Short sex stories

Sex stories

The closing chapter, kinda long with but all the love-making that was missing in the last chapter... ***** I arrived at Stowmarket Police Station as the place was coming to life, and my concerns were

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A cup of mint tea did nothing to lift my mood. I was trying really hard to get things into context, and having found one girl that killed herself down here and another that had come close I had to sta

big   brother   the   hole  

Mr. Big has come into the doctor's office complaining of pain in the groin area. The nurse, Victoria, takes Mr. big back to the exam room. "Please put this on so the doctor can exam you." Victoria tel

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***Barrett and Cha'Khah are over the moon with their little adopted surprise. It came too late, but justice has come to Garrend and Ksyusha and Nika are free. Things are looking up - well, for some, a

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