading Steve with her arms being held behind her. Once they made it to the kitchen Steve released her hands, but she did not move her hands.

April's entire day of teasing had left her charged up and turned on waiting for Steve. Her entire body was still vibrating from Steve's caresses. His spirited fingers left trails of erotic fire wherever they touched her skin. Her skin bristled, aching to feel his skin on hers. So as she walked in front of Steve her hips had an exaggerated swing, with her back and head twitching erotically. Her hands stayed clasp tightly behind her, still loving the feel of his masterful hands controlling her.

Steve ogled every roll of her hips and shimmy of her back as April slowly moseyed to the oven. Her walk was very slow and erotic with her hips rolling seductively as she went. Her hands were clasp tightly behind her until she had to move them to get food out of the oven. He watched her every movement and he knew each one was for his benefit.

April pulled two beers from the refrigerator and expertly popped the tops using the bottle opener attached to her cabinet. She slipped some hot pads over her hands and took two already prepared plates, wrapped in foil, out of the warming oven. The open kitchen flowed into the dining area and April carried the plates out to the formal dining table. She sat one plate at the head and other at the foot of the table. She pulled the foil off of each plate allowing a cloud of steam to billow towards the beamed ceiling.

Steve followed April carrying the beers, but frowned when he saw the formalized seating arrangement. Steve walked over to the plate with the smaller portion and picked up the placemat with everything still in place. He placed the dinner on the floor next to the chair at the head of the table. He set her beer in front of the placemat on the floor and then stood watching her as he sipped his beer.

April turned red with embarrassment. Surely he didn't expect her to sit on the floor next to him like a dog. My God, she was April Hunt he couldn't treat her like this! Her father owned half the county and this was her house; he couldn't treat her like this! She looked at him with questioning eyes, flushed with anger and humiliation.

Steve casually looked at her and in a harsh dominant tone said, "When I came in to your house you were wearing a slave collar. You told me you purchased it so you could be my slave for the night and even after you took it off you said you still wanted to be my slave. My gorgeous April, all arrogance and conceit must be stripped from a slave before she can truly give of herself."

"You have a choice my love. You can sit on the floor and eat your dinner with me while we begin our time together, or we can sit at the table and I will leave when dinner is over." Steve walked over to April gently caressed her cheek while softly looking into her eyes soothing her anger. "To give, yourself to someone is a truly selfless act, but when you do it you always wind up receiving more than you give."

April felt his eyes pouring into her, searching for her soul. His tone was soothing while his fingers seemed to take away her humiliation. Again she felt his masterful personality arousing her, dispelling her logic, because logic has no place in love. Deep inside she knew he was right, she could never love another until she trusted and opened her heart. However, she had no idea what lesson she was supposed to learn by sitting on the floor eating her dinner. She only knew she didn't want him to go away.

April had seen pictures and knew that a slave would kneel behind the food. So with her face still red with embarrassment she slowly sank to a kneeling position behind placemat on the floor. Steve watched her with gladness in his heart, because he wanted to complete this journey with her. He knew how difficult that was for her, but yet she did it for him.

He squatted beside her and gently trailed his fingers down her cheek, her neck and across her shoulders. It was a slow, sensual and erotic caress that sent goosebumps all over her skin. His fingers did not stop there as they traveled over her chest and down to the exposed hillocks of her breasts. His fingers lingered, dancing over her breasts, teasing until her breaths came in heavy excited gasps. Only then did he undo the singular button of her frock and let it hang open exposing her heavy swollen breasts. Her hard pretentious nipples sat up and begged for attention only to be denied as Steve stood and slipped her frock off her shoulders.

April felt Steve's eyes caressing her breasts as he stripped her top from her and the blistering passion made it hard to breathe. April had gone from angry and embarrassed, to compliant, to rattled and impassioned, all in under 30 seconds. Now she was kneeling next Steve, topless panting excitedly, yearning to feel his hands on her skin again. He had done it to her again, taken her desires and twisted them into knots, until her only reprieve was surrendering to him.
April desperately needed Steve to fuck her and end this wonderful torture. Since last night when her seduction failed, her body had been gripped with steamy anguish. All she could think about was Steve's hands and lips teasing her until she exploded in a magnificent shower of fireworks. For most of the day she dreamt of him taking her however, and whenever he wanted. It's come to this and kneeling topless in front of him she is almost insane with desire.

Steve looked at her beautiful form kneeling next to his chair and he couldn't help being proud. She is a beautiful and strong-willed woman, with the courage of a warrior. Her open expressive eyes made her look almost elf like in her graceful and delicate beauty. However, her innocent softness made her look more like an angel. He watched her hard passionate breaths heave her full supple breasts from side to side in a viciously tempting show. He watched the muscles in her arms, legs and belly squirm and ripple trying to contain her inner fire

Steve squatted behind her back and almost reverently he gathered her long hair letting it cascade down her back. He trailed the back of his fingers over her shoulders and down her sides, watching goose bumps erupt in their wake. His fingers freely roamed over her soft silky skin, discovering places made her gasp and others that made her moan erotically.

April had lost the ability to think rationally as his fingers continued their soft erotic torture. Finally, she couldn't take any more and twisted her body so that she could kiss Steve inciting him to take her. However, before her lips could close on his, he had backed away and he was standing with a scowl on his face. He never said a word, but the message was clear. He is in charge and he will determine the course of this night.

She stared at his hard, rugged, determined body and his demanding look only stoked the fire inside her. Here was a man she couldn't bargain with, he wouldn't fall for tricks or her prideful lies. He would take her when and where he wanted, but only after she had given herself to him. He was strong, powerful and determined, yet at the same time he is gentle, insightful and deeply passionate. She could only follow his lead, but in her gut she knew this would be night like no other.

As she returned to her kneeling position he once again knelt behind her and began running his hands across her skin. He was determined to begin finding her secrets with his hands trailing erotic fire wherever they went. Finally, his arms wrapped around her as his hands were filled with her breasts. He tenderly hefted her breasts feeling their full, firm weight in his hands. His fingers gently caressed her breast flesh with his thumb and forefinger rolling her nipples. Instinctually April arched her back in a primal plea for more. Her frenzied whimpers turned to moans of need as his fingers answered her plea for more.

April felt Steve's hot breath travel up her neck until it reached her ear, "You will find that sometimes not being in control frees you to feel the world around you. When you release the prideful bridle that harnesses you, your heart can finally feel intensely and love fiercely. With your mind finally free your body's passion will at last blossom like a seedling reaching for the sun."

Steve nibbled back down her neck with his lips feeling the pounding of her heart through her distended veins. He raked his teeth down her neck and sucked her swollen veins into his mouth. April gasp a whimpering scream as his mouth and fingers joined in creating incendiary tremors deep in her core. Just as suddenly his fingers and lips were gone.

April's eyes were glazed over as her body barreled towards an unstoppable finish. Joyfully her climactic goal was finally in sight when everything stopped, "NO, DON'T STOP, PLEASE DON'T STOP! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE OFF THIS, FINISH ME PLEASE!"

Steve looked at April with a frown, but April missed the look on his face. She jumped up from her knees and stood shifting from one foot to the other adding stimulation to her already throbbing clit and nipples. Steve couldn't let this lesson go to waste so he sat in one of the chairs and jerked April off her feet draping her over his lap. He yanked down the zipper and after several forceful tugs succeeded in ripping off her short shorts. She had nothing underneath and her delectable firm, muscled ass was exposed to his ravenous gaze.

April was screaming, wriggling pounding with her fists trying to get away. With one hand Steve held her firmly on his lap and with his other hand he proceeded to rain hard swats on her unprotected tush. Nothing was protecting her modesty or her skin, but as she fought him the rippling muscles of her back were spectacularly erotic. Very quickly overlapping red hand prints began appearing on both cheeks of her luscious ass. Her hips twisted as she fought him, but Steve thought his red hand prints on her squirming ass cheeks were dramatically sexy.

April was startled when he pulled her over on his lap, then again when ripped off her shorts and began to rain hard whacks on her ass cheeks. He spanked her hard and she yelped as her ass quickly turned cherry red. She was humiliated, embarrassed and fought hard to get away trying to maintain her dignity. She stubbornly refused to let her tears fall, beg for mercy or cry out with the pain she was feeling. However, his primal manhandling of her had her insides hotter than a firecracker.

He told her that he was going to punish her for any misbehavior. She hadn't imagined it would be something like this. For a moment she felt like a little girl bent over her father's knee, but there's something much more erotic here. He was spanking her hard and there was fiery pain, but her thoughts slowed as her senses heightened. After the first four swats he stopped and lovingly caressed the skin of her ass cheeks.

His caresses were loving and respectful and became very sensual. From harsh pain to loving caresses turned off her mind like a switch and she could only feel. Then he began the spanking again with hard swats first on one cheek then the other. Tears began to fall and April began to moan as her whole world seemed to revolve around that hand smacking her tush. The pain was sharp and intense with each swat and seemed to reverberate through her body. In the midst of all the painful humiliation a sudden reversal occurred. Suddenly her mind clouded over and each swat felt deliciously erotic.

Her unfettered breasts were swinging wildly with each blow. Her turgid nipples were sending jolts of erotic fire throughout her body as they continuously scrapped against his jeans. The pain, the shame, the exposure and her needy pussy all served to make her squirm in his lap. With pain and pleasure comingling, her writhing on his lap was hoping to gain the release she craved.

Steve saw this and wrapped his arm that was holding her down around her. His hand slid down her belly till it was nestled between her thighs. Steve cuddled her clit between two of his fingers and wiggled them back and forth. The he repositioned one of his knees underneath her clit. Now April was squirming harder in his lap. Was it pain or pleasure? It was both, complementing each other and it is giving her feelings that push her way past her boundaries. The next swat on her tush was hard.

When she flinched from his next swat her clit exploded onto his knee and for April everything got worse. Each swat on her ass sent a high voltage jolt that went straight through her throbbing clit then spreading throughout her body. The pain in her ass resulted in explosions of pleasure throughout her body and it was very confusing. Her scream of pain came out sounding like a scream of pleasure. She released her stubborn struggle, accepting his control and discipline. Pain and pleasure merged into blasts of utopian ecstasy.

Pain ... Pleasure ... Pain ... Pleasure ... Pleain ... Pasure. She felt like her head was going to explode and every swat on her ass also blasted through her clit sent showers of sparks through her mind. The intensity had her gasping for breath and all the fight left her as Steve took the control of her body away from her. She had fought him, but he had shown her feelings, caring and emotions that sent her soaring. Her screams of pain turned into confused screams of pleasure and pain.

"Oh please Steve I'll be good, Oh God I'm going to explode ... cum ... Oh God ... please Master, Please."

Steve gave her two more swats and he watched knowingly as her clit smashed into his knee and she shattered explosively, contorting in blissful agony on his lap. Watching April tremble and quiver trying to regain control her body was very erotic for Steve. He nudged her legs apart, gave her swats directly on her pussy, with his knee crushing her clit and she exploded again. This time her belly knotted and her legs quivered and shook uncontrollably as she gave in to the elation.

Steve watched her carefully as she struggled to catch a breath and when he was sure she had recovered he gave her multiple swats directly on her clit. April exploded into her most massive orgasm yet, and he kept swatting her clit keeping her cumming. She acted as though she had been touched by a high voltage wire with convulsions that almost threw her off his lap. She screamed like a banshee as she totally lost control of her entire body.

April squirmed, writhed and wiggled as the most unbelievable thing happened. The Queen had been conquered by a warrior and only when she gave up control did the most incredible things happen. Pain combined with pleasure gave her the most incredible orgasms of her life, but she knew there was more than just physical. She had yearned for a lover who knew exactly what she wanted without her even knowing herself. From the very first kiss Steve had known her and now she had a man she could trust with her heart.

She had been manhandled and made to lie in a man's lap, while he spanked her. Her inhibitions had been well and duly shattered by a strong man's hand on her tush. The pain was excruciating, but then it turned into crushing pleasure that ripped all thoughts from her except the bliss. Next she had the most body numbing orgasm she had ever felt, followed by another even more intense. The rapture was so intense she couldn't think or breathe.

When she finally caught her breath, he spanked her clit and the massive orgasm exploded in her head like a shower of rockets and sparks. As the finale ripped her existence apart she felt like her mind was in the middle of the supernova. She had no idea if it had been one extremely long orgasm or several strung together, but it didn't matter because she was changed forever. Her body convulsed in a bone cracking seizure of unworldly bliss. For several moments, her world disappeared, and she was being buffeted by waves of euphoria. She didn't know how she could live through this, but then she thought she saw heaven and Steve held out his hand.

He showed her pain and pleasure beyond her understanding. They blasted into space together with exploding stars all around them and he showed her heaven. Finally, he brought her safely home cuddled contentedly in his arms. In those moments her life changed. He had taken control of her mind and body and showed her the ecstasy of giving your heart to someone else. This was where she wanted to be, loved by someone unequivocally and without limits.

The beauty of his firm tutelage and sent her places she had only dreamed of. The eye-opening and agonizing rapture was beyond her comprehension. She remembered reading about things like this in her romance novels, but never in her wildest imagination did it feel like this. As she came back to earth, her mind was blissfully numbed with her whole body tingling and aching at the same time.

In the span of a few heartbeats April knew what orgasms were supposed to feel like and it was like nothing she had ever felt before. She knew what it was like to have a real man hold you in his arms and take you to heaven on an ecstasy rocket. She knew what it was like to give up the control of your mind and body letting that vulnerability led to unbelievable and previously unknown ecstasy.

April also discovered how dangerous this power can be, your heart and soul is totally exposed and you are defenseless. She had shown her most vulnerable self to him and intimately unveiled her deepest fears. She knew you could only give this power to a man she trusted completely. The wrong man could have crushed her spirit and torn her heart asunder. Steve had graciously and masterfully treasured her gift, allowing her desire to fight through and thaw her frozen passion.

Steve gently caressed her strawberry red ass feeling the heat coming from her skin. He wished he had some lotion, but for now he softly tended to her. Steve gently soothed her inflamed ass and body, with reverent caresses. He was letting her know she was loved tenderly and cherished royally.

He wasn't sure when it happened, but somewhere in the middle of the spanking, the spoiled little girl turned into a deeply passionate woman. He had assumed that it would take all night for him to have a glimpse of the sultry, wanton woman that he knew lived inside this gorgeous shell. She had opened herself to him almost immediately, trusting him to take care of her vulnerable heart. Still it was only the beginning.

As he caressed her sensuously muscled back, down to her inflamed ass he realized something very special was happening here. Her spoiled, petulant persona is just a thin veneer that is easily stripped away if you don't allow her to hide behind her walls. As his hands feasted upon her form, he recognized her hidden pain and fears. However, as she yielded to him he could feel her empowerment grow and she seemed to appreciate his dominance complementing her strength.

He turned her over, sat her up in his lap and it was then that April saw the only man that ever spanked her, ever made her cum, and cum, and cum. She had cum three times and he owned them all, just like the unquenchable desire deep inside her belonged to him. The hunger and the ache inside her as well as the redness of her ass were all his doing. Her face flushed red with embarrassment, nirvana and humiliation before she hid her face in his shoulder.

Steve was having none of that and turned her face to look at him. The depth of his gaze left her breathless and it was as though he could look directly into her soul. Despite the deep meaningful emotions passing through their eyes, right now she needed to feel his hands on her skin.

All at once she felt, humbled, loved, jubilation, contentment and subjugation. There was one other thing she felt as his beefy arms held her tight; safe and protected. As his eyes melted hers, she realized she had never felt that before. Even with her father she felt physically protected, but that was different from feeling emotionally and spiritually safe. While Steve spanked her, she never felt unsafe; powerless, helpless yes and even free, but never in danger.

Tears began to roll down her cheeks as she realized just how special this moment is and how special their bond is. He is her lover, her teacher, her guide and mentor. She has much to learn about being a real woman, a friend and how to really live while devoting herself to others. As she looked at him reverently she whispered, "Thank you ... Master! Can you stay and teach me more?"

Steve adoringly caressed her face with his hands letting his fingers trail down spectacularly naked body. His eyes never left hers as he softly said, "April there are many that will think your body is one of the most beautiful they have ever seen. I am one of those because the form that houses the real April is a beautiful presentation. However, others are turned off by your spoiled and self-centered fa├žade."

"I sense a beauty inside that has been aching to get out, a passionate, giving woman that desperately craves love. You are beautiful because of the way you challenge me and the sparkle in your eyes when you're passionate about something. You're beautiful because of the way you make others smile even if you're sad. You're beautiful deep down in your soul and not for something as fleeting as your looks. I see things in you that make me want to spend time with you. So yes, I will be your guide for as long as I can or until you no longer need me."

April wrapped her arms around Steve's neck and buried her face in the crook of his neck. Steve felt her shoulders begin to shake and tears wet his shirt. He pulled her tighter into his chest and began to softly stroke her back knowingly. He gently kissed her head and shushed her tears. Then he heard her murmuring into his chest, "Thank you Steve for teaching me, for loving me and thank you God for bringing him to me."

Steve felt his heart swell as he listened to her. It confirmed his previous observation; there is an incredible woman underneath all that bravado. Her defenses are strong and her walls are high. If he can get through all of that and find the real April it will be worth it. He pulled his head back and looked into her watery eyes and ask. "Do you now understand what it means to give yourself completely to someone?"

April gazed devotedly into Steve's eyes and a little smile came to her face as she said, "I am beginning to. I know I have lots to learn, but I have a generous teacher. I hope my next lesson is just as gratifying." April reached to kiss him on the cheek and added hopefully, "Are we ready for another lesson?"

Steve stood from his chair holding her lightly in his arms. He set her gently on her feet and gently whispered, "We have all night my love and you have many more lessons to learn. For now our dinner is getting cold and you need your fuel for the rest of the night. So eat your dinner!"

April gave him a saucy little smile as she dropped to her knees in front of her food. As she settled back with her butt on her heels, she hissed as her hot painful ass cheeks met her cold feet.

Steve grinned as he sat back in the chair. He glanced at April and he could tell something had already changed in her. Her body was flush and her face was glowing; she looked positively radiant. "While we eat tell me about your life, especially your sex life."

April sat waiting for Steve to take the first bite of food and when he did she dug in taking a mouth full of the delicious smoky beef. She washed the beef down with a swig of beer and in between bites gave him her life story.

"I was born in the main house on the ranch on October 23. I've always lived in or around Alpine and the ranch. My mother taught me how to dress, walk and talk like a lady. She entered me in several beauty contests for young girls and I won most of them. She was killed by a drunk driver when I was 10. I kept up the beauty pageants as my way of honoring my mother's wishes. The fact that I won most of them also encouraged me to continue."

"Over the years, I won Miss teen Texas and runner-up on Miss teen USA. I was the homecoming Queen twice in high school and the same at Sol Ross University. I was Miss Texas twice and in the final five on Miss USA. I was also valedictorian in high school, salutatorian in college and I'm set to graduate pre- med school magna cum laude in two months."

"If I hadn't been homecoming Queen and somebody hadn't been elected King I would've gone to all of my Proms alone. I never had anyone brave enough to ask me out on a date in high school."

Steve looked at her in shock, "Really? No one ever ask you out on a date?"

April looked sad and wistfully said, "There was one boy who said he was going to then he chickened out at the last minute. Everyone always assumes that because you're beautiful and popular you always have dates. Boys in high school fear rejection they just don't bother to ask and just assume that you have a date.
"I only have two friends that really accept me for whom I am and everyone else is only there because of the money and power my family has. Because we were all alone my father has always been very protective and combined with my brain and beauty queen status meant that I rarely had a date. All the boys were too intimidated either by my beauty queen standing or my father, to ask me out. I never lost my virginity until I was in college and even then he was so intimidated he lasted less than a minute."

"Until you made me cum I had never had a man give me any kind of an orgasm, or even come close to one. The only orgasms of ever had were by myself and I used to think they were good and satisfying. Now I know better. I've only had two other lovers and one was just as bad as the first. The second was to secure business contract for my father. I did for him, but he had no idea what I was doing. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever done and I will never do that again. Calling him a lover is to denigrate the term lover."

"Tell me about your fantasies? Do you dream of a Dominate / Submissive relationship?"

April blushed almost the same shade as her blistered ass. She looked sheepish as she whispered, "I dream of making love in public like in a movie theater. Maybe on a dance floor and once I dreamed of being tied up and molested on a Mardi Gras float. Other than that I just want someone that will love and respect me like it is in the romance novels."

Steve noted that April did not orally answer the Dominant / Submissive question. However, her blush said volumes and it confirmed all his suspicions. She wanted someone to love her, drive her wild and take control of her. He again tilted her face to look at him and ask, "Did you like being spanked and forced to cum?"

Her blush deepened and she tried to look down, but Steve held her face so he could look into her eyes. April knew he was looking deep inside her and he could tell if she lied. It was humiliating to admit it, but oh God yes she loved it. In a barely audible whisper she said, "Yes, I did,"

April seemed very subdued talking about her lack friends or a love life. She slowly took several more bites of food and a long draw on her beer, finishing off her dinner. Steve watched her closely as the silence stretched on and he knew she was feeling the loneliness of her life right now. He could tell she wanted many friends and she wanted to be liked. It hurt her to have normal people afraid of her family's power.

Steve looked at her and asked her the question he had been aching to ask since he met her, "April, how did you wind up on the road the night that I found you?"

April looked at him with confusion in her eyes and said, "I really have no idea. It was Friday and I was at the "Bend", sorry that's what we call the Buffalo Bend Saloon. It was time to go home and I was walking out to my car alone when somebody wrapped their arms around me and put something over my face. I blacked out the next thing I know I'm in the hospital. I don't even remember you finding me."

Steve looked puzzled and confused as well, "Do you have any idea who did this or why?"

"I really don't. I assume that it had something to do with my father, because I can't think of anything I would've done to cause this. They never ask for a ransom or even contacted my father, so I have no idea."

When April spoke of her father, there seemed to be some obvious pain deep inside her. After all she had no say in whom her father was, what he owned and what you did. She also had no say in her beauty she received from her mother and father. People just couldn't seem to get past all of that the noise that surrounded her to see who she really was. There were times that she felt like a prisoner of her father, her own beauty and everything around her.

Steve saw her eyes glistening as the tears began to fill her eyes. He moved around in his chair so he could look directly at her and put his fingers under her chin lifting her eyes up to his. Her eyes told him that right now she needed his arms around her, so he motioned for her to come sit in his lap. She eagerly rose from her knees and curled in his lap like a kitten eager to be petted. He wrapped his arms around her pulling tight against his chest and in a loving voice began to speak.

"At times, you will feel too smart, too rich, too beautiful, too strong, or sexy and you will be tempted to be less of a woman to make it easier for those around you. The problem is never that you're too much of something; it's that your man is not strong enough to glorify your brilliance. So be the strong queen that is willing to fight by the side of her man, not a princess in distress."

April heard his words and knew what he said was true, but it's hard to always be alone. She didn't have anyone to confide in and no one would understand how a rich beautiful woman could be alone. Everyone around her was only there to get something and she could never let her guard down. Even with her best friend Tara she had to watch what she said and did.

The man holding her safely in his arms right now was the closest thing she had confidant and she had only known him for two days. Still she felt a safe freedom in his arms and she knew he was only there for her. She snuggled deeper into his chest and in return she felt his massive arms squeezing her securely.

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