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Sex stories

2 Weeks in Heaven Pt. 01

The plane lurched as it landed on the runway in Toronto, and she sighed softly. The 3 hour flight was nothing new, she'd been on much longer, but it had been a while, and she'd always hated landings. They never felt right. And this was the first of 4 flights for her in the next day and a half, totalling over 20 hours. She laughed to herself. Anything to get rid of boredom.

The idea was ludicrous. She knew that. She half expected her husband to throw her out when she proposed it, but she's given her word that she would... and much to her eternal surprise, he'd agreed. 2 weeks free and clear. No limits, no recriminations, no contact back home unless she instigated it or it was a life or death emergency. She felt free, for the first time since her marriage started, 5 years previous.

Her musing took her from the runway to the terminal, and she was slightly startled when the plane came to a stop, and the anonymous clicking of seatbelts well before the cabin sign turned off assaulted her ears. She moved almost mechanically to collect her carry-on, and then to the luggage carrousel to collect her suitcase. It was small, and if it weren't for the soaps and shampoos and other liquids, she would have been able to take it carry-on. After a scant few minutes, she found her luggage, and made for the exit.

He was having a horrible last day at work before his leave. His bosses wouldn't stop asking for progress reports, the computer network kept going down just when he was attempting to save a file, and the luggage sitting beside his desk was nothing but a tease. A suit bag hung on his coat rack while a rolling suitcase stood beside his desk, and every few minutes his eyes turned towards them, and then to the letter in his pocket. He'd known she'd agree, when he asked, 4 months ago. His girlfriend had given him the letter with little deliberation, knowing, in the long run, it was less likely that he'd leave if she let him have his fun. Finally, the clock struck 3, and with an undignified grin and exclamation, he grabbed his bags and headed for the door.


Looking around as she exited the luggage area for a familiar face, instead she came across a sign, prominently displayed, advertising for "Mrs. L. Sloan" She shook her head, remembering fully that night 2 years previous, and went up the the man. "You're here to drive me somewhere?" she asked softly.

He nodded and reached down for her suitcase handle. She gave it to him and followed him out to the short term parking, where he ushered her into the back of a towncar, Making his way out of the airport and down the QEW, heading for... she didn't know where. As far as she knew, she was to spend the night in Toronto, and then head out in the morning... but he never had told her explicitly what they were doing that night, except that she needed clothing for dinner. 15 minutes into the ride, she thought she had an idea where she was going... and when she reached the Burlington Skyway, she knew - there was only one place close enough to Toronto in this direction that he would take her to.

The driver was a bit startled by her laughter, but drove on in good humour. He'd been told she might do this, and to pay no attention.


Stepping into his car at long last, luggage stowed in the trunk, he hit the highway, pushing the car faster as he raced westward on the 401. Once in Toronto, he turned southwest towards Hamilton, and then southeast, finally arriving at his destination. Tossing the keys to the valet, he entered the hotel and accepted his hotel keys, going up to his room and quickly having a shower. He knew she'd be along shortly, and he wanted to be out of the room when she did. He shaved quickly and applied his aftershave, placing a prepared note on the desk for her, and he left the room. He texted the driver of the car he'd hired, and gave the second key to the receptionist at the front of the hotel. Then, with a wicked grin, he made for the casino floor, figuring he'd have an hour to kill.


She should have known, she mused, as she was ushered into the Fallsview Casino Resort. She should have known he'd be gambling. She shook her head and smiled as she was instead shown to the reception desk, where, after she identified herself as "Mrs. Sloan", she was given a card key for a room upstairs. She knocked on the door of room 2706, but received no answer. Shrugging, she let herself into the room and stood, mouth agape, at what she saw before her. The Horseshoe falls lay beneath her feet, glinting from the last light of the sun the spray still shining in the air as millions of gallons of water poured over the edge of the abyss every minute. She shook her head and put her suitcase on the bed, hey eye catching the note on the table. With interest, she flipped it open. "Our flight leaves tomorrow, so I thought Niagara was appropriate. Meet me at reception at 1900 for dinner. ~C"

She shook her head. Smiling all the while... That man! She thought, opening her suitcase. It was time to get to work.


58 minutes later, he stopped rolling the dice as his watch began beeping. The instant he did, he put down the dice and passed them to the dealer, pushing his chip stack in as well. "Colour me up, please, it's time to go." The grudging employee gave him some higher value chips, which he slid into his pocket before making his way down to the hotel lobby. He stood there, watching the elevators for a moment until one opened... and his heart caught in his throat.

She emerged from the elevator in front of him, smiling as she saw him. His jaw had dropped, and that gave her a smirk. She walked up to him and smiled, pressing a kiss to his cheek, her high heels bringing her up to the height to make it easy. She sauntered slowly past him, seeing his flush, and she grinned.

He followed after her and smiled, wrapping his arms around her gently. "Welcome back" he murmured gently, pressing a kiss to her forehead. "I've missed you so much" he murmured, leaning down and pressing a kiss to her lips, very softly.

She returned the kiss and then smacked him in the side. "So what's this, huh? Niagara Falls? Mrs. Sloan?"

He smiled and kissed her lips again, responding "Well, I can't be predictable..." as he offered her his arm. "Please, we must go. Our reservation is for 1930." She took his arm and the towncar approached as they left the front door of the resort. She smiled as he helped her into the car and the driver needed no instruction, they approached the Skylon Tower. She looked up at the tower and smiled, remembering his promise, those years ago, to take her for dinner there.

"See?" he said softly, "I told you I'd get you out for dinner eventually" he grinned, looking into her eyes. She merely smiled back at him.

Together they walked into the base of the Skylon Tower, and together they took the plexiglass elevator up to the rotating restaurant almost 800 ft above the flood-lit falls. The view was breathtaking, and the surf-n-turf dinner was simply perfection. She sat, content, watching the water as he finished his roast dinner, and when he snaked his hand to the middle of the table, she locked fingers with him.

"I'm glad you came" was what he finally managed to say, his fingers rubbing against the ring he'd given her the last time they were together in Niagara, and she smiled at him.

"How could I not?" she asked.

He stood up and held out his arm, and she rose with him, walking to the observation platform, silently admiring Niagara at night. He turned towards her and kissed her one last time, murmuring "I love you with all my heart..."


Once again they watched the stunning view from the elevator as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close - it had been years, but he still felt the fire inside him when she was nearby. A raging inferno engulfed his heart, and he felt it beating in time with her own. He smiled slowly and just enjoyed the night air, sighing very softly.

She felt his arms crossing over her chest and she smiled softly, knowing that as long as she lived, she'd never forget the next two weeks. "I love you too" she murmured, catching him off guard. She rarely said those words, he could think of only a few times in memory. He hugged her a bit tighter against him and smiled.

"I have something for you, back at the hotel," he murmured in her ear softly. She smiled - she didn't know all his tricks, but the element of surprise was something he'd always been good with. "I know you don't know where we're going, but you did pack clothes for everything I told you we'd be doing, right?" he asked softly.

"Of course I did..." she said softly, craning her neck to look at him. She'd not seen the tickets, so other than knowing she was going to spend a long time on airplanes, and he'd told her to bring both camping clothes and a bikini for swimming, she was curious. But a month of wheedling got her nowhere, and she was as much in the dark as the day she agreed to go on this trip.

The towncar was waiting at the entrance to the tower, and he escorted her to it, helping her in. He smiled softly and whispered in her ear "You are the most ravishing woman I've ever known...", and she blushed softly. He climbed into the other side of the car and they sped back to their suite at the Fallsview, eagerly anticipating the night - and the jacuzzi.


The car dropped them off in front of the Fallsview, and, arm in arm, they walked in and up to the elevator. He smiled at her as the eyes of every man in the lobby latched onto her, and he smirked when one of the wives even smacked their husbands for the attention. As they waited for the elevator, he whispered in her ear "Every man in this lobby is staring at you..."

She chuckled drily and murmured "Good thing I'm yours tonight...", stepping forward into the elevator and turning to face him. He smiled and stepped into the elevator with her, taking the invitation and kissing her soft lips as the door closed in front of them.

A few minutes later, the two were back in their hotel room, and he removed his jacket, laying it on the bed, gently pulling her into his arms, murmuring "jacuzzi?" She nodded and he smiled, murmuring "May I?"

She nodded with a little trepidation and he slowly turned her around, undoing the hook on the back of her dress, and slowly pushing her hair to the side, over your shoulder, exposing her neck. Slowly he started to drag the zipper down, kissing her neck as he exposed her soft skin, murmuring "You're so beautiful..." as he slowly peeled the dress down, exposing her back and the strap of her bra.

With one hand, he unclasped the black fabric of her bra, gently drawing the other hand down her back, smiling, listening to her soft moan, gently nipping at her neck and he let go, the dress pooling at her feet.

Slowly she stepped out of the dress and turned to face him, reaching up and pulling the tie from around his neck and undoing the knot. He smiled as she slowly began to undo the buttons on his shirt, pulling it out from his belt. He, in turn, knelt down and slowly peeled the black lace panties from her hips, moaning as he exposed every inch of her skin to his gaze. He looked up into her eyes and whispered "You are an angel..."

Slowly he stood and she grabbed his belt, undoing it slowly and removing it from his pants. She undid the zipper and the button and the pants fell to the ground. She smiled and slowly slipped to her knees, pulling his boxers over the bulge in front of them, grinning and looking up into his eyes as she softly kissed it.

He groaned as she did, looking down into her eyes, reaching for her hands, pulling her up and kissing her soft lips, slowly leading her to the jacuzzi, which had been filled and heated in their absence. Slowly they both strode into it, looking down at the falls below. He pulled her into his lap as they sat down, and began running his hands over her body, and he whispered softly in her ear "You're my everything..."


The passion built higher as she ground against him, his hands rising to her breasts, slowly massaging the firm flesh, rubbing the pads of his fingers over her nipples, hearing her soft moan. He kissed at her neck, making her tremble, and he groaned when she shifted on top of him. She giggled a little as he groaned, and kept moving, slowly settling herself into a comfortable position atop him, teasing him slowly with her body... rubbing back against him, moaning her pleasure as he touched her.

Slowly his hands slid under the water, rubbing her slowly, feeling her arousal - slowly teasing her clit with his fingers, hearing her soft gasps, like music to his ears. He grabbed her hips and lifted her out of the water, setting her on the step, out of the water. Slowly he spread her legs and started kissing up the inside of her thighs, smiling as he felt her fingers run through his short hair, looking for a hand hold.

Slowly he ran his lips and hands up and down her inner thighs, teasing her soft, sensitive skin, nibbling gently at her skin, whispering "You taste like heaven..."

She arched her back and pushed up towards him, hands barely grasping at his hair, pulling his face down as he teased her. Slowly his lips reached her folds, and he expertly spread her open and sucked gently on her clit, feeling her shudder as he did, her nails digging softly into his scalp. He grinned, knowing he was doing a good job, and returned to his work.


He laid her on the bed, her warm body still shaking from the heat and pleasure of her first orgasm, and she looked up into his eyes and murmured "please"

"As you wish, my love", he finished, looking down into her eyes, slowly pressing the head of his shaft against her entrance, sinking inside her, moaning as the heat and slickness enveloped him, moaning louder, thrusting within her deeply...

She moaned as she clenched around him, biting her lip as she felt the pleasure of his thick shaft sliding deep inside her, She grabbed the bedsheets and held on, pleasure shooting through her, her toes starting to curl as her muscles fired without her consent...

He drove into her deeply, repeatedly - as fast as his body would let him. He felt the need building up inside his body, the ache that couldn't be denied for long, and he slammed deeper into you, filling her to the hilt as she breathed in deeply from the shock, moaning as he withdrew. Locking his eyes on her, he barely managed to whisper "Oh God... I'm gonna cum..."

She heard him, and it was like a bomb going off in her head. She wanted - no, she needed it. She needed to feel him explode deep inside her, to be his, even for just now... she groaned as her body shook, on the edge of another orgasm and moaned "Yes... yes, please... cum inside me, Oh God!" as her muscles spasmed, tightening around him, her face taut, her back stretched to its limit, all muscles tightened... and then she felt it.

He drove again in her to the hilt as he heard her cries, and he erupted. His body tensed, every muscle shaking as he came, shooting deep inside her, pulse after pulse of seed.

She felt every pulse, and it drove her over the edge, her orgasm slamming into her like a train, leaving her winded and breathless, shaking under him...

His orgasm finished as well, and he laid down, gently cradling her in his arms, holding her tightly as they drifted off, murmuring "You're my everything..."

She smiled softly as she drifted off as well, whispering back "And I love you too..."


He woke a few hours later and smiled as he felt her still cuddled in with him. Looking over at the clock, he saw the time - and gently removed his arm from under her. Sitting up, he pulled a small booklet out of his suitcase and laid it on the table, calling downstairs for a room service breakfast. He ordered his own steak and eggs, and he knew her favourites, eggs over medium with bacon, and a small platter of fruit. A pitcher of iced orange juice completed the order, and he smiled as he hung up. That done, he leaned down and whispered in her ear "It's time to wake up, my love..." and softly kissed her lips.

She swam back up through the levels of unconsciousness as he heard his words, and the kiss brought her back to a pleasant awareness - she was in the suite, overlooking Niagara, with the man she loved. She smiled and stretched, lookin up at him. "Good morning, my darling" she murmured. He smiled.

"Breakfast is on its way, and the towncar will be here to pick us up in 2 hours. We have an early flight today... and I think it's about time to show you where we're going." he said, and she sat up in bed, turning to him with curiosity. He smiled softly and laid a few items on the table. "You have your passport, I hope?" he asked. At her nod, he continued, "Good, because we'll be leaving the country tomorrow."

She grinned and looked into his eyes. "So where are we going for the vacation?" she asked softly.

He smiled and handed her a plane ticket. She looked at it and read off "Vancouver, BC. I don't need a passport for that" she said, almost sounding a little disappointed. He grinned and gave her another plane ticket. "Vancouver BC to... Sydney, Australia! Really? She exclaimed, almost leaping over to jump on him. He kissed her lips softly before handing her one final ticket. "Sydney to.. Brisbane? What's in Brisbane?" she asked.

He smiled and leaned in to kiss her, sitting down, gently pulling her into his lap. As soon as he did, there was a knock at the door. He scowled and slipped from under her, tossing on a robe and answering the door. "Thank you for the early breakfast" he said, handing a tip to the waiter and signing the bill. The waiter saw a flash of skin, but he was very quickly ushered out of the room, to see no more. He left with a frown on his face... just a second more.

She smiled as he wheeled the breakfast cart over and lifted the tray covers, the smells wafting across the room. She giggled as she saw her favourites laid out in front of her, and heard the automated coffee pot start pouring. With a glance, he murmured "Dig in!" still looking in his folder for a sheet of paper.

She smiled and slowly started to eat, enjoying every bite of the fresh fruit - where she was from, it wasn't in season yet, and so she relished every taste of the melon as her eyes followed the movements of the papers on the table.

He arranged the papers in some semblance of order, and handed her one. "We are staying at the Scarborough Hotel, 15 minutes outside Brisbane, which is beachfront. Lots of time to fry on the beach!" he grinned, placing the paper down and pulling the top off his own plate, sitting down to a healthy breakfast.

Once they were satisfied, she looked at him and placed the cover back on her plate. "Thank you for taking me," she said softly, smiling at him, seeming almost a little shy now that the initial emotional surge was over.

He pulled her into his arms and smiled, whispering softly in her ear "There is no one in the world I'd rather travel with..."


They car arrived at the front door of the hotel at the same time they did, just as he was settling the room service bill. She strode out to the car and packed away her bags in the trunk, smiling at the driver and thanking him for his service.

He approached and wrapped his arm around her gently, kissing her lips, murmuring "Ready for flight number one?" She nodded softly and he kissed her again, smiling, opening the car door for her. She slipped inside as the dull light of the sun began to peak over the skyscrapers and light the mist from the falls.

Quickly he jumped into the seat beside her and the car took off for the airport, weaving through what little traffic was on the road at this hour. The two lovers in the back seat ignored it and simply enjoyed each other's company, clasping hands together.
"Why did you do this?" she asked him softly, looking into his eyes. He rolled up the middle divider so the driver couldn't hear nor see them, and turned to face her once more.

"Because we need this. Both of us do. We've been madly in love for years... but we're both too loyal. We need this... we need... to be ourselves. To be together, with the blessings of our partners, to find out what it is that keeps us in this feeling, year after year..."

She looked at him and nodded. "You know I have trouble saying the words, but I do love you, very much..." she whispered, leaning in and pressing a kiss to his cheek."

"I know..." he murmured, pulling her closer, as close as their seatbelts would allow. "I love you too..." He grinned at her, the infectious, dangerous grin that she knew all too well, and he said "I have an idea..."

She shook her head. "I know you and your ideas!" she laughed, smacking his arm gently as she watching him unbutton his seatbelt and slide over towards her.

He smiled and gently ran a hand through her hair, pulling her close and kissing her lips deeply, moaning softly, her whole body pressing against his...

She undid her seatbelt and shook her head, whispering in his ear "You're so bad!", straddling his hips, grinding down against him.

He slid his hands under her tanktop, massaging her breasts slowly as her hands went to his chest, slowly popping the buttons open from the blue dress shirt he wore. He grinned at her and murmured softly "You're insatiable... and I love you..."

She smiled back as she divested him of his shirt, and gently ran her nails down his chest, and he exhaled heavily, leaving him slightly lightheaded as the sensation tore through him. He took a deep breath as she studied his face, and she grinned, murmuring "Someone likes that..."

He nodded slowly and she slid down into the footwell, unzipping his pants slowly, sliding his underwear down over the bulge, grinning as she blew a gentle steam of air over his hardness... He groaned softly, closing his eyes, and leaning his head back. She slowly rearranged herself and reached out, taking him in her hand, sliding her hand up and down his length slowly, leaning on and kissing the lip, lightly sucking on it.

He shook as she did, his hands sliding into her hair, moaning her name softly, lifting his hips, trying to increase the feeling. She grinned and slowly sucked more of him into her mouth, softly moaning around him,

She loved the affect she could have on him - the loss of control, his inability to speak, his obvious, desperate need for her. The control she had over him was intoxicating - and she felt herself growing aroused by it. She smiled as his hands slid into her hair, knowing he was seeking some kind of control over the situation - her tongue flicked out and he shuddered. Reaching down, she slipped down her yoga pants and the red lace panties and then climbed up to straddle him, his legs between hers, her heat poised right above his throbbing shaft.

He kissed her, grabbing her tightly, but she sat up, merely brushing her skin against his, and they both moaned softly... she hadn't realized how much it had affected her, but now she could feel the heat from his body mixing with her own.

With a growl, she sank down onto him, feeling him fill her, and she nearly screamed - the reflex tightening her body as she shook from the pleasure - she'd slid down on him so fast, engulfing his length, and hadn't been ready for the shock it gave her.

He flexed his hips upward, desperate to sink every last inch inside you, almost whimpering as she slowly rose off him, onto to sink back down... he shook, grabbing her hips, thrusting up into her, almost bucking her off as she rode him.

She leaned down and kissed his lips, grabbing his hands and moving them to her breasts, whispering in his ear "Let me... you won't regret it..." He nodded, looking into her eyes as she slowly rose and fell on him, moaning softly as his hands massaged her body.

He felt the tension rising as you rode him slowly, rolling her hips and gasping as the movement rubbed just the right spot - causing her to shudder and shake... her hands slid to his shoulders, holding her upright, moaning softly, murmuring "Oh God... Oooooohhhh" as she clamped down on him...

He held her body as she climaxed atop him, holding her hips and keeping her motion going, extending her pleasure as she clenched, her muscles flexing...

Slowly her vision fades back from white, and she looked down into his eyes, moaning softly, still incredibly sensitive... and she slammed down onto him, leaning down and whispering in his ear "Please... fill me...", feeling him trying to thrust up into her.

The permission she gave started him going, his hands tightening on her hips as he lifted her and drove her down on his shaft, seeking his release, feeling the muscles tightening, pulsing, knowing he's close.

She felt him holding her tightly, driving her hard down onto him, feeling how hard he is, knowing he's close... she moaned softly as he hit the right spot again, clenching, and then she felt it...

He erupted, his body shaking, pulsing as he released deep inside her, crying out her name, nails digging into his hips slightly as he shook, whispering "Oh God..."

Outside, the city flew by as they approached the airport. Smiling, she rearranged her clothes and kissed his lips, whispering "Just wait..."


The line at the airport passed as a blur to him, still lost in the afterglow from the car ride. Luggage checked, through security, and finally seated at the gate, and he finally snapped back into realizing where he was. With a start, he looked at his watch - 10 minutes until the flight boarded.

She saw him jump as he returned to being fully conscious, and smiled. "Welcome back to the world of the living, sleepyhead" she murmured good naturedly.

He smiled and leaned over, kissing her gently and murmured "Thank you, my love," stroking her hair softly. "Almost ready to get on the plane and start our trip?"

She nodded and he smiled. "You know, I have something for you..." she whispered softly, reaching into her carry-on bag. He looked up at her, interested, and she handed him something small, red, and lacy. He looked at it and squeezed it in his hand, smiling. "I took them off just after security..."

It took him a moment, but he slid the piece of lace into his pocket and his hands slid to her hips - searching for the pantyline. He couldn't find it, and turned his eyes up to hers, a question written plainly on his brown eyes.

She felt his search and smiled as he found nothing under her yoga pants, finally cluing in to what was now in his pocket.

He grinned at her and smiled, patting his pocket softly, murmuring "Have you ever joined the mile high club?", a spark in his eye.

She smiled and looked him dead in the eye, murmuring "No, I haven't... but I'd love to" as the boarding gate opened, and they stood up, making their way slowly onto the plane, thoughts swirling about both their heads - how much fun this vacation was going to be.


The plane slowly gathered speed and flung itself into the air, and the pressure relaxed from their chests. He turned and winked at her, and she smiled in return, squeezing his hand softly. He felt her fingers - the ring he'd given her that previous year was on her left middle finger, while her ring finger was empty. He reached into his pocket and smiled at her, pulling out an envelope. He handed it to her and she opened it with curiosity - and gasped when she saw the contents. "Spa? Wind surfing? Oooh, this is going to be fun!" she said , giggling a little bit. "You spoil me, you know..."

He smiled at her as she squealed a little bit. "Oh, I know I do... and I wouldn't have it any other way." he squeezed her hand once and then turned his head forward. "So are you surprised over where we're going?" he asked softly.

"Very!" she responded, leaning her head against his shoulder. "Ugh, I hate flying though... it takes so long..." she whined.

He smiled "Well, yes, when you're moving halfway around the world, it takes a while..." he said softly.

She pulled the blanket from her carryon and murmured "Well, no time like the present...", spreading it over both of them, with a grin on her face. He raised an eyebrow as she lifted the armrest between them and cuddled up to him, her hand snaking down to his lap, gently stroking him through his slacks. He groaned softly and she whispered in his ear "Get some rest... it's a 5 hour flight... and you'll need to recharge... I'm not letting you off this easy. "

His last thought as he passed out was "This woman is perfection incarnate..."


He woke up somewhere over the prairies, according to the flight tracker, but he wasn't looking at it very closely. He felt something soft brushing against his hips and stomach - wasn't sure what. He looked down at the blanket, and noticed it was moving. Then the sensation hit him again - the same this that had woken him up. The soft feel of a pair of lips on his shaft. He bit his lip to keep from moaning, closing his eyes, sliding his hands under the blankets - where she was, sprawled across him, his hands ran into her hair, and he smiled - thinking that she was amazing and insatiable. He squeezed her shoulder and she came up, looking into his eyes as she gently pulled the hem of his pants back up. She smiled and looked into his eyes, murmuring "Ready for the mile high club?"


He looked at her and smiled, kissing her lips, murmuring "You are a wonder..." as he unclasped his seat belt, making sure his pants were pulled up, and gently motioning for her to get up in the aisle. No lines for the toilets, and he walked towards the very back of the plane, her following 10 feet behind. At the very back, beside the galley, there was a toilet on each side, one of them being the handicapped toilet, which he entered slowly. The flight attendant turned to look as he entered it, but he turned to her and winked, putting his finger to his lips. She smiled and almost chuckled, and sat back down, obviously content.

She followed him, seeing the wink at the flight attendant, pulling her finger to her lips as well, also winking at the attendant, and snuck into the bathroom behind him. She locked the door and he turned around to face her, pressing her against the door, kissing her lips hard, almost bruisingly, his hands sliding to her sides, holding her tight, whispering "You are such a tease... God I need you..." She felt her body respond to him, feeling the ache building inside her body as he pressed against her...

He held her tight, reaching for the hem of her shirt, pulling it up, leaning in, kissing and sucking on her breasts and nipples, enjoying the feel of the soft skin... he moaned softly and dropped his hands to her hips, peeling the fabric down, rubbing his hands over her legs, between them, feeling the heat and the wetness from her eager body.

His own body was eager as well, and she took advantage of that, undoing the zipper on his pants, reaching in and stroking him slowly, causing him to moan... she moaned with him, biting his lip gently, softly crying "Take me..." as she pulled his full length out of his pants.

He groaned and turned her around, bending her over the sink, hands on her breasts, slowly massaging her sensitive skin, kissing the back of her neck, feeling her grinding back against him. Without hesitation, he thrust forward, instantly filling her, causing both of them to gasp and shake... he felt like he was about to explode just from having entered her, and she from being taken so suddenly...

A moment later, after a deep breath, he began thrusting into her, moaning softly. Her hands and arms braced her against the sink and the mirror, pressing back against him, moaning "Oh God..." as she arched her hips, slamming backwards, needing to feel him even more.

He slammed into her body over and over, feeling her tightening as she got close to orgasm - and then she had one, muscles tensing, not able to control her body... he smiled and continued, slamming harder and harder within her, making her rag-doll body shake and shudder. As she regained her control, she turned her head and looked back at him, whispering "Cum... cum inside me...", biting her lip and pushing back, grinding and tightening on his shaft.

He moaned at her demand, feeling her body demanding his seed, and he closed his eyes, mouth opening... aching, unable to resist as he drove into her and burst - his body shaking as he filled her with every drop he had, hands tight on her hips, both of them breathing hard... He leaned over and whispered in her ear as he kissed her neck "Welcome to the Mile High Club"


As his breathing slowed, he cleaning himself up as best he could, grateful for the extra room in the handicapped stall, kissing her lips softly as he prepared to leave her to do the same in private. Slowly, he opened the door and stepped out into the aisle of the plane, catching the eye of the stewardess who had seen him going in. She smiled at him and wagged her finger at him playfully, and he responded with a goofy grin and a finger to his lips. She grinned and stayed where she was, and he headed back to his seat, sitting down beside the window, a smile plastered to his lips.

She left the stall a minute later, no lineup waiting for her, no one there to condemn her actions, and she smiled, walking back to her aisle and sitting down beside him, smiling, leaning on his shoulder, feeling him pull her body tightly to his, hearing him whisper "You're amazing...", a swelling of pride wanting to burst from her chest.

He held her close for the rest of the flight, enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking for as long as possible, letting himself recharge from the morning until the captain turned on the seatbelt sign, when he reluctantly reset his chair to the upright position and pulled his arm from around her shoulders, elicting a sigh from her. Reluctantly, she set her chair up as well, lowering the arm between their seats and getting ready for landing.

Upon arrival in Vancouver, the two emerged from the plane, gathering their luggage for the international flight connection terminal, and walking through to Customs to have their bags scanned and put on their next plane. That task finished, they indulged themselves in a lazy walk through the concourse, hand in hand, examining the goods in the various shops that were just opening as they made their way towards their gate.

Slowly they came upon that icon of Canadiana, Tim Hortons, and she turned to look at him.

"You know, it'll be our last one until we're back in Canada..." she said softly, stifling a yawn.

"What, have I tired you out already?" he asked, chuckling a bit as they got into line.

"I've only had one cup today!" she complained, punching him lightly in the shoulder as she stepped up to order. "Extra large double double please!" she said brightly, mystifying the poor girl behind the counter with her cheerfulness.

The barista responded and took her money, sliding the coffee across the counter to her, and the happy couple departed for their gate to wait for the airplane.

Upon arrival, they set themselves up near the power outlets and pulled out their phones for the first time since they'd arrived the night before. After updating their social media to read "2 Weeks in Heaven" and adding flight details, they shut down their devices, charged them, and put them away. Once they arrived in their destination, they'd purchase a pair of phones so not to deal with excessive roaming charges.

Slowly, as they waited for their boarding call, she finished sipping her hot coffee, and sat back to reflect on what had brought them to this point.


Her husband stared at her dumbly. "You want what?" he asked, almost in a daze.

She looked at him evenly. "I want a vacation." she said softly. "And I want to try this..." she finished, sitting down at her kitchen table, her husband across from her.

She reached across and took his hand in hers. "This doesn't mean I don't love you..." she told her husband, seeing the cold look in his eyes - the one she knew too well, the one that meant he'd never consider it.

"You love me, but you want to go on a vacation with someone else and be allowed to do anything you like with them? That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard" he said bluntly, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

She sighed and looked into his eyes. "Yes. That's what I want. I want to be able to go out and be the same person I used to be. The same person you fell in love with years ago. Because I'm not that person any more, and I know it makes you sad." She stood from her chair, walked around the table and sat down in his lap. "This doesn't mean I love you any less. This is me doing something for me... and you will get the reap the benefits afterward. Do you remember the first year of our relationship?"

He nodded ruefully, muttering "Those were good times."

She pounced on him, exclaiming "Exactly! Those were good times! I want to recapture that sense of who I am... to be that person again for you... and this is how I can do that. I won't come back loving you any less... I'll come back loving you more for letting me be myself again."

He sighed softly and looked into her eyes. "You'll come back to me?" he asked softly, seeking the confirmation in her clear blue eyes.

She nodded slowly. "I married you, didn't I?" she asked. "Of course I'll come back."

He sighed and picked up the pen on the table, signing his name on the agreement.

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