Short sex stories

Sex stories

Okay Folks, this one is kind of crazy. You can chalk it up to the changing of the seasons scrambling my brain, or maybe the fact that yesterday was the saddest day of the year for me. Yep, I put the M

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Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 'parts' that should be read in order. Most of them will stand o

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Note 1: This is a 2011 Christmas contest story so please vote. Note 2: A special thanks goes to Estragon for editing this story. * My wife is amazing. I have listened to man after man complain about t

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With new resolve to make today much better than yesterday, i awoke before my Master. i slipped out of bed and hurriedly completed my shower. i lay everything on the counter to be set on the table for

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*Note to readers: This story has two endings. The first stops with the PG-13 version. Readers who want to find out what happens in the bedroom can find the adult version right after the new couple mak

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