Short sex stories

Sex stories

Okay Folks, this one is kind of crazy. You can chalk it up to the changing of the seasons scrambling my brain, or maybe the fact that yesterday was the saddest day of the year for me. Yep, I put the M

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Just a short little story that was running around in my head. Thank you to my editors PapaKilo14 and Hal who clean up the mess I make. I'm an English teacher and they're better than me. Thanks to my b

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I am reposting this story as I've found that an important piece of it was not included in the original posting. This story sort of falls into the "What If" genre. I'm at a loss as to where or what gen

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Jenny, my Mother In Law and I had always gotten on well, never a hint of anything remotely sexual nor anything like, just good, warm friends. I married her daughter, Debbie, when we were both 20 and w

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This is the second part of my first work and while it can be read as a stand alone piece the full flavor is better by reading Chapter 1 first. As always this is a work of fiction and resembles nothing

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