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Quicksilver Messenger Pt. 07

Chapter 13

Steve stood from the chair holding his naked princess in his arms. Her face was still nuzzled against his neck and her arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders. She needed to feel his strength right now, but things made an abrupt turn when he whispered in her ear, "Where is your bedroom my love?"

April sniffed back her tears and shifted in his arms so that she could look into his eyes. She saw a warm, loving compassion, but also a firm hunger ready to test her strength again. With that one look she felt the yearning in her body return, with her nipple's hardening and a steamy heat between her legs.

She looked down at her nude body nestled in his arms and she felt sexier than she ever had. Her breasts jiggled desirably on her chest with her nipples pleadingly hard. Her concave belly led to her appealing, but still swollen pussy lips, glistening from her incredible orgasms. His huge hands and massive arms holding her seemed to make her look much more delicate and diminutive. Her tongue licked her suddenly very dry lips as she breathlessly whimpered, "The first door at the top of the staircase."

April felt her body humming and she felt more alive than she ever had. She felt loved, treasured and sexually wired laying naked in his arms. She couldn't wait to feel him inside her making love to her like a real man should. Her romantic dreams of having a big strong man whisk her off her feet were coming true. He had seized the opportunity, knowing what he wanted from her and taking it. As he carried her towards the stairs she shivered in anticipation, already imagining his huge cock splitting her in two.

Steve carried her up the staircase as if she weighed nothing and as he reached the bedroom he gently laid her on the bed. April's eyes never left his, and she was suddenly impatient for his next command. Steve looked at her with a hard dominant look and asks, "Where are your toys? I want you to show me how you pleasure yourself. You may not cum, but I want you to watch you get yourself as close as you can without cumming."

April's eyes popped open and her jaw sagged as she heard his demand. This was certainly going in different direction than she had planned. She didn't know if she could do that. Pleasure herself while he was watching, it was too embarrassing and humiliating. She knew she couldn't do that and she knew he would understand. "I can't do that with you watching, it's too ... personal."

Steve's face turned hard and his look said, 'Don't cross me.' April responded with a whimper and a reticent look that said, 'Please don't ... it is too embarrassing.' Then she orally responded, "Please, I can't do this in front of you. Please make love to me!"

Steve put his arms across his chest, gave a hard stare and said, "April you will do as I say or there will be dire consequences. Remember the conditions, you belong to me tonight and you will obey my every command, or else I will have to punish you."

April was still laying nakedly on the bed, cowering from his sudden change. Her face was a confused mishmash of lust, embarrassment, fear, humiliation and passion. He had already punished her once and although she loved it, she didn't want a repeat, at least right now. She was still feeling the smoldering heat coming from her ass, but she knew she couldn't do as he asked.

Steve could see all the emotions running across her face from when he started carrying her up the stairs. She had been hot and bothered, with passionate anticipation ruling her body. His demand had stripped the lust from her face and now she had an embarrassed yet fearful look on her face.

He knew he could talk to her softly and persuade her to do as he asks, but he felt like April needed to be broken of her prideful arrogance. He gave her a stern look and said, "I am going to get a chair and when I get back you better be ready."

Steve turned and walked to the door, where he stopped and looked back at April lying on the bed. She was laying in casual splendor and unintentionally she was being suggestive in a raw steamy kind of way. She wore her nakedness like a Vera Wang gown, proudly with a lofty arrogance. Yet her face was frozen in fear and she looked at him like a deer caught in the headlights. In a soft but firm tone he said.

"You have been the unbeaten champion of your life with no one breaching the walls around your heart. Those days are over, because I'm the warrior that will scale those walls and triumph over your heart, no matter how long it takes. You have been waiting for someone like me all your life and now I'm here, so you need to trust me with your heart, mind and body. Only when you trust me, opening your mind and heart to me, will you achieve the paradise you've looked for all your life."

He started to turn to leave but looked over his shoulder adding, "April, if you let it, tonight can be life-changing and you would never think about love the same way. I want you to feel emotions you never imagined, passion you never thought possible and love you always craved. I want to know your fears, your mind, your body, understand your pain and I want you to trust me to take care of them. April, if you trust me; let me guide you, and do as I ask."

Steve turned to leave the room going down the stairs to retrieve one of the dining room chairs and his gym bag. He was thinking he may have to use the articles in the bag sooner than he had thought.

When he left April sitting on the bed she began wondering what, she should do. She smiled as she thought he might spank her again and the memory of those incredible orgasms made her shiver. However, her ass was still burning and he could also have other plans for her. His looks had hinted at things she wouldn't like. She opened the drawer on the bedside table and pulled out her two favorite vibrators.

April turned back to the doorway and saw Steve watching her holding a straight back chair and his gym bag. She blushed and automatically used her hand to cover her toys. His looks did things to her and made her feel like a schoolgirl waiting for the head master to admonish her. Sitting nude in front of his hungry and demanding gaze sent ripples of desire coursing through her body.

No one had ever made her feel this inadequate or this impassioned and she didn't know whether to run away or beg him to fuck her. Usually she only had to give someone the promise of showing them her body, a kiss, or even a hug and they would bow down and give her whatever she wanted. She still didn't know what it was about him that made her yearn for his attention.

Now she was sitting on her glowing red ass, totally nude, gloriously exposed to the man she desired and he just watched her. She could feel his eyes studying her, watching every muscle twitch with nothing escaping his probing eyes. When he looked into her eyes she could feel him probing her heart and drinking in her darkest fantasies.

She desperately wanted him to just take her, but she didn't know what to do or how to act. She only knew she didn't want him to stop and she urgently wanted to feel his hands touching her skin again. In fact, she felt feverish with need and would do anything if he would only make love to her. Well, anything except masturbate in front of him.

Steve slowly walked towards her with his eyes taking in the fearful and mortified look on her face. Her posture was a cross between wanting to run away, and submission. He could easily tell she frantically wanted him to continue to take her and make her feel more of what she had just felt. However, she was still prideful, humiliated and cowering from him; unable to release herself to him. Steve knew that until she learned to trust him completely and open her heart, she could never feel the bliss they both yearned for.

Steve stood by the bed with April anxiously staring him, silently pleading with him to cease his demands and just make love to her. Nothing in her life had felt like the spankings and orgasms earlier and she wanted more; much more. She felt him trying to bend her to his will, but submitting to him was difficult. She was after all April Hunt, queen of Brewster County .

Steve glanced at the open bedside drawer, and his eyebrows rose in interest. Inside were floggers, leather restraints, nipple clamps, and handcuffs. When April saw him looking in the drawer she tried to kick it shut with her foot. Her whole body turned a deep shade of crimson with humiliation. Her secret fantasies were exposed and there for him to look at.

Steve's eyes grew hard and angry as she moved to cover her dark dreams. He grabbed her foot and dragged her across the bed until she was firmly in his grasp. Then like a cowboy bulldogging a calf he whipped out some soft, thin leather straps from his gym bag and trussed her hands in front of her. He threw a rope over the exposed beam in her room then bound her hands to the rope.

When he dragged her across the bed April's excited tremors took over her body. She felt his masterful dominance as he bound her hands and many of her fantasies flashed through her mind. Her caveman/cowboy was taking her and he was going to give her the fucking she yearned for. Then he threw the rope over the beam and tied it to her hands and her excitement was replaced by fear and she began to fight. She twisted, swinging her hands and feet, turning and trying to run away, but it was too late.

Steve pulled on the rope, yanking April off her bed and he kept pulling until her feet were barely touching the floor. She screamed, yelled, twisted and kicked at him trying to get away. Her fear had turned to terror with tears streaming down her face as she fought to save her life.

April had felt her back pop as Steve pulled her off her feet and her shoulders ached as he pulled her higher. He kept pulling until she felt as if she was in ballet class perched on her toes. She was stretched and as painful as it was, her elongated body felt oddly sensual and alive. Her every sense seemed heightened and she was aware of every color and sound that surrounded her.

Steve tied the rope to the leg of the bed leaving her hanging, cursing and fighting. He pulled the chair over and sat down watching her. Again his studies of her unnerved April and some of her fear began to dissipate, only to be replaced by anger. She began to calm as he watched her and she waited for him to make a move.

Steve had seen beautiful women before, but April was the most stunning woman he had ever seen. Hanging from the rafter she was beyond gorgeous. Her fit athletic body was stretched taut, hollowing her tiny waist that flared into her suggestive womanly hips with runner's legs. Her toes were only skimming the rich wood floor and the strain only made her legs look more perfect. Her firm fleshy ass cheeks were tight with the strain and they made Steve want to run his hands over her reddened skin.

Then of course there were her remarkable breasts. Her D cup breasts were always the focus of every male's attention, but stretched and pulled high on her chest they were simply stunning. Her hard breathing made her breasts mouthwatering as they wobbled insolently. Her hard distended nipples seemed to be pleading for his attention, and they were about to get it.

Steve focused on her eyes and saw that she had a confused, arrogant and scared look. She seemed to have no idea what was going on, so he ask, "Do you know why I am doing this?"

April defiantly shook her head. Steve responded harshly, "You will answer me when I speak to you!"

April still defiant, but a little softer said, "No I don't."

Steve gave her a passionately dominant look, and April's defiance seemed to melt from her face. In a disappointed voice he said, "From the moment we tussled over our first kiss, I knew we would wind up here; lover's fighting for control. Yes, from that first kiss we were destined to be lovers and I don't just want your body. I want you, the real you and all of you. I want you to stop hiding from me and show me all your inner beauty, desires and secrets, because I will not accept anything less. If you hold back we both loose; so I want all of you, without misgivings or hesitation. It is what we both should accept and settle for nothing less."

"That's why you're here. I have given you an order to masturbate in front of me and you disobeyed it. The masturbation would have shown me what you like and where you're sensitive spots are. You made everything so much worse when you tried to kick your toy drawer shut. Not only were you defying me in that moment, you are also trying to hide things from me. So I must punish you and teach you that hiding from me will not be tolerated."

Steve stood in front of her looking deep into her eyes. April felt as though he could see her very soul and she couldn't hide from him. All of her desires, perversions and fantasies were there for him to see and appreciate. The heat in his eyes told her that he was going to make everyone of dreams come true. The fire in his eyes filled her with desire, but also a belief and trust in him.

It was at that moment, bound, stretched and hanging from the rafters, that she knew she belonged to him. His eyes told her that he would never hurt her, only fill her with the kind of blissful emotions she never knew existed. Bound as she was, she knew she didn't have a choice; he was going to rip her long hidden desires from her. After her incredible spanking and orgasms, she would've given herself to him anyway. However, she knew she had to fight him, if for no other reason than for him to earn her submission. Even though she craved it, her pride still fought his dominance.

His deep penetrating eyes and strict mouth told her he would leave no desire unexplored. All her life April had longed for a man like Steve. The man that would eagerly take what he wanted from her and make her feel like a woman. She also wanted a man that would uncover and explore her deepest needs. She quivered inside with both fear and anticipation on what this night would bring. As she looked at him with pride trying to cover the desperate longing in her eyes, Steve knew she was ready to discover her inner most desires.

April suddenly sucked in deep breath as his fingers roamed over her tightly stretched skin. That seemed to be all that it took. His fingers on her skin made her forget about everything. All her thoughts and doubts disappeared as his touch filled her with desperate need. His fingers insistently roamed her legs, hips, belly and breasts, cajoling blistering cravings from her body. April's eyes burned into his desperately begging for more and she whimpered passionately.

Steve whispered to her, "When you put your hands behind your back without being told I knew you would be mine tonight. Then when you knelt when I told you to and shattered when I spanked you I knew you wanted me to conquer you. From the first moment we met we've had a passionate connection that neither of us can deny. Both of us are smart, strong willed people used to getting our own way. However, I want you to trust me enough to submit your heart and body to me. It takes a strong woman to put her body in the hands of her lover and that's what I'm asking you to do."

Steve stepped back from her, took off his shirt and stood in front of April so closely that she could feel the heat emanating from his chest. Her face still had the prideful hard hungry look and began to soften as she felt the hairs of his chest provoking her nipples. She could feel his beer laden breath on her face as his eyes reached inside her and began tearing down walls around her heart.

She felt his fingers once again lightly caressing her tightly stretched skin, roaming over her hips, belly and breasts. Her skin seemed more sensitive now and each light caress chipped away at her humiliation and feigned anger. She ached to feel his hands on her skin and found herself pushing with her toes trying to lean into his caresses. Her pride wouldn't let her admit it, but she knew she hungered after his domination.

Steve's tongue came out and licked her lips, but when she reached for more he pulled away. He gently kissed his way across her cheek until he nibbled at her ear. As he leaned in the hairs on his chest maddeningly nuzzled her nipples and breasts. In his deep base and gravelly voice he whispered into her ear, with each word pulsating inside her.

"You are your own strong and intelligent woman, I respect and admire that. You are incredibly beautiful and sexy, full of hidden desire and passion. You fill my mind with wondrous possibilities and my heart with the desire to protect you, even from yourself. Tonight I will be your lover, your master, and your teacher as I discover all the passion you kept hidden from the world and yourself. Tonight I will train you, fuck you, possess you and find my own pleasure in you as we explore your long hidden desires. Remember what I told you, when tomorrow morning dawns you will know love, desire and you will be mine."

Steve backed away from her, leaving her mind spinning and her body throbbing. Her anger and humiliation were totally gone and now she only wanted him to fulfill his promises. She wanted him to teach her, to break down the walls inside her and let her finally feel love and ecstasy. Oh God, she wanted this, but she was scared and her pride wouldn't let her admit that she wanted this. Her heart and body desperately craved what he was saying, but her mind fought him. Steve knew that was his objective, to quiet her mind, push her into subspace so the needs of her heart and body prevailed.

Steve went over to her toy drawer and pulled out all the toys, laying them across the bed. Then he brought to his own gym bag and added a riding crop to the mix. April looked at all of those toys with anxious butterflies in her stomach. She had bought almost all the toys wanting to feel their painful yet erotic bite, but she never had the courage to use them. Now he was going to make it happen. There was fear inside her too, but that only seemed to make her cravings that much stronger.

"When you hide your toys from me or try to slam a drawer to hide your toys you're holding back. Your embarrassment is a way to hide from me and it means you don't trust me to love you the way I should. From now on you will never lie to me, hide things from me and especially hide your feelings from me."

"Therefore, I have no other choice except to punish you. When you trust me totally; then together we can find ecstasy and happiness you always yearned for. So now we begin!"

Steve walked up to her and let his hand weave through her hair at the back of her head. It was chillingly sensuous to have his hands meandering through her long silky hair and she pushed her face into his arm acknowledging the luxurious feel. In span of a heartbeat his hand closed in a fist pulling her hair and knotting it behind her head. She felt his raw masculinity controlling her as he bent her head back. Only then did his lips descend on hers in a primal mating kiss. The kiss was coarse and indecent as it sent ripples of primitive desire surging through her body.

She was hanging helplessly in her own bedroom with a man twice her size taking whatever he wanted from her. It felt so fearfully delicious as his lips brutalized her mouth and his hands roamed at will over her naked body. With anyone else she would have feared for her life, but with Steve she knew he would take what he wanted, but he would never hurt her. She realized that she did really trust him and she would be the ultimate recipient.

Her tongue battled with his and she strained, pushing on her toes, stretching towards him to deepen the kiss. Her eyes closed as she let the kiss sweep her away and she felt his fingers sweep over her tightly stretched belly to her swollen breasts. His hands cupped her breasts while his fingers repeatedly tweaked her nipples. Again his kiss made her head spin and her knees tremble, while his fingers electrified her sexual core.
Her romantic reverie was suddenly shattered as one of her nipple clamps closed excruciatingly on her left nipple. As her body arched away from the pain, her mouth was torn from his insistent lips and her painful scream echoed through the room. April gasp for breath as she tried to breathe through the pain, but it seemed as though every nerve in her body was crying out in sympathy.

Steve ran his middle two fingers through her swollen pussy lips and deep inside her. He curled his fingers into her G-spot and pounded his fingers front and back, while rubbing her clit. April's pain vanished as a wanton fury exploded between her legs. Her feet came off the floor as she went from pain to euphoria with her belly cramping as she fought waves of elation.

Her legs were swinging and twitching wildly with her arms knotting they took the strain of holding her body. She had gone from agony to ecstasy so quickly that her mind was having a hard time coping. His pounding of her G-spot and clit created unearthly delirium inside her and, there was no stopping the madness. She felt her cum rushing towards her, like a runaway train, as she screamed, "OH GOD ... MY GOD ... I'M CUMMING ... OH GOD IN HEAVEN I ... NEVER FELT ... OH GOD!"

Just as she thought her body was going to explode the bite of the other nipple clamp jolted her with ripping pain. The pain pushed back her cum, but it continued to build with the pain making it more intense. April was being buffeted between pain and carnal jubilation. Her body reacted with hysterical spasms, and her mind couldn't grasp the intoxicating rapture. Pain and pleasure merged creating an explosion of brilliance more powerful than any drug. All thoughts disappeared from her mind and all she could do was feel and oh God, she wanted to feel more. If this were a drug, she would have been addicted.

She could feel every cell in her body exalting the feelings running wild through her body. Every sight, sound, and smell seemed more intense and more intoxicating. She had never felt like this or these kinds of emotions and she was drunk on his devilish ministry. April was suddenly aware of the frenzied enchantment her body was capable of. It was also clear what incredible magic her body could produce when she gave up control to Steve. He was indeed her teacher and she knew she never wanted him to stop. In a breathless passionate plea she whispered, "Please ... More ... Show me More!"

Steve knew they had made a huge step forward, but now was not the time to slack off. He pulled his fingers from her pussy then used her flogger on her back, butt, belly, legs and breasts. With his other hand he used her wand vibrator to tease her clit and nipples; keeping her on the edge of ecstasy but never letting her cum. Pain turned into a pleasing liberation while pleasure became an unending torment.

April was having a hard time catching her breath with the constant buffeting between pain and pleasure. Her chest heaved trying to fill her lungs with air, but it also made her breasts sway invitingly. Steve used both the riding crop and the vibrator as he took advantage of the tempting targets with her clamped nipples dancing before his eyes.

She had fought him for as long as she could, but the erotic combination stripped her mind of all except the euphoria. Her mind disappeared into a foggy bank of unending bliss and only when he removed the nipple clamps did she momentarily come out of the fog.

The blood rushing back into her nipples brought harsh and brutal pain with her feet coming off the floor as her core clinched in response. His tongue felt like sandpaper as it raked across her ultra sensitive nipples, but his gentle licks soon washed away the pain. As his lips soothed her tortured nipples she floated back into her foggy ecstasy.

His hands were playing a Symphony on her body, with each movement taking her to different themes and tempos. His hands were gentle as they cupped her face, tenderly caressing her neck, arms, belly and hands. It was his soft opening Sonata that had a fast tempo, gentle yet seductive, meant to light the fire inside her. Each flirtatious touch played octaves on her skin leaving behind a fiery tension that was part of the opening movement.

The second movement was slow and torturous, stoking the fire inside her. When his large strong hands gripped her, she could feel his passion and knew that he wanted her. His strong demanding hands made her feel desired and secure enough to give in to his demanding hands.

By the end of the second movement her body was twitching erotically, trying to quell the bonfire inside her. It was hard to breathe with the fire inside her consuming all the oxygen, but it was pure blissful agony. His hands didn't ignore any part of her body, as he teased and tantalized her beseeching skin from the soles of her feet to the hair on her head. He searched for those perfect spots that made her want to squeal, cry and flee. All while April was praying he wouldn't stop.

In the third movement his tenderness morphed into an aggressive master who took what he wanted from her. His hands pulled her hair roughly as his mouth bruised her lips with his demanding kisses. His fingers filled her pussy challenging her and relentlessly pushed her towards her explosive abyss, but he wouldn't push her over the edge. Her pleading whimpers and desperate screams were music to his ears and the beginning of the minuet.

Each strike of the flogger against her ass and each pop of the riding crop against her nipples or pussy was like clashing the symbols. Each made her body writhe and jump in time to her internal music. April had given in to the torturous rapture, with her body freely expressing its passion as the symphony continued.

She was deep into subspace with her mind clear of any thoughts and her eyes staring, but not seeing. She could only feel and respond as pleasure became pain and pain became pleasure. For the first time in her life she was free. There were no constraints as her body rejoiced in the perfect combination of painful pleasure. He was merciless as he continued to push her boundaries, yet keeping her from achieving the release she craved.

It was incredible and special to be taken and used like this. He was teaching her and showing her what her body was capable of feeling. He had understood her fears, but pushed them away so she could find who she really was. He was showing her just how special she really could be, and how much she meant to him. He had shown her things she had never seen and taken her places she had never been. He had done it all for her without anything for himself.

Steve had wiped all thoughts from April's mind except thoughts of him. His touches, kisses, lashes and caresses were dominated her thoughts. He controlled her mentally, emotionally and physically. She was the point where she didn't know if she could exist without him. He had become part of her and she part of him. They were now dominant and submissive, man and woman, pleasure and pain.

She was helpless before him with her body stretched taut and her toes barely touching the floor. Her body was riddled with red stripes from neck to knees and her skin glistened with perspiration. Her muscles rippled and strained underneath her skin glorifying the passion that he discovered inside her. The insides of her thighs were wet with her juices in testament to the fire inside her. Her chest heaved with the exertion and she'd given up trying to speak, but instead only moaned and whimpered with the joy she had found.

Steve watched her face screw up with unrequited passion and she was truly breathtaking. Her true beauty came to the surface and the real passionate April revealed herself. All the hiding was now gone, as well as the prideful arrogance. She was wide open with her passionate heart and loving soul exposed to his adoring eyes. He was right, her insides more beautiful than her outside and her outside was stunning.

Her luminous eyes were sending a message and it was, 'I'm yours, all of me.' He finally felt her love and trust, but her willing surrender was a moment so perfect it took his breath away. As he looked into her eyes, Steve knew he would never be the same. Her eyes stirred a bone deep emotion that wracked his very soul. It was what many people call love, but it wasn't just him, he saw it in her eyes too.

She had just let him in, she had given him all her desire. Steve stopped and gently kissed her trembling face letting her know that he felt that love as well. April watched his loving kisses and felt a deep ache inside her heart, one she knew only he could fill. In a breathless whisper that he could barely hear she pleaded, "Mmoorree ... please ma more."

Steve kissed her gently, his hands lovingly caressed her heated and inflamed flesh. Her impassioned looks tugged at his heart and the love in her eyes captured his soul. Steve gently kissed the tip of her nose lovingly whispered, "Absolutely my love!" He stepped back continuing the symphony. He pushed April back into subspace as he completed the third movement.

The fourth movement felt very much like the first movement to April, seductive yet demandingly tender. Except now every cell in her body was attuned to his touch. Her skin was listening and responding to his touch with her heart needing his loving attention. April's heart and body was still yearning for the one thing hadn't given her. She ached to feel his cock buried inside her and to feel his skin rubbing against hers.

He was teaching her things she never imagined and it changed her forever, but she needed more. She wanted him to love her and make love to her. April wanted to feel his muscles rippling against her skin as he held her tight. She needed to feel his chest hair tickling her nipples. April wanted him to love her as much as she loved him. As the fourth movement continued she was lost in her dreamy loving subspace.

Steve took her to an existence she never knew existed. She writhed in deliciously sensual need while he teased, tortured and tantalized her. She's thought she would go insane from the incredible pleasure, but then he pushed her over the edge. The explosions of orgasmic pleasure were beyond her ability to comprehend. It was pure pleasure and limitless in its blissful satisfaction. She felt like she was floating on a sea of stars with supernovas exploding in her mind.

Her previous orgasms during the spanking were insignificant compared to the bone searing pleasure she felt during the symphonies climax. Her earthly existence seemed to disappear behind the rapturous explosions that controlled her heart, mind and body. She thrashed, wriggled and squirmed like a worm on a hook as the unparalleled bliss controlled her body.

April lost track of everything except Steve's mastery of her mind and body. At this moment she couldn't tell anyone what date or what year it was. She couldn't tell you where she was or even her name. April could only feel and even that faded as her mind and body disappeared into sensory overload.

Chapter 14

Peter had arrived at the stand of trees slightly removed from the house at a little after twilight. He had just enough light to drive without headlights so he knew they didn't know he was there. Unfortunately, because it was dark he stepped in a cow pie and got cow dung all over his Lucchese boots. He duly cursed the four legged breasts that messed up his boots.

Once he had his camera setup on his tripod with his ultra-long lens, he scanned the windows. When his camera swung passed April's bedroom, his jaw fell open and his eyes almost bugged out. April was hanging nude from the rafters, with her butt glowing red, as if she had been spanked. His cock almost exploded out of his pants at the sight.

He snapped off some quick pictures, but she was too far away and besides Steve was hidden behind a post. He knew he had to get a better vantage point, both for discrediting Steve and for his private collection. He quickly grabbed all of this equipment and ran for the house. Halfway to the house he noticed it was perfect for photos and he stopped, setting up his tripod.

He was totally exposed, and he was in the open with no cover between him and the house. However, the sight of April hanging from the rafter had him so excited that he didn't pay attention to where he was or the settings on his camera. He took several shots and while they were extremely erotic with April nude and bound, Steve still wasn't in them.

He was really enjoying taking pictures of April, but he needed Steve in a few of them in order to discredit him in Mister Hunt's eyes. He continued to walk around take photos from different vantage points until he found one particular spot that framed April perfectly. However, photos of Steve and April together seemed elusive, from this position he just stood in stared at April twisting, turning and writhing in torment.

He couldn't stand it any longer and dropped his pants taking his cock in his hand as he watched April. Peter continued to flog the dolphin until his cock jerked in his hand and spewed his essence into the dirt. He felt the tension release and now thought he can get back to his business, but within seconds he was hard again as he watched April. He gave in yet again to the excitement, with his hand a blur as he stroked his cock. In less than a minute he had erupted another load into the dirt.

The sight of April's willowy body stretched taught, bound to the rafters, twitching in torment kept him perpetually hard. He still had a job to do and he stuffed his hard cock back in his pants. He picked up his tripod and moved to a new position this time a lot closer to the house, but as he got closer he tripped the motion sensor lights.

Automatically he hit the deck and he tried to make himself small hidden in the dirt. He chanced a furtive glance back at the window and saw Steve looking his direction. Steve seem to be searching for the reason behind the lights going off, but after a few minutes gave up and returned to April.

He collapsed his tripod and crawled out of the lit area. When the light's timer went off and darkness once again rained he stood up, extended his tripod taking pictures again. Unfortunately, Steve had untied April and she was no longer hanging rafters. He again searched for the windows looking for the passionate couple and finally found them across the hall sitting in a chair.

It was one of those old-fashioned wingback chairs and the wings hid their faces. Kept trying to get a good vantage point, but it was no use. He moved back to the edge of the woods and kept an eye on them waiting. He knew they were for a long night and there would be a lot more opportunity before this night was over.

By the time morning arrived, areas all around the house were littered with his spunk. Watching the couple had been the most erotic night of his life and he lost count of the times he had masturbated to their love making. He only knew by the time morning came his balls were drained and his cock couldn't respond any more. He also knew that he had hundreds of incredible photos.

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