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Lori made her way along Main Street, enjoying the Christmas music and festive air. Dark green wreaths with colored lights hung from streetlamps and store windows held displays of red, green and silver

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Disclaimer: This story deals with Cuckolding, Incest, and impregnation. Please do not continue if any of these subjects offend you. This is a work of fiction, meant to be enjoyed. Please click back if

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Danny's session at the wall left him weak kneed, apprehensive, and feeling a little guilty about maybe moving too far too fast. And he suddenly felt exposed and robbed of his privacy. He saw that ther

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It was the first set of pole dancing Saturday night and both Danny and Diego were on the poles. This was Danny's only set. Sam had said he'd do the Saturday night specials only once a month. He wasn't

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It'd been six months since I'd seen my boyfriend and I was visiting for a short break from school. I sat outside, waiting to hear the familiar sound of his bike coming through the apartments. I grinne

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"See that man over there?" "The one in black leather? With those other guys who parked their cycles out front?" "Yes," Sam said. "He's looking over here, so, no matter what, keep a smile on." Danny ha

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An Oedipus County Tale This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. It's all pretend, folks.

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