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The Vampire's Sex Slave Pt. 01

The door slammed shut behind Emma, the lock sliding quickly into place. She was trapped, thrown down into the darkness and left to rot away or so she hoped. The alternative tore at her sanity and dragged shivers up her spine. What had she heard about these virgin snatchers? Only that once a girl had been kidnapped by them she never returned. Her throat felt like sandpaper and her fingers shook as she tried to find something to lever herself up from the ground. God if she hadn't been walking alone in the dark, but she'd had no choice. Danny had refused to take her home once he realised she was a virgin and wouldn't give him what he wanted tonight. He'd simply dumped her on the street corner in the middle of the night and whisked, away leaving her alone. At the time she'd thought it was a blessing that at least he hadn't tried to force her to do anything against her will but now as she surveyed the darkness and dam around her she started to resent his blatant disregard for her safety just because she wouldn't put out.

A soft whisper in the shadows, made Emma's legs go numb. Where the hell was she? Was she even alone in this dark? Her questions were quickly answered when she spied movement in the furthest corner of the room. Her heart felt ready to explode as she pressed herself back against the door, fear consuming her frozen form.

'H...Hello?' Emma whispered, her voice echoing around the dank walls. Although her words issued no response the slither of movement coming from the other side of the space abruptly stopped. Her violent shivers served to clarify that she was not alone. The figure stood still as though he could see her quaking form, although the light was so low she couldn't even tell that someone was there.

Silence dragged on relentlessly, wreaking havoc on Emma's fragile nerves. Every fibre of her being clutching for escape. Pushing her back against the thick metal door just affirmed she couldn't run. What if she was in here as food for a ravenous wolf, an evil serial killer, heck a fucking rapist murderer that wanted to play with her before seeing her dead?

'Who are you girl?' An almost guttural voice groaned in the darkness. Through Emma's sheer terror she momentarily regarded that the voice sounded so feral it seemed that perhaps whoever it was had barely used it at all. Regarding the harrowing surroundings the person was in, she suspected that that probably was the case.

Although she had been the first to call out, the reality that someone else was in the room robbed Emma of her voice. Her terror too potent to allow her to speak. Instead she huddled closer to the cold door and closed her eyes in silent prayer. My god where had she been thrown. It seemed only moments ago she was making her way home, almost to her run down front door on the edge of the slums before two violent men grabbed her by her hair and dragged her into their car. Next had come a devastating blow to her head and blackness before she woke being dragged down a dimly lit corridor to this door, the door she now found herself clutching, too afraid to go any further into the room.

'I said tell me your name?' The voice boomed, its sheer loudness in the silent room jarring to Emma's recently abused mind. She clutched at her head with a bruised and dirty hand. They hadn't been gentle when they had hauled her ass into the darkness and she had a sneaky suspicion they wouldn't be gentle when taking her out. If she ever got out! Who knew what awaited her in the prison, what they had brought her here to become. Someone's dinner, someone's plaything, someone's fucking knife target?

'I...I'm Emma.' He voice broke on her name. The few words all she could bare to say. My god was she done, could she go home now. Her tremors didn't sooth as she forced the words from her lips, her voices tremble only serving to terrify her more. She was scared for her life there was no point in denying it.

The figure skulked in the darkness, their presence only noticeable by the light shutter of footprints in the corner of the room. 'So they brought me you.' A volatile laugh erupted in the shadows, terrifying Emma half to death. 'How many times must this game go on before they lose interest?'

Emma didn't understand, what game? Why the fuck was he talking about her situation in that way. Suddenly the air around her flooded with an intensity that emulated an electric bolt. The hairs on her arms springing to attention at the sudden threat. Although she couldn't see anyone in front of her face she knew it was there, whoever it was. An intimidating feeling swept over her as her blood began pounding through her veins. A gentle but threatening touch stroked the hollow of her cheek throwing Emma closer to the door. 'Shh sweetheart, I've done this so many times now, you fear will only make things worse. That's how it works!'

'How what works?' Emma tremored, not certain of which direction to direct her response. The darkness seemed to follow the terrifying figure around the room suddenly so close to her body she felt consumed in the darkness along with it. 'Please I don't know why I'm here but I'm meant to be at home, my family will be worried about me, I...'

'No they won't.'

'What?' The figures abrupt response threw cold water on her already shivering nerves.

'They never have families looking for them or loved ones at home. They make sure I only ever take what no one will miss.'

Emma once again felt a gentle caress on her shoulder as though trying to sooth, but it left her cold. How did he know that she had no one at home? That her house was occupied by herself and one stray cat. From the moment Emma had left the orphanage and made it out on her own that dam cat had followed her side and she supposed that sad as some may think it was, Archie her mangy feral cat was the nearest thing she had to a family, probably ever would.

'They think it makes it easier on me to kill, that if I know no one is waiting at home for the young virgins, I will feel more compelled to comply.' The voice released a tired sigh as though the thought waited on his mind like stone. 'They're wrong!'

'Please I don't understand what am I here for? Who are you? I have so many questions but I don't even know who you are. Am I here just so you can kill me?' The words left her throat in a single breath, certainty of her end sparing her little hesitation. She had always thought that in the face of her death she would be speechless, especially if the one taking her life was right before her eyes. But instead she wanted to know more, the thoughts like acid on her brain desperate to spew from her lips. How was he going to do it? Would it hurt? Had the others he spoke of been afraid? Foremost, was she allowed to see the face of the one who was going to try and take her life? Emma had never thought she would be asking these question to herself let alone to a shadow stalking her in the dark.

'You're here because fate has brought you to my jail sell. Who I am is most likely never going to be your concern and in a manner of speaking you are here for me to take your life...unless,'

'Unless what?' Emma couldn't help her abrupt reply. Desperation peeking her senses to every word he spoke, picking up on the slightest chance of escape.

'Unless you agree to be my slave.'

This creatures slave? What kind of demon was she trapped within this cell? One that spoke of slavery and killing like they were common topics on the tip of his tongue. Her head whirled as he continued to explain.

'I warn you that after I have offered this to every female before you... they have all chose death. Some have tried. Tried to bare over time but none have wanted to spend eternity by my side, taking everything I have to give for all life.' As the figure's breath blew softly at a tendril of loose hair near her eye, Emma realised how close the monster had come. An unnerving flood of paralysis flooded her body freezing her in place as he spoke his next words. 'For the last few women I haven't even given them the chance, knowing they would only break my heart by choosing death over life by my side, but with you... I don't know but for some reason I want to give it another try. So this time I give you the choice quickly, live forever as my slave or die tonight and be free from it now?'

Emma's heart beat out of her chest, rocking her ribs as she struggled for breathe. There was so much she didn't know, so much uncertainty in both choice. As this monsters slave what would she be doomed too? What would her life entail? Sharing this dark dungeon with it for all time. Knowing she would never leave. Or should she choose to end it right now before the terror became too much to take, give up her life to be free of whatever imprisonment awaited her. Swallowing every ounce of her defiance and pride Emma inched further into the darkness away from her small security of the door.

'Show me who you are and tell me your name before I decide?'

The figure's firm touch left her side and dissolved into the dark sanctuary of his prison.

'If I am going to choose to stay by your side I will have to see you someday. Show me who you are, give me a chance to fairly decide.'

'And what if what you see is more than you can bare?'

Emma didn't know where she found her strength but lifting her head she replied. 'Then you will never know because you will kill me tonight.'

The silence in the room filled the space like a cavernous void. Emma's eyes stared blindly into the space in front of her face not sure where the figure lurked in the darkness. Slowly from the corner of her eye Emma noticed movement, slow at first but moving carefully towards a slither of light. As she focused on the broad expanse of solidness that came into her view a small window opened up in the ceiling of the prison, the light bathing the walls and the monster she had wanted so much to see. Her breath hitched in her chest filling her lungs but refusing to release the air. Before her stood a tall man with wide shoulders expanding his frame on both sides. His hair looked long and uncut and his body rippled with taught muscle visible from his worn jeans up to his corded neck. He wore no short and no shoes but his manhood was covered by dark torn jeans only adding to his feral look. Although the sheer strength of his build commanded her attention, Emma's eyes shifted instantly to his face. Although he kept his head towards the floor she could still make out his sharp features and chiselled jaw. He was possibly the most masculine man she had ever seen. Her insides clenched at the sheer power she witnessed flowing through his frame.

'What is a man like you doing in this place?' Emma couldn't hide her shock or her confusion. She had expected something else. A monster that lurked the dark to hide his face, cover his hideous features from the world but before her stood a man who belonged in her most heated fantasies. Why was he locked away in here?

'I'm here because... I'm not a man! I have lived in the darkness a long time sweetheart. My heart is as cold and still as ice. Can't you feel what I am, that there's something about me that's not right?' His body suddenly moved faster than Emma's eyes could track. Her throat locked in his clenched hand. Her lungs took a quick breathe before she was lifted from the floor and thrust back against the door in a violent motion. Emma screamed for her life, terror drawing all the air she had left in her lungs to prise at his hands with her own. Clutching at his arm she whimpered her cry for release but the man took no note of her distress. 'Look at me girl, you surely can't believe I am a man. Have you ever seen one such as me before?'

Emma could barely focus on his low cut voice, her body grasping for any air her lungs could find. 'Please.' She begged, any dignity shed to the floor as her heart began to give way.

'Tell me girl... who am I?'

'I don't know...please' Emma cried, her vision swaying in and out with her jittering breath.

'Yes you do...look at me. Really look and tell me who I am... What I am!'

With her last shattering breath Emma looked into his translucent eyes, as if recognising him like she would recognise a rabid wolf in a forest, Emma felt the chill of danger rise up her spine. She instinctively knew. He was... He was... 'Vampire!'

'Yes.' The man instantly let her go allowing her space as he returned to the shadows while she caught her breath, her heart beating double time to make up for her shallow breaths.

Feeling too faint to stand, Emma slid to the floor her knees buckling to the cold stone beneath her feet.

Vampire? As if on cue to her frenzied thoughts, he turned and revealed his true form. His face coated in light as he walked into the centre of the room. His plump lips no longer concealed his smooth fangs, his features looked almost violent in their sharpness and his expression looked predatory to Emma's eye. Her captor truly was a beautiful monster lurking in the dark.

Crawling with the last of her strength against the strain of her shaking form Emma made it back to the door. Her one solace in the room was the small chance that someone would hear her on the other side and let her out. 'Help me!' She tried to scream though the words seemed useless in the dank room.

Once again too quickly the monster was back at her side, terrorising her mind with a gentle touch. As he carefully stroked a stray strand of black hair from her eyes, she felt set to faint. Her mind refusing to comprehend the situation before her.

'Shh sweetheart. There is no point in wasting your breathe. No one on the other side of that door is interested in saving you. Trust me I know.' A hint of pain ran past his eyes as he spoke. Emma was too incoherent to reply. Vampire! Kept running through her mind. He's a fucking vampire!

Focusing his attention back on Emma, the monster continued to speak, undeterred by the emotion in his words. 'Look at me...' Rising Emma's eyes to his gaze he surveyed her breaking mind. 'I wish we had more time but you have to choose Emma, now! Will you accept the fate of being with me for all time or are you willing to die to leave my side.' The monster spoke the words to Emma as though reciting a mantra he had rehearsed his whole life. His words barely breaking her revere as she lay numb on the floor.

Footsteps suddenly sounded from the other side of the door, the only sound to prick Emma's ears from their ringing of the word in her mind. Vampire! Vampire!

'Please Emma, you must decide!' The man looked anxious for her reply but Emma couldn't speak. The key turned in the lock and the look of concern and anger in his eyes penetrated her brain. Instantly she was thrust behind his back into the light. His crouching too look at her suddenly turning predatory and strangely it was to whoever was opening the door on the other side.

As the hinges slid open and a smartly dressed figure stepped inside, Emma suddenly found her voice. 'Please...oh God please help...' Before she could finish her words, the monster snarled in her face, appearing immensely angry at her pleas.

Two men shut the door behind them and locked it from the inside, the whirling of the lock was like a rigid knife to Emma's heart. Wait if they were here to help her why were they locking themselves inside? No, the monster had said that those behind the door wouldn't be interested in saving her, could he be right? The cocking of a gun at her head confirmed the suspicions in her mind.

'So Val, has she made up her mind?'

The man crouching at her side, snarled his reply hunching even further in front of Emma's fragile body even though the gun was trained at her head. 'She hasn't made her choice. You can't do anything until she does so mind where you point that fucking gun before I point my fangs straight at your neck.'

The man threw back his head with a chilling laugh, his relaxed attitude no balm to Emma's electrified nerves. 'Why must we play this game Val every time? You have no power over me, remember.' He smirked nodding to a thin cold chain he wore at his wrist. The fine metal was laced with gleaming green jewels that looked so small and intricate they almost moulded with the chain as they wrapped around the top of his thick hand. 'If I'm wearing this band you know you can do nothing but follow whatever I say. When I say jump, you say how hi? When I say suck her blood, you say how long? And I always say drink her dry. Is that not the way my pet?'

Emma could barely make out their conversation through the buzzing of the blood running through her ears. At the mention of sucking her dry her focus returned to the scene lay before her eyes. The monster...Val, looked like he wanted to murder the man laughing in front of the door but made no move to do the job. Meanwhile his accomplice looked more excited than anyone else to watch the potent masculine display of anger from the vampire and his boss.

'What does he mean suck me dry?' Emma whispered vaguely surprised that the three men heard her terrified words.

'I mean baby that my favourite pet Val here will do just about anything I say while I'm wearing this band. From time to time I like to play with his mind. I find myself a pretty little virgin and drag her inside his cage commanding him to wreak carnage for my pleasure. And of course he always provides!' He smirked jangling his bracelet in her face. 'You just became his new chew toy, unless of course he told you the get out of jail free clause that unfortunately he can end our games before they've begun.'

Emma looked to Val to verify his words. She couldn't understand why, but for some reason she felt surer of the truth if it was coming from his mouth.

Without looking too far from the gun, Val confirmed his words with a slight nod of his head. 'He speaks the truth little one. He has that power over me and much more.' Turning to meet her eyes he offered her the only life line he had. 'But you can choose for me to end you now and I will gladly comply. He has no power over my ability to end your life if you ask it of me!' His desperation radiated around the small room, although it was dark and dank the four bodies in the room provided considerable heat although one was a vampire and Emma felt sweat begin to fall from her brow. Could she take that route? Surely it was a better option then letting these sadistic men do whatever they wanted with her as long as she was alive. Tears began to slowly form in the corners of her eyes. Why had it taken so long for her to feel any emotion other than shock? She was sure she should be pleading for her life, offering to do anything they wished to get out of there in one piece but she hadn't been able to bring herself back to reality, until they were all staring at her waiting impatiently for her reply. It was clear that every one of those men wanted her dead. It was also apparent that only one of them felt any remorse for their role in her demise.

What had Val said? Every single girl before her had chosen death, the mere thought of being his slave or toy as Trigger, the name Emma had decided to call the man idly pointing the gun at her head, watched on in joy. She could understand why. Every fibre of her soul wanted out of this hell hole. If she couldn't get out the front door she would have to find another way... but Emma had never in all her struggling life been the type to lay down and just die. She was a strong woman with an ability to endure whatever she had to get her way. And right now Emma wanted to live, to return home to the safety of her small apartment, to see the light of day. No, as much as her heart wanted to give up and choose the easy way, Emma had dragged herself through shit many times before and she was damn sure going to do it again.

'Heck I can see it in her face she's going to tell you to bite her before this games even fucking begun, so just get it over with!' Trigger lowered his gun and turned towards the door almost bored of the display of terror and violence in front of his eyes.
'No wait!' Emma cried, her voice dry and waspy from her dusty throat.

Val turned to face her, a look of pure shock and worry in his eyes. 'Emma no...' He started but she cut him off undeterred. If the bargain was to sacrifice her freedom to survive she would take the monsters bargain for a time, until she could find a way to escape. She hoped all she had to do was bide her time.

'Yes I will do it, whatever it is I have to do to live. Please, I... I choose to be his slave.'

The earth shatteringly loud laugh from the two men primed at the door sent daggers to her chest. What had they got in mind? What had she agreed to become?

'And we have a winner. Well done girly.' Trigger leant closer to Emma but Val once again crouched in his way. Cocking a head at his feral pet Trigger continued to laugh. 'You just volunteered to be my new entertainment and my dogs new fuck toy!'

As the door slammed shut behind Trigger and his side kick, Emma finally released her breath. Her temporary calm destroyed with Val's next words. 'What the fuck did you do? Emma this is not the way. I have no choice but to follow through with his commands and you have no choice but to take what I do to you for the rest of your life. Do you not understand what I'm telling you? This is no life for anyone.' Once again that shard of pain ran through his eyes.

'But it is life!' Emma pushed back. 'What kind of choice did I have? I want to live and this was the only way... do what you have to do but I am going to get out of here in time!' Crossing her arms over her heaving chest Emma felt the slightest hint of her spark return to her skin. If they wanted to trap her then she had no choice but to accept it, just as when she was forced into an orphanage by her aunt when she was two years old but she would get out, just like she did when she turned eighteen and moved away. All she had to do was wait for her time.

Val shook his head violently, pressing his fingers to the sculpted lines of his forehead as though in pain. 'God I can hear him already.' He spat as though he was fighting an inner battle with his mind.

'Hear what? There's no one else locked in here with us.' Emma replied looking desperately around for more monsters skulking from the shadowy crevices of their prison.

'No, Alex is in my mind.'

What? Emma had nearly heard enough to check out of her sanity but the thought of being trapped in a cage with a multiple personality vampire was too much for her fragile mind.

'He knows what he wants and I have no choice but to comply.' Val turned to look at Emma with desperate hunger in his eyes. 'Dammit Emma, he wants me to fuck you in every way I know how. I feel compelled to take you in every hole and leave you as a fucking shadow of your former self after I'm done.'

Ok that was enough! Who the fuck was Alex and what the fuck was he doing in Val's mind. Like a lightning bolt it hit her, piercing her mind through the darkness that had seeped inside. Alex was Trigger and he was somehow commanding Val to do whatever he liked. When he and Val had been warning her that Val had no choice to comply, she had thought that it was only whenever Alex was in the room, waving that bracelet like some kind of hypnotist pendant in front of Val's eyes. But it seemed their connection was more than skin deep. By the tortured look on Val's face it seemed like Alex was able to penetrate Val's mind.

'I have no time to explain if you want to survive, from now on you will do exactly what I say.' Val turned to stare solemnly into Emma's eyes. 'You chose this path sweetheart now you have to live it. If you don't give me what I need I will be forced to take it anyway. If you deny me I will just see it as a sign of weakness to my vampire senses and I won't be able to keep myself from ripping your throat. This is not a game Emma, if you truly want to stay alive you will submit and take what I have to give.' Shame bathed his harsh features in soft light. 'If it's anything to you I wish that I didn't have to do this. I wish we had never met but I have no choice. I can't resist his power even if I try.'

To Emma's mind it seemed so strange to see a phenomenally powerful specimen of a man, vampire! talk of being powerless to resist one man. She momentarily considered how Val could have come to be in this position in his life, but before she had the opportunity to think more Val was behind her, seated closely to her huddled position in the centre of the floor.

'Please forgive me sweetheart but its time. I have to start this or the pain will become too much to bare.'

Emma swallowed back her terror at his next move. What would he do? What would he demand? During her slight distraction she failed to notice Val ease his fingers around her shivering body to her front and unbutton the first few buttons of her blouse. It wasn't until the cool air hit her heated skin that she noticed her breasts come onto full display. Her first instinct was to reach for his hands to cover her movements but his dangerous growl at her back left her hands at her side.

'I'm not going to take this slow baby. I can't.' He murmured into her ear heating the tender flesh with warm air. Slowly her shirt slid from her shoulders down to her side, the reveal of her skin allowing Val to press her more firmly against his chest as he undid the rest of the buttons one at a time. Emma could barely breath, watching Val's fingers briskly remove her shirt, both unnerved and horrifyingly excited her at the same time. She hated to admit it to herself, that she could find one scrap of joy in her pain but as he slid her shirt from her heated skin, Emma felt an urgent need to feel his flesh on her own.

'What are you doing?' she moaned, a sudden urge of heat rising from between her thighs.

'I'm consuming you in my scent. I hope it will help you comply. Most girls that I have tried this with don't feel the effects, I have to be honest sometimes I don't even try but for some reason I feel the need to consume you in it, coat you in my scent and smell it on your skin. I don't know perhaps it will help you stay calm perhaps not, only time will tell.'

Emma wasn't sure if she should tell him that his scent worked just fine. Already she could feel a thin layer of juice dripping along her slit coating the space between her thighs.

Without introduction Val lifted Emma's bra from her swollen breasts, each globe already standing on end in the cool air.

'Fuck you have beautiful breasts sweetheart.' He moaned, catching Emma off guard with his praise. His words only encouraging her to trust them into his awaiting hands. 'That's it baby girl let me feel your need inside. Do you like it when I touch these?' he questioned reaching for her tender nipples and lightly tweaking, drawing them away from her body as her hips began to writhe. The scent of his body must off being doing its work, her willingness to comply with his commands growing the more they touched.

The sound of the denim covering her rounded ass and thighs rustling against the floor drew Val's attention. 'Take of your jeans sweetheart and let me see what you have hidden inside.' Although his words came out slightly grated, as though he regretted the words he spoke she couldn't ignore the hint of lust in his eyes. As she watched the way he moved and connected it to the words he said she began to understand that although Val wasn't running the show in his mind, he was definitely along for the ride. It seemed as though he was being fed commands from Alex that somehow forced him to follow his lead but his actions were still his own. He could move his hands freely and his legs with ease but the voice in his head always drove him for what Alex wanted to see. It was just completely up to Val how he put on the show.

Shimmying herself out of her jeans Val roughly shed them from her thighs. As he tore them away with his hands he uttered words of encouragement soothing Emma's battered mind.

'Well done baby, you're so good. Just keep following my orders and it won't be so bad I promise.'

Once her black lace thong was removed along with her jeans, Emma felt frozen in time. Was she really naked with a vampire on a dungeon floor? An obsessed villain stood just behind the door watching her and who knew what he would tell her to do next. Emma swallowed the horror that crept around her mind. What would Val want her to do next?

'Come here to me Emma.' Val called from another corner of the room. It had suddenly dawned on her that while she'd been sat contemplating her future, Val had silently risen and walked over to a small mattress nestled on the far wall floor. Her heart skipped a beat at what the mattress implied. Did she really want to participate in whatever that twisted bastard had Val order to her do? No, but there was no way out. No key in the lock, no window big enough to climb, no good third party who was willing or able to help her escape it was only her and Val awaiting on fresh commands and Emma had absolutely no choice but to comply.

'Emma now!' Val ordered, impatience straining his face.

Emma quickly joined him on the thin mattress, she only thought on keeping him tame. If he lost his temper and bit her head off instead, she could forget getting out of this alive. The thin mattress did little to keep the cold floor from chilling her naked skin. Her shaking knees connected with the tattered fabric as she kneeled in front of Val. Silently he brushed his callous fingers across her cheek, a look of regret in his eyes. 'You know if I had a choice I wouldn't do this to you sweetheart. Before I became trapped here as a young boy I wasn't in the habit of defiling females and forcing them to Alex's will...and something about you makes me feel all the worse for the deeds I am about to commit.'

Emma wanted to ask him more. How had he ended up here? How had Alex gained so much control over such a powerful vampire? but she didn't know how. Even now she could see his fangs extending with anger. She prayed that the maleficence rising from his body wasn't going to be aimed at her. What if Alex ordered him to suck her blood? Tear her apart piece by piece? She would have no choice but to take it in this hell hole. Perhaps destined never ever to see the sun again, to be free. Emma swallowed the bile in her throat. Perhaps that was why all the others had eventually chosen death because they couldn't image an eternity of darkness in this prison subject to Alex's and Val's will.

'Lay down sweetheart.' Val murmured as he leant close to her side. It occurred to Emma that even the body that was about to be wrapped around her own couldn't offer her any comfort, any warmth. Because he was a vampire a cold monster from the dark. It didn't matter that he was trapped here forced to do Alex's deeds. He was just as evil as the men outside the door. She really was alone. That feeling of isolation had never felt as poignant in her whole life as it did now. Sure having no family and few to no friends left you feeling solitary most of the time, but juggling her low paying job and monthly rent just to stay out of the care system had meant she'd been left with little time to socialize and find a boyfriend. Heck Emma wasn't a virgin through choice. She had just never had time to find the one. She had thought that perhaps Danny, her friendly regional manager who'd taken an interest in her in the last few months may have just been what she was looking for. A polite gentle man who wanted to take care of her and keep her safe, but too quickly after she'd refused to put out on their first date she had realised she was wrong. He no more cared about her than the orphanage owners or her aunt. No one cared... and now she was left with a monster at her back and two villains on the other side of her door with no one taking an interest in her other than them. Val had been right, they must have known that she was alone in this world and no one would be looking for her after this night. Heck she should have given her virginity to Danny and at least made it home safe. Emma had never hated her virginity as much as she did today. If she had only used it when she had the chance she would of escaped the clutches of the monster she was trapped with now. These men were notorious for targeting virgin woman, she didn't know how they did it but the stories splashed across the news had told her they always got it right, always kidnapped a virgin without fail and now she would be the one.

Silent tears tracked down Emma's face as she leant back on the rough mattress. Fear and sadness seeping from her eyes. Val's face looked no more pleased. He looked like he was suffocating on anger and pain. Like he was desperately holding back his need to pounce. Perhaps he was fighting Alex's commands Emma didn't know but no matter what, he didn't seem to be able to stop himself from continuing on his path, regardless of whether he tried to slow down the pace. Between gritted fangs and teeth Val groaned his next commands. 'I've changed my mind I want to take this slow. I know you're a virgin and I don't want to hurt you but Alex is demanding I take you fast and with force. I will hurt you if I do what he says!' The words were fact, as though Val had experienced it first-hand. She supposed he probably had with the hordes of females he had fucked before her for Alex's pleasure. 'The only hope I have of not breaking you during this night is for you to do everything I say. Don't try and run from me, don't provoke my needs. Lay still and I will do the rest that's all I ask.'

Lifting Emma's chin towards his face with his hand Val looked deep into her eyes. 'I'm so sorry that this is the way it must be for your first time little one.' The words again sounded rehearsed, no doubt spoken before he'd taken countless females virginities before her however with Emma he seemed to be searching for forgiveness in her eyes. It felt as though she was watching a shadow of a man struggle to stay alive, as though he had once been someone determined to be free and escape the clutches of his captors but as time had leeched on he had lost strength in his faith. Would that happen to Emma over time if she couldn't escape as well?

'Open your legs for me sweetheart I want to start this off slow.' The bead of sweat trickling along his brow seemed evidence that his determination to not start of hard was taking all his strength to fight Alex's hold.

This was it, Emma would lose her virginity tonight. Here in the dankness of a prison, in the darkness of this cell with a creature she didn't even know. So much for her keeping it safe for Mr Right. Her heart fell at the realisation that she would probably never actually meet the one. Not only would she not be able to offer him her virginity but she was most likely never going to see his face. She had been doomed to a life with a vampire or death. There would be no white knight in shining armour for her any more. Emma regarded the beautiful face of the vampire looming over her as she slowly spread her thighs. This would be the only man she would know for the rest of her life, whether it ended tonight or a hundred years from now he would be all she would ever have.

'That's a good girl' Val soothed, stroking an icy line down her side towards her quivering stomach. His eyes roved her body as he hadn't allowed himself to look before. He had been terrified that if he looked too hard he wouldn't be able to stop himself from throwing her to the mattress and taking her with all the need he felt ready to burst from his heart. He wasn't sure if it was the constant pounding of Alex's commands in his head to take her ruthlessly and without care or his own vampiric needs that begged to pin her down and fuck her to the edge fast, but either way he could barely contain his lust.

Looking upon the innocent face lay down on his makeshift resting place he felt a guilt like no other run along his spine. With all the others he had been mortified. Pained at their screams, their pleas, their promises to die if he would just kill them now but he had never felt the shudders of disgust at his deeds like he did now. From the moment he had smelt Emma being thrown inside his fortress of solitude and darkness he had known something was strange. Her scent so intoxicating he had felt an uncontrollable desire to touch her from the moment she had arrived. He remembered her reaction as he had reached out to touch a lock of her dark hair the first time. She had shrank away from him with pure terror, he had almost felt her heart beating out of her chest, her anxiety reaching its peak at the awareness that another was in the room. From that moment Val had not been able to take his eyes off her as she had shivered in terror pressed to the door.

With all the others he'd tried to be kind, knowing they wouldn't last long in this hell but with Emma he had felt almost giddy that she had arrived. He knew it was twisted that he found any pleasure in knowing her fate had been sealed to him for the rest of her life whether it end tonight or a hundred years from now, but he couldn't help feeling that he needed her, that she could take the gloom he had felt for so long and make it light.

Ever since Val had been born into the darkness as a vampire he had been trapped in this cell. In fact he had been Alex's pet for most of his life. Since he had been taken from an orphanage as a young boy by Alex and thrown into this hell he had been used by Alex in his twisted experiments throughout his life. It had started as simple torture and endurance tests to build his strength or hone his predatory skills as he had grown, Val had had no idea why but Alex had been determined to make him strong. As a teenager Alex had started tormenting Val with promises of freedom if would complete one task or another, usually allowing Alex to take copious amounts of his blood for experiments but nothing had ever won him the right to leave his cell.

Eventually Alex had started wearing a gold bracelet with green gems whenever he came to Val's jail and eventually Val had realised he was little by little losing his control, over his body, his mind even his bodily needs. Then one day Alex had brought a monster from Val's greatest nightmares into his cell and forced Val to kneel before the stunning but violent looking female as she took his blood, not with a syringe as Alex had always done but with her fangs! Val had soon passed out an awoken to become what he was now. A vampire! Bound to Alex's every need since the age of sixteen, doomed to skulk in the darkness for the rest of his unnatural life.

From then on Alex had honed Val into the creature he had become. Offering him defenceless females to pray on, to mate in the hopes that he would create offspring Alex could raise as his own. Offspring with vampire blood that Alex could control. He had once confessed his burning desire to own a vampire tribe to Val after he had tortured Val within an inch of his life, boasting about his sadistic plan. Promising Val it would work. And Val had no choice but to comply, over and over again he would fuck the terrified woman that Alex threw into his cell, always careful to pick virgins per his sadistic desire to defile innocence. Val had been innocent once, but not now.

As he gazed once more at the ethereal beauty lay naked before him he once again reviled his life. What would she think of him after he had done Alex's deeds? Weak, evil vampire just like they all thought in the end! If she refused to stay with him in this hell whole, Val knew what Alex would do, kill her and move on. He couldn't bear to have a whimpering female on his hands for the rest of his life. At first Val had tried to sooth the women that were dragged into the cell, promise them it would be alright but after a while he himself had come to understand the uselessness of his claims. Every woman had eventually chosen death rather than a life time by his side, the prospect of having a child and giving it away to the real monster lurking behind the locked door with his plan to take over the world too much to stand. So Val had dispatched them quickly and took the guilt and the shame. He could do nothing to save them from this fate but god he wished he could.
He had never wished it more than when Emma had been thrust into his cage. Why he feel so strongly about the female he was about to lay he didn't know, all he knew was that the thought of killing her twisted his insides until pain. This time he just knew he couldn't let that happen once more. Brushing his rough finger across her plump bottom lip he made himself a promise. He would keep this one alive. Somehow he would!

For now however he had to fulfil Alex's commands to sooth his mind. Once Alex had had his fill he would leave them be for a time, time that Val could use to convince Emma to stay. Not to ask for death but to stay by his side. He would get her out eventually, he would get them both out in time. He just had to convince her that they would someday be free.

The jarring noise in Val's head clouded his mind. He could no longer think of anything but fucking, even his previous hectic thoughts fogging in the light of the need between his thighs.

'Have you ever had anyone touch you Emma?' He muttered his voice rough with little use.

'N...Never!' Emma whispered, terror still glazing her eyes. She lay perfectly still as Val began to stoke her sides. My god she was the most beautiful female he'd ever seen. He body looked so tanned, so lush. Her full hips and breasts begged to be sucked, kissed, her body ripe for penetration, ready to be taken inside. He noticed with some joy that she looked to be slightly exotic as though some of her family had come from different parts of the world. Her dark raven hair and glowing complexion taking on an almost Latin appearance. Val had never had the chance to travel but being so close to something that was made up of different parts of the world felt almost as though he could experience the Earth just from touching her delicate skin.

'Then I have much to show you.' Val's fingers trailed down her stomach to the small thatch of dark curls covering her puffy lips. His breath hitched as a tingle of pleasure flowed from her body to his own. Although he would never ask her to admit, he knew she was feeling some pleasure from his touch whether she knew it or not. He could feel it in the flow of energy between them. Staring directly into her eyes, Val waited only a moment before slipping his thick fingers along her heated core. Her body shivered at his touch and although Val could sense she desperately wanted to use her hands to still his movements she solemnly kept her hands at her sides.

'Good girl. You listened about not making any sudden moves.' Leaning closer to her face, Val continued rubbing along her warm slit with the tips of his fingers. 'You're doing well not to arouse my predatory needs inside. How does it feel sweetheart, being touched like this for the first time?'

Emma could barely reply. The sensations lighting a fire somewhere deep inside her core. His light tickly touch made her want to shiver with need. A feeling she had never experienced with another by her side. 'I...It feels ticklish.' She responded. Surprised that she could speak at all.

Val let out a small laugh before laying down beside her on the mattress. He continued moving his fingers along her plump lips the motion drawing moisture from her hot core, seeping over her thighs. He propped his head on one of his hands and gazed into her eyes as she lay perfectly still letting him have his fill of her slick cunt. 'What would it feel like if I put them inside? Have you ever tried filling your cunt with anything, your finger perhaps?' He asked conscious of her hitching breathes with every dirty action he implied.

'No...I've never had anything in...inside me before.' Emma moaned unable to ignore the sensations he was wringing from her wet core.

Without ceremony, Val slipped his middle finger inside as far as she could take it. He watched in delight as her back leapt from the mattress bowing slightly, unknowingly allowing him better access inside her tight channel.

'Oh my God, that...that's...'

'That's what baby girl?' Val whispered excited to hear what was swirling through her mind.

'That's full.' She moaned finally returning her hips to the thin mattress underneath her ass.

'Once I get you all warmed up you will be able to fit in a lot more than that.' Val couldn't help the light smirk that lifted the corners of his mouth. 'In fact why don't we give it a try?'

Immediately Emma felt a second of his thick fingers join the first and push right into her core. 'Uhh' she groaned the fullness almost too consuming as though her body wasn't sure whether it could take it or not.

'There it is.' Val moaned as he hit her hymen lightly with the tip of his fingers. 'I usually plan to take this away with my cock but this time I don't want to hurt you too much. Emma look at me!'

In her heated blaze Emma turned to her side and stared into his passion emblazed eyes.

'I've never wanted to take more care of female that has ended up in my jail as I do with you. I know it's evil and selfish but I want you to choose to stay with me, not for you to choose death. I want you to choose me Emma. I know I shouldn't but I do. So I am not going to take this from you with my cock because it will hurt too much for you to stand.' Val indicated her hymen with a gentle probe at the thin lining inside. 'So I'm so sorry but I'm going to take it right now with my fingers. It will hurt Emma but remember I don't mean to hurt you at all.' With that Val quickly thrust his fingers as far as he could into her sopping wet core. The scream reined from Emma's lungs like a lash to his heart. It was Val not Emma who turned away in pain.

Emma squirmed from his painful embrace with desperation and terror. The pain so intense she felt like crying all over again. Was that what sex would feel like. That pain in her time and time again for an eternity to come. No she couldn't do it. In a frenzied moment of shock and fear Emma found herself summoning the strength to ask for it all to be over. The sheer reality of her fate too much to bare. It was as though by ripping through her virginity he had broken through her stupor of compliance and paralysis. She desperately squirmed from his grasp searching for air to fill her lungs to say the word she suddenly needed to say. 'No... End me n...'

Val's hand over her mouth stopped her cries. 'No...No Emma please don't say it. If you say it I will have no choice but to comply.' His heart beat violently in his chest at her near command. He should have thought to cover her mouth to stop her instinctual words, it was only his supernatural speed that had stopped her from screaming them out loud. As she desperately tried to pry his hand away from her mouth, Val decided her had to think of another way to alter her cry. Acting only on instinct he shed his jeans and settled quickly behind her writhing form. Collaring her hips with his other hand he positioned her burning channel over the tip of his cock and sank her down. The gut wrenching scream she released was like daggers to his mind. He desperately tried to sooth her. Making no move to thrust as he eased her whimpering cries. He could feel her tears tracking along her cheeks onto his hand and each splash of salty water felt like a punch to his frenzied heart.

'I'm so sorry,' he murmured, his voice rougher than ever as he fought his predators need to pin and devour. As she tried desperately to break free of his hold he had found himself holding on tighter, desperate to keep her close, not give her the choice to stay. His fangs extended at the thought of her getting away. He was a monster and he knew it, had known it fully from the moment his sire had made him into a creature of the night but he had never felt more evil or desolate as he did now. With all the others he had pinned them down, taken them by force and dealt with the consequences after his deeds had been done but with Emma he felt as if every move he took had to be perfectly done. He didn't want her to choose death he wanted her to stay with him. But more and more his lack of social skills and human compassion took him down the wrong path. Perhaps he should have waited to penetrate her until he had soothed her initial cries but he had become frenzied at the thought that she was trying to get away his only instinct to pin her to him in any way he knew how. Now with their bodies completely intertwined he could feel the chills of her body next to his, her pussy's strong grip around his shaft.

Eventually her whimpering began to subside and a strange silence re-entered the small space between them. Slowly Val removed his hand ready to silence her again if so much as uttered a wish to die.

At a loss for better words, Val concentrated on the desperate commands coming from Alex to his mind. 'Emma I want you to take all of me as I thrust into you from behind. You can scream, you can whimper fuck you can even cry but I need you to submit to me now.' Val brushed her hair from her side, revealing her pale fear stricken face to his eyes. Guilt racked him like never before. 'The pain will subside I promise.'

Emma offered him the smallest of nods, her single compliance to his actions and then nestled herself down on the mattress appearing more fragile and scarred than ever before.

Momentarily closing his eyes Val began to drag his throbbing cock from her tight channel and slowly work his way back in. Her breathe hitched on every draw, the sensations consuming all the air in the room vibrating their moans around the dark space.

Emma couldn't speak. Her eyes glassy with unshed tears, her limbs numb with shock. It had hurt so much when Val had decided to take her virginity with his hand. The sheer surprise had initially outweighed the pain so much so that her natural reaction had been to bolt, run from him, from the sensation. She could still now feel her warm blood pooling between her thighs.

Now she lay on her side with Val at her back thrusting into her body like she had never known before. His guttural moans and whispers of praise that she was taking him so well, that she was the most precious thing he had ever seen, did nothing to quench her anger and terror inside. She lay numbly just feeling the pain at her core. Wincing every time he decided to move until her wincing rippled into the air as violent whimpers and cries.

What seemed even more disturbing to her mind was that underneath all the scrapping and tugging Val's cock was creating in her pussy she felt the smallest shards of arousal. It had been heart-breaking to accept at first that she could be experiencing anything good from his actions inside but slowly she couldn't help relishing the small twitch of pleasure she felt as he thrust deep into her core, serving only to increase her cries.

'That's a good girl,' Val moaned at her back, gripping her hips and positioning them so she could take more of him inside. As he moved the slither of arousal she felt seemed to double and double over time. Before she realised she had begun moving slowly to his pace setting her own searching for more of the pleasure he wrought from her heated flesh.

As the pleasure built, Emma couldn't help but turn to look into his eyes, the pleasure and unhidden lust their unnerving to her battered mind. He was taking so much joy from her torture that she didn't know whether to laugh at him or cry. What kind of monster looked on with passion as someone else suffered and begged to die. A vampire she supposed. Or someone who had never known what it was like to feel real joy. Share love and happiness with someone long enough to discover that pleasure should come without pain. But what kind of existence had this vampire had before she had arrived. Had he known anything of enjoyment and passion other than what they were experiencing now? If he hadn't she wasn't surprised that he was smiling and praising her while he was taking from her at the same time. If this had been all he'd ever known then he really would think that this experience equated to a good time.

As much as all her confusion over his pleasured expression and passion emblazed eyes angered her inside, she still couldn't deny that some very isolated part of her felt the same fire he was experiencing. Her breath hitched as he repositioned them on the mattress and pinned her to the dirty worn fabric. His muscle torn body looming over her spread legs as he thrust back inside. As he slipped his thick slicked cock back into her open cunt she couldn't help but moan, her desperate pussy welcoming his body inside. On and on he rode her like she'd never known. Their bodies working in the darkness to build the friction inside. Against her best wishes and her will she couldn't ignore the building pressure he rose in her cunt. A tight cord tightening somewhere deep inside.

'Baby its time. I'm so fucking close I can barely keep from fucking you raw. Cum for me baby girl... cum all over by cock. Sooth me like never before.' His heated words melted her will, writhing at her tight cord prising it to snap.

'Oh God, Val I...I can't stop. I want to... I have to...'

'Cum baby, you can. I promise you nothing bad will happen if you do.' Val wrapped his hands lightly around her chin and drew her face to meet his eyes. 'I can set you free sweetheart I know I can, just cum for me now and make me cum. Give me everything you have!'

Emma threw back her head, her back bowing at the same time. The intense pleasure as the cord snapped flooding her insides. At the same time that she felt her orgasm consume her she recognised she wasn't the only one flooding her heated core. Val's guttural groan only served to heighten the pleasure as she realised his seed was pouring into her body filling her hole. Their bodies burst with over stimulation and sizzled in the aftershocks of their actions.

Eventually Val lowered himself to her side, his cock still remaining seated where he had just released his seed, blocking its escape. Stroking a damp strand of hair from her eyes, he stared at her for long moments until self-consciousness began to flood her mind.

'Well done you two. Bravo!' Came a sadistic voice from a corner of the room. Emma hadn't noticed that the door had been opened during their intense pleasure and it appeared that Val hadn't noticed it too. His body instantly pulling taught at the sound of a voice coming from inside his jail. In a faster movement than Emma could witness with her eyes. Val was out of her heated core and crouched in front of her his back blocking her view of the only entrance into their cell.

Footsteps from the corner of the room resounded in Emma's ears as she realised during their pleasure they had not been alone. Zipping up his trousers and tucking his weighty cock inside Alex appeared from the shadows like a moth drawn to the light. His hands looked wet and Emma could only imagine what bodily substance was causing them to glimmer in the dim light.

'I must say you out did yourself this time Val. Your best performance yet. I came twice before you'd even finished inside her and usually I'm hard pushed to get it up at the dismal performances you've been displaying with the other virgins I brought you from time to time.' Alex stepped closer to Emma and Val, craning his neck to see past the vampire towards the girl shivering in the dark. 'What is it about this girl that you really like?' he questioned more to himself than to anyone else in the room.

'Get the fuck out Alex, I've done what you commanded what more do you need!'

Alex laughed, the sharpness of his voice cutting through Emma's nerves. 'Now you know that aint true don't you Val. I told you I wanted you to take her in every way you know how and we both know you know plenty more ways than just that. But I've decided to end our first lesson for tonight. As I said there's something about this girl that seems to entice the old Val I trained back out of you. Look at the way your crouched to protect her like you got a chance in hell at stopping me if I wanted to blow her fucking brains out right now.'

Emma could see the ripple of Val's taught muscles as he prepared to pounce. Why couldn't Val defeat this man if he tried? What was holding him back from killing Alex and just walking out? Emma didn't have chance to ponder before Alex turned his attention back on her naked form.

'So then, back to the question at hand.' Alex beamed, his voice raising with the excitement of the situation. The tension horrifyingly volatile to Emma's fragile mind. 'What is to be Emma after you've had your first round of fun? Is it stay or is it go?' Alex once again tried to learn in closer to Emma but Val stood up and separated his captor from the female on his bed. 'I must warn you that the challenges only get harder from here little girl. More painful more humiliating and all that. Have you tried anal at all? I've heard some virgins like it up the back if they don't want it in the front. Or how about masturbating in front of a group of men? I think good old Val here is first class at convincing his females to do that. We all love to watch as he deprives his woman of orgasms they so desperately need or holds them down while we all take a turn turning their pussy sore. What do you say, fancy giving it a try for the rest of your life or would you rather Val just kill you now?'

Although Alex looked more than delighted at either prospect Emma couldn't help but turn to Val as the room turned silent and still, her decision waiting on the wind.

Val turned to face Emma as she sat curled up in the far corner of the mattress, his expression frantic with panic and desperation. He seemed to be begging her to give it a try. Begging her to trust him to get her out of this situation alive. But could she take that chance. The thought of anal penetration and men watching her as she was forced to masturbate flooded her mind. Bile rising to her throat as she held back a cry. But the intense look in Val's eyes seemed almost impossible to deny. If he couldn't keep his promise and protect her she could tell him to end her any night. That was the only reason she would give it a try. Her nerves rose to their peak and shivers returned to her spine as she took in a shaky breathe both men looking at her with intenseness in their eyes.

'I...I choose to stay!' she whispered, her fate sealed with her final word.

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