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I loved her. She was my Bunny, my fuck bunny, my partner in crime, my companion. There is not a day I don't think about her. I miss her humor and wit, and the honesty with which she spoke; I can still

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Margret had never seen rain like this. She had lived her whole like within a twenty-mile radius. She was a rancher, there were still a few left in Northern California. She had been caring for horses s


"You really glow today," Gina said. "Wild night?" "Not wild, no. We didn't even fuck. I'm saving myself for marriage. Today we will do mundane soon-married things. Send Johan's winter clothes home to

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I woke up with the beautiful sun shining through the windows and Juliet's mouth on my cock. I saw her head bob under the blankets as she swirled her tongue around the tip and plunge back in until she

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David Sheppard has a decision to make, and Fran takes everyone by surprise... (-) Confirming Carter Book Three, Changes Chapter Seven Nine Days later Interior-Bedroom 0620 Hours Coming awake slowly, S

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I awoke to a throbbing headache. Every heartbeat was an explosion of pain. It took all the strength I had just to sit up. My head spun for a second before I allowed my eyes to flutter open. Tears blur

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Author's Note: Hello dear reader, I'd just like to let you know that this is a long piece which charts the beginnings of a gradual and somewhat tentative romance between two women of very different ba

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Nervous excitement filled my entire body as the following Thursday approached. I was beginning to doubt my ability to hold all of my feelings sealed behind my strict and appropriately haughty, but sti


Author's Note: This story is a continuation of a story from several years back, "Reflections from the Snow." That story was conceived as a freestanding work. Yet, like the story's hero, I have been un

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Mike got back into the lab to see Anya standing behind Tammy, lightly stroking her shoulders and reassuring her with comforting words. That gave Mike a nice feeling to see his women care for each othe


I was roused by movement on the seat next to me. He was awake and trying to re-position his wounded leg. Each time he stirred there was a sharp intake of breath. He was clearly in pain, but I was not

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The Beast Okay, so here's what really upsets me. If a guy refers to some other guy as naïve, or innocent, or gullible; well, that's derogatory, right? There's no way any of that would be viewed in a g

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She drank from her water bottle and as she put it back down his hand slid onto her stomach. She turned her head to look up at him and remarked "that's very forward." He replied "so is this" and kissed

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It would be an understatement to say that this story has been an emotional rollercoaster to write. Andy and Marcus are intense characters and there have been times during the writing process when I fo

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My eyes were already open, and "waking up" was sort of like having a sheer drapery pulled aside in my mind. All of a sudden, I could THINK again. My body still sort of throbbed with sexual longing...

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A cup of mint tea did nothing to lift my mood. I was trying really hard to get things into context, and having found one girl that killed herself down here and another that had come close I had to sta

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Foreword: Going to be plenty of debauchery from here on out. Also lots of consent talk, because I find that hot. References to male-on-male sex are only conversational, btw; I want to acknowledge it w

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Dennis Eames knew what he was getting in to when he married his beautiful Jennifer Jean. From the outset, she had been completely honest with him and he, in turn, had never hidden the truth from his f

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"Where are you going?" I heard the man say loudly with distain. "I'm out of baby formula so I'm headed out to the store," I can hear his wife say still sounding pleasant and caring. "Well get another

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Chapter 1: The conductor tapped his baton. "A little less from the second bass, please." He glanced at Mark, and the boy gave a nervous smile. Mark had a rich deep bass baritone voice and a keen ear f

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The rest of that weekend passed by with me in a dreamlike state; cheeks too red, eyes glossy, breathing fast and light. The previous worry that he might not be attracted to me had been blown away by w


This one is for everyone who ever voted, favourited, enjoyed the chapters and/or told me encouraging things about my writing and characters. For all the support I received five years ago when this was

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****************************** *** If you are under the age of 18 or are not of legal age in your jurisdiction, please exit this story immediately *** This story is for adults only and contains conten


David It had been a stressful week at work. All I wanted was to go home and rest. The every-weekend-barbeque had been cancelled due to sudden fluvirus outbreak in the kindergarten where the host famil


Authors Note: I started with an idea that I reached quickly in the first page or so. Then I let the story take me on a journey. Hopefully you enjoy the ride. ***** I dislike puddle jumpers. Unfortunat

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Hey Folks, I took some time off to enjoy part of the summer. My beautiful wife and I, loaded up two of our favorite Mustangs (My Boss 302 and my Yellow 06 GT) and we took several really fun road trips

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Strictly fiction. Many thanks to my editor "Wicked Inside". ***** Bright light was pushing its way around the edges of the wooden blinds. I could feel that it was probably time to get up, so I slipped

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Rose sat on her bed, rolling the day's events through her mind. "Holy God." She giggled, then stopped. She was fucking giggling! This man had been back in her life for less than 24 hours and she had a

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Although not stated, all characters are 18 and over. ***** Nick's eyes opened lazily in the way that only a good night's sleep could deliver. A grin spread across his face as he recalled where he was

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We were lying on his narrow bed, brilliant afternoon sunshine a streak across our naked bodies. Weeks of nonstop sex had disposed of my modesty. Another castoff from high school days. He sat next to m

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